Serpent's Love Episode 3


They hailed him for the new set of instruments he bought for the church and there and then he was named an “Elder” of the church. 
Nothing in this world comes easy. If it does, then it is either you are lucky or it is just meant to be. Persuaded by friends and ambitious to make quick money, Elorm ended up in this demonic act.
It was another day for their renewal and once  again; an innocent soul was needed to be sacrificed at the expense of their riches. Phil and Yaw called Elorm up to meet them at the shopping mall where they normally pick  up their prey (ladies). In no time, Elorm had arrived and to his surprise, his friends had already hooked him up with a gorgeous lady. 
 Along with two other ladies who were with Phil and Yaw, they all sat down to have lunch.  It was indeed fun. Little did these three ladies know that it was actually their last lunch. 
The table was filled with meals and a lot of drinks as the ladies kept ordering and the guys kept paying which was actually not a problem to them. 
Just after they were done, Phil and Yaw went to their various apartment with their ladies and so did Elorm and his prey, Bene. The sex wasn’t any different from that with Yaya, however, at the end of it all he made sure he wiped of her “cum” with a white handkerchief. 
Bene went home the following morning with her hand bang full of cash she got from Elorm. She was really happy because finally she thought she had met the guy who would be able to cater for her and her 4 year old  baby boy. It was difficult for her to pay for her son’s school fees since she had no job to do. 
The father of the child was nowhere to be found, apparently he disappeared and no one heard from him after she impregnated Bene.  Ever since then, Bene had been playing the role of a father and mother to her child.  She sometimes had the support of her mother whom she lived with.
Upon getting home, she met her mother doing the dishes and her child in a deep  sleep.
“Bene, why didn’t you come home last night” Her mother shouted at her. “You better grow up young girl, you have a son to take care of, I won’t be around all the time”
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Bene looked at her and  smiled; she immediately reached out into her purse and brought out the money Elorm gave her. You could imagine the excitement on her face. 
“Where did you get that my daughter” Her mother asked.
“Let just say, for now we have nothing to worry about. For I just meet your son  in-law” She said. 
Her mother looked amazed just by the site of the money her daughter was holding. She was stunned and didn’t even know what to say.
“Let me just take a shower and tell you all about it” Bene said and went to her room.  
She got undressed; her face was full of smiles as she entered the shower. Her mother continued doing the dishes and all of a sudden she heard her daughter shout in pain. 
She rushed to her daughter’s room and then to the bathroom. That was where she met her daughter lying naked on the bathroom floor bleeding profusely from the head. Apparently, she slipped and hit her head on the tap. It was too late, her daughter had already died before she arrived. 
Another innocent life was lost, the news was the same with the ladies that left with Phil and Yaw. 
Elorm and his friends grew richer as they kept sleeping with different ladies. But everything that has a beginning surely has an end. 
It was a Sunday and Elorm was already late for Church.  He was in a hurry as he rushed into his car and drove off to church. Upon arriving at the Church parking lot, he ran into Nana Ama who was also coming out of her vehicle.  That was her first time at Elorm’s church though. Forgetting about the fact that he was even late for service, Nana Ama’s beauty had got him standing still. 
She was a slim lady, beautifully dressed with natural hair which was so black and nicely kept. Her skin tone was just perfect. Her lips was what even got his attention, she had full lips yet tiny mouth. Elorm couldn’t take his eyes off her. You may think he had it easy in approaching her but that was not the case. 
For the first time, he was nervous and that even made him surprise. Talking to ladies was just an easy approach for him. He just followed her as she walked majestically into the church.  Fortunately there was an empty seat right beside where Nana Ama sat. Elorm took advantage of that and sat beside her. 
Throughout the service, Elorm was completely distracted. He kept starring at Nana Ama from the corner of his eye hoping she will notice him. Church was over, usually Elorm would  stay around for a while just exchanging greetings from the members. 
This time around, it was different, he followed Nana Ama who left the Church after the final prayer was said. She sat in her car and then drove off and so did Elorm. From a distance he followed her throughout her way to her apartment. 
Nana Ama was a very smart lady, she had already noticed that Elorm was following her. She parked her car just outside her house and from the driving mirror she noticed Elorm had also parked his about two houses away from her house. 
Finally, Elorm mastered courage to approach her. He got out of his car and went towards her while she was still sitting in her car.  Nana Ama got out of her car and there she was standing face to face with Elorm.
To Be continued. 
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