Seducing The ICT Guy part 2 18+

I stood up and looked down on him still p@nting. I’m sure the guy had not been F***ed for some time from the load he dropped down my throat. I kicked off my shoes, pulled up my dress and removed my tongs, sat on the table facing him and motioned on him to Pour eat me out.
My K!ttyC@t had by now flooded with juice and was glistening. He didn’t disappoint me as he got on his knees and proceeded to eat me out like a pro. Damn! He was a K!ttyC@t connoisseur, delving into places I didn’t even know existed in my K!ttyC@t.
He licked my K!ttyC@t lips, flicked his tongue on my cl!t as he soaked up the juices that was freely flowing from deep within me. I m0aned, opening my legs more and more to that wonderful tongue of his as his hot tongue caressed my cl!t, the s£nsat!on was mind-blowing.

I grabbed the edges of the table and arched my back, pushing my K!ttyC@t further onto his face. A low scream escaped from deep within my throat as I felt him shove fingers into my K!ttyC@t while licking my cl!t. The pleasure was just too much as I came exploding and spurt after spurt of K!ttyC@t juice flowed into his open mouth. He sU-Cked away, his mouth forming a suction motion as he sU-Cked the juices out of my nether region.

He got up from the floor and with a smile licked the K!ttyC@t juice that was at the corner of his mouth. I lay there gasping for breath, trying to come down from a mind blowing orgasm.

My K!ttyC@t was gaping open and still being wracked by spasms of mini orgasms. He leaned close to me and took my mouth in his kissing me deeply and soundly. I could taste my K!ttyC@t juice in his mouth. I kissed him back deeply as we exchanged saliva. I love the taste of my K!ttyC@t, it intoxicates me, working like an aphrodisiac on me. I sU-Cked back on his mouth feeling my lust building again.
He was at this time fondling my heaving b0s0m, squeezing on them through the fabric of my dress. He pushed the dress down from the shoulder making it bunch up on my waist. He then unclasped my bra, exposing my heavy b0s0m. He did all this while his mouth was still glued to mine. He let go of my mouth and feasted his eyes hungrily on those globes of mine.
You could see he was lost in them. He then held each in his hands, of course they were each too big to fit into his hands. He caressed and rubbed each tenderly, rolling the Tips between each thumb and fore finger. I began m0an!ng again as s£nsat!ons flowed through me.
My b0s0m have always been my weakest point, very sensitive to touch. I grow crazy even when I myself touch them. I pushed them forward, wanting more and more of it in his mouth. He obliged by sU-Cking first one, then the other as deeply as possible. Then he sq££zed both together and started sU-Cking on both Tips at the same time.

I died and went to heaven as s£nsat!ons exploded deep in my brain and I had another nerve wracking orgasm. I couldn’t stop the scream that escaped my mouth. He kept at it and I couldn’t bear it anymore as I began begging him to F**K me.

‘’F**K me, F**K me’’ I said repeatedly

‘’huhn’’ he mumbled, squeezing and sU-Cking away like his life depended on it

‘’F**K me’’ I repeated

‘’say please’’ he said as he let go of my by now swollen and super sensitive Tips, looking deep into my eyes with a smile on his lips

‘’please, damn you, please F**K me’’ I screamed at him too lost in lust to think of pride. F**K pride! I needed to be F***ed plain and simple. His J0yst!ck was fully engorged and I saw it properly for the first time. It must be over 9inches in length and almost 5inches in girth. He made to get between my legs but my befuddled brain quickly remembered protection and I gestured to my bag, fished out the cd pack and handed it to him. He looked at me, looked at the cd and laughed.

‘’you came prepared’’ he said and winked…..i winked back and wiggled my bottoms on the office desk, eager to get the action on the way. He obliged and wore the cd. Then proceeded to enter me, but he didn’t, he just rubbed his J0yst!ck head back and forth on my engorged K!ttyC@t lips. He kept this up for minutes. I tried pushing back onto him but he resisted and continued playing games with my hungry K!ttyC@t. I looked at him pleadingly, silently begging him to shove that monster into me. He ignored me.

After minutes of this excruciating pleasure punishment, he bent down again and grabbed my mouth in a fierce kiss. I responded and kissed him back. Then I felt a big fist slam deep into my flaming K!ttyC@t. I made to scream from the pain but his mouth prevented me. My eyes opened in shock. I was stretched fuller and further than I had ever been. It felt like I had a pestle buried deep in my K!ttyC@t.
to be continued shortly