Seducing The ICT Guy part 1 18+

readers discretion is advised, only for people above 18 years old
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I put a seduction plan in motion some weeks back and it finally came to fruition today! There’s this guy in the ICT Unit at work that I have been eyeing for sometimes now. I accidentally stumbled on the fact that he is well endowed downstairs. How, you would ask. I had gone to the ICT section to do some uploading, it should have been done in the safety of my office but there was something wrong with the router linking the group of offices in my wing to the server. It just was not connecting to the internet, so I had no choice but to go finish up in the ICT unit.

While maneuvering my laptop to get a vantage position to sit on (you sha know that place is filled with equipment, server and all), I accidentally touched his crotch. Damn! It quickly hardened up! It felt big and strong, I squeezed. He squealed and I let go, looking at him coyly as I apologized profusely for the accident. It sure started out accidentally but ended intentionally. He said its okay and we continued our work with my upload. But I was ensnared as I could still feel that bulge in my hands and the image of him deep inside me flashed through my mind. I decided there and then that I was going to F**K him. I just had to plan it.

That was about two weeks ago. Since then, I started accidentally bumping into him at awkward places and positions always making sure to feel his crotch, press my b0s0m against him or my bum against him. I also treated him to some wonderful sights of my mega b0s0m, making sure to have my camisoles pulled down when alone with him. He began expecting to see me as this became obvious from his reactions to me each time I paid him one of my usual visits.

He would lick his lips and look at me lustfully, finding it difficult to draw away from my b0s0m. The last time I saw him, I stood just inside the door of his office telling him I was passing by and decided to say hi. I had deliberately worn a very low camisole and very tight skirt suit. My b0s0m were pushed almost half out and each breath I took made them heave up and down.
He couldn’t disguise the obvious bulge in his trousers as he stood up to greet me. I didn’t go in, just chatted for a bit and left, quickly adjusting my cloths properly as I left his sight. Others mustn’t see me like this. I knew my bait had caught; I just wanted a proper setting to finish the job.
This morning, i decided before leaving home that today was the day I would F**K, so I left home prepared. Put a packet of cds in my bag, shaved my K!ttyC@t (its constantly shaved) wore a tong, a bra that comes off without much effort and donned a short dress then finished it off with a blazer. When I got to the office, I put my plans in action by going to the ICT section to tell their oga that they should come and work on the bad router as it was getting difficult to work without internet connectivity.
He then called my prey to follow me and work on it. Fortunately, something else cropped up and all the ICT personnel had to go work on it. He asked if it was okay for him to come work on it later. I said fine, that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted him and me alone in the office.

Around 3.30pm, I looked in on him and he was still busy. He begged me to wait another hour that he would be through by then. I told him not to rush as I would be in the office till 6.00pm. You could see his eyes light up in anticipation as he said yes. I then went back to my office.

Around 5.40pm, after virtually everybody in my office block had left, I heard a tentative knock on my office door. I asked him to come in, of course I knew it was him. He said he had fixed the router and would want to check to see if it had started working.

I stood up and gave him access to my laptop. He started working on it, trying to log on to the internet. I stood behind him and pressed my b0s0m to his back, making it very obvious I was doing that. He squirmed on my seat as he continued his work.
I then drew the visitors chair next to him and sat, making sure my thighs were pressed tightly to his. I placed my left hand on his thigh and was rubbing as he was explaining what went wrong to me.
My dress had ridden up to over half of my thigh and the heat from my body was transferring to him strongly. He was sweating as my hand continued its motion on his thigh. I inched my hand upwards to his crotch. I couldn’t help myself anymore as I wanted what I wanted (laughs) so I grabbed his J0yst!ck through his trousers.
He almost jumped out of his skin as he gasped aloud. I looked into his eyes and didn’t drop my eyes as I deftly unzipped him and brought out one of the biggest and fattest J0yst!ck I had ever seen. I gulped at the sight but didn’t let go.
My K!ttyC@t gushed juices in anticipation. He just sat there motionless looking helplessly at me as I grabbed his hard J0yst!ck. I squeezed, it felt as if it was growing! I joined my right hand in the exploration as I fondled and caressed that J0yst!ck, it was damn too big for one hand to properly hold on to.
Got up, pushed my desk away and knelt in front of him worshiping that wonderful maleness. He was drooling, p@nting and I knew if I continued my ministrations, he would waste that delicious male juice. So I lowered my head onto his J0yst!ck and took it in my mouth.

It was a chore but I managed to deep throat it. I quickly subdued my gag reflex as I sU-Cked on that J0yst!ck. I licked it like a lollipop, running my tongue through from the tip to the base and back up, I fondled his engorged balls, then pulled off from the J0yst!ck and sU-Cked on the balls a while but not letting go of the shaft either. Then I licked the tips again, licking the pr£cuum that was spewing from it in large quantity.

He was gasping and groaning, pushing my head further and further down on his J0yst!ck. His legs opened wider as his trousers had dropped to his ankles. I sU-Cked away, working my throat muscles on massaging that piece of man meat. pr£cuum continued dripping down my throat.

I could feel the pressure building up in his balls as they got taut and stiff and I know he would offload soon. I sq££zed on the balls as I sU-Cked harder on the shaft. My effort was rewarded as with groans and thrashings, he spilled glob after glob of Pour down my throat.
I didn’t waste a drop as I swallowed it all. I continued swallowing even after nothing was cu-mming out. He had by now grown flaccid and I licked the tip of his J0yst!ck as it flopped out of my mouth.

to be continued shortly