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Ok, good morning beautiful people,  my school allowed me into a field that is not my kind of field but I’m someone who believes that whatever happens in my life is the will of God.
Yesterday, as I read the story of the five years old girl (who is dead now) defiled by a 1 9 years old cousin, I was really sad and mad and those who know me know that when I set my mind to something,  it must be done, I’m a very passionate person.
A few of my workmates experienced it. So I started a research and found out 11th October is INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE GIRL CHILD. I was thinking,  how can I create an awareness,  how can I tell the world that a five years old girl is not supposed to be in pain in the hospital going through surgeries because of defilement and that she is supposed to be a happy little girl who has no idea what life’s problems are.
Then a senior colleague talked to me about a place here in Accra where there is very little awareness and the very young girls are having kids, aborting pregnancies and have a lot of needs.
So I’m pulling anyone who wants to join us to come in, those who know me know I’m a genuine person.
We want to go there on 11th October with what we have, from what we’ve gathered now, we need barrels for water, bowls, spoons, books,  we need representatives who can educate them on sex and growing up.
I have Meme Kuleke who told me about it and the brain behind pobsonline on my side. Now, wether you support or not we are going to do it, but help us protect the girl child, they are our future.
I will create a group when I have all the information and anyone who wants to join can join, u don’t need much to help, even your 20 cedis can make a difference so join me and Meme Kuleke as we make a difference,  thank you for reading,  please you are free to share this, thank you again


  1. Point of correction for a society to understand girl child you don’t have to go directly to the girls that will only create conflicts the best way to tickle this is going to the boy’s involved in cases of rape and otjer sexual abusespthen go to girls to tuckle the cases of relationships.Educating girls will only create a resistant way to men thus cases of rape.In kenya we had been having cases of FGM the womens were just educating the girls on the risks and disadvantages ignoring the importance of men that only created a big conflict since the mens were the one forcing girls for it and could not marry uncircumcised girl the day I went for a social awareness meeting that’s where I decided to create a new tactic of thing I called a meeting and spoke with men’s since that time the culture changed and no more of that happened.
    Hope you got me
    Research done by Dr.Benson Kamotho.PhD

    • hello dear, i stated sexual abuse as a point, what i’m tackling right now has nothing to do with sexual abuse, what i intend to do on 11th October concerns the younger generations, there are young girls out there who willingly do what they want with the men out of ignorance and poverty, they are the ones i feel there’s a need to be educated. However since you mentioned sexual abuse, please, what advice exactly can you give a 60 years old man who feels good about defiling a 3 years old child, clearly this kind of man has a major problem and meeting with him isn’t going to do anything, will it?