Serpent's Love Episode 4


Finally, Elorm mastered courage to approach her. He got out of his car and went towards her while she was still sitting in her car.  Nana Ama got out of her car and there she was standing face to face with Elorm.
Seems Nana Ama was ready for him, She was very much interested in what Elorm had to say. His flashy and attractive looking appearance didn’t move Nana Ama at all just like it would have, with other girls. He was stunned while looking at her, his words was completely lost. This usually wouldn’t have been difficult for him at all and the fact that it was, makes Elorm felt very nervous.
Suddenly, Nana Ama realizing the awkward silent, she had to break the ice. 
“Excuse me, Can I help you” She asked. 
Elorm gazed at her lips as they gentle move and when she began talking. That got his attention that he couldn’t even hear anything that She said. 
“If you have nothing to say, please move out of my way, I am in a hurry” Nana Ama said jingling her car keys in her hands.  
Elorm came back to his senses and noticed that he was making a big fool out of himself. He then mastered the courage and began talking. 
“I’m sorry, forgive me. I was a bit distracted. A bit is understatement, I was….nevermind. My name is Elorm, I happened to be in the same church with you.” He said.
“And…” She replied looking very impatient. 
Elorm was just using too much of words without making a tangible reason for him to be keeping Nana Ama waiting all this while and already, it began to irritate her. 
Even with her response Elorm began to feel more nervous than he was already. He better have something profitable saying or else, he surely knew that, this thing wouldn’t end well for him. 
“Ermm, was wondering if you are in the choir” He said. 
Where from that? That definitely came out of nowhere. The fear, the nervousness, all showed on his face now, as he knew that, what he had just said was way out of the line especially when he himself had nothing doing with the Choir. This was defiantly not what he drove all the way to her house for. 
“And what if I am in the choir, what happens next, I suppose, you will ask me to come to your house for rehearsal and that is, if you are the choir master, which I know you are not because you were also sitting among the audience just like myself. So what are you really trying to say, it better be reasonable.” Nana Ama uttered out. 
This was definitely not the response  Elorm was looking for. It was as if he had be spat directly on the face. He knew this was not going on well yet he wasn’t ready to give up. If it didn’t go well today, then it sure will some other day. There is always a shiny day after the big storm. She had noticed him all this while and from the moment she began following her, she already knew it. 
“Reasonable, I …I …just” He began to fumble. Something that had never happened to him in his entire life. He has his own ways of talking to ladies and he fumbling, was never in his books. What is so special about this girl that with her, Elorm just can’t be himself.
Now, this was really wasting her time, already she was really tired after the church service and was hoping to get home on time, get a quick shower and looking forward in taking a very long nap. And there Elorm is, wasting her time. Just as when she decided to shut him down and get going, Elorm was saved by the bell. Nana Ama’s phone began ringing. 
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She just picked the phone call and left Elorm standing there. While on the phone, she went straight into her apartment. 
Elorm stood there watching her as she walked away. Again for the first time, a woman had walked out on him. Usually, he is the one playing that role but for now everything was completely different. 
On a usual day, the typical Elorm would not take this lightly but at the very moment, he found a very tangible excuse and blamed himself for her actions.  Elorm was swaying away from the real him without knowing. 
He had no option that to go back into his car and drive off.  He may have driven off. Nana Ama may have walked out on him but her thought never vanished from his head as he drove back to his apartment. He kept thinking about more and more. Everything about her was just different. He then needed a way to get her attention. 
He thought this was the actually woman he could take home to see his mother, this was the lady he would one day love to marry. Just like that, Elorm began building castle’s in the air.  Speaking of his mother, the unhealed mysterious wound was still on her leg. And even though she had been discharged from the hospital, she still felt unhealthy.
Somehow, she was sad within her and this was very obvious that her daughter that’s Elorm’s younger sister was worried about her mother’s condition. She had no option than to ask and find out what she could to help her mother out.
“Mum, what’s wrong? Your attitude lately is getting me worried. I know there is a lot to think about, but God is in control. I know you will be well.” She said. 
Her mother looked at her and tears began running down her cheeks. 
“My daughter, I’m sorry for putting you through this, I just can’t help it. I’m not worried about my condition. After all, I have seen it all in life. I have nothing else to live for. I’m worried about this family especially your brother. I feel there is something big about to befall this family. A tragedy that we may not be able to handle. I feel it’s very close and it’s right there knocking at our door” She said.
One thing Elorm’s mother was noted for in the entire community was her weird prophecies. Somehow her intense and prophecies are always right and comes to pass. And for her to say that means something was really about to happen. 
To be continued.
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