Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 3



“Is there a problem Miss Samantha Brooke?” the lady asks her, everyone is looking at her, including him, someone was whispering beside her, asking if she was okay, that she gets to work on the same floor with Mr Bass, the actual Jake Bass, all hot, fine, $3xy and oozing of bliss and she is frowning, and everyone here would wish to be in her place. Someone even asked what the hell she was doing here and if she knew who Mr Jake Bass was, another was saying maybe she needs to be checked, to see if she was gay and all that crap, another manages to say…I wish I could stand up and switch places with her.

Maybe she could

“No, there is no problem but..why me?” Samantha is curious

“Miss Samantha, like I said, the managerial department is on the last floor, then we have the human resources, the construction and other departments below it, we have already placed everyone where they would be spending their internship for the next couple of months and there is only you who has experiences in management, according to your Cv, you have also worked in organizations as an event planner, consultant and also amongst other things, you are good in secretarial admin as well yes?””

“Yes” Samantha replies

“And that being the case, we have an opening in the managerial department at the top floor, where you would be assisting Betty here..when she is not on sit, you would be in charge and that means, you would be assisting Mr Bass most times as his stand-in PA” she completes

The girls gasps.

What the hell was wrong with these people, he was just a man. A man!!!!.


“So… if you think you are not competent enough for the task Miss Samantha, you can step down for someone else to fill in , I do not want someone who is slow in understanding, and looks daft to work with me. This would be problematic for me  Miss Andres, kindly find a replacement, If not that Betty would be going on leave in a couple of days, I won’t be looking for a stand-in,  she has worked with me long enough and she seems competent enough even though poorly, at least my patience hasn’t run out on her..yet”  He says
“Yes sir” The Andres woman nods
Samantha frowns.

what the hell does he mean that she was incompetent by just looking at her, was it written on her forehead “Hey look!! I am stupid and I would work poorly, don’t hire me”??

She didn’t have those work experiences on her Cv for nothing, she wasn’t stupid neither was she daft… and she hates to be told she was slow, she wasn’t slow, she just didn’t like his Aura as soon as he walked in and didn’t want to work with him.
Well fine “I can do it, and I rather appreciate sir you don’t assume about my capabilities by stressing it on  incompetence at a first glance, I can assure you, incompetence, daft and slow isn’t the adjectives used in describing me”

“And what adjectives would that be Miss Brookes?”

“I would live that to you .., like they say Mr Bass, seeing is believing “

“Miss Samantha  Brooke, you would watch your language when speaking to Mr Bass, he is your superior and your boss, and your internship here would be based on your good conduct, based on your merit and hard work, this altitude won’t get you very I advise you to apologize to Mr Bass” Betty, standing close to Mr Bass says

Oh wow!! What is she now, his savior , his Calvary ?

Oh wait, she was Vol Tron, defender of the universe or rather, Mr Bass’s enterprises !!


Let the man speak for himself, he knows how to put people down, he should fight his battles. Well,  she won’t be apologizing, she didn’t say anything wrong, she just stated what she wasn’t. she mentally crossed her hands, puts her legs on her invisible desks and waits.

That was no crime, unless it was in his books she stares at him straight in the eye

“There is no need, No harm done” Mr Bass says “I am sure Miss Samantha would mend her ways soon enough and realize that here, we do not suffer fools. For today, I let it pass” then he turns to the interns

“Ladies, welcome, now that you all have been fully apprised of your duties and fixed in your departments, I do hope you enjoy it here, it’s a stiff market out there and here, the competition is stiffer, we may not be able to take all of you after your internships but have no fear, we would give you good referrals, recommendations, and a worthy thank you package for being part of us because here at Bass, we take care of our own, and the interns who do exceedingly well, you would be made staffs, until then, work hard, be beautiful and may the forces be with you” He smiles, they gush again, Samantha felt like puking.
Was it just her or it felt as though she just walked into a class of  girls not minding an orgy with Mr Bass himself, only that they weren’t naked and all over themselves, they were doing that with their eyes and mouth, if only their eyes could do the magic. She rolls her eyes again.

She literally felt like screaming “You all should go get a room and beg him to join you, be less obvious ” Lord !!!

He leaves, the lady , the one they call Betty walks up to her “Follow me and I would show you to your corner. I expect that you follow through instructions, know his schedules and meetings, timing and even every tiny detail even to what he eats and the colour of tie , what he likes and what floss he uses for his teeth, his meals and lunch, his different suits for different days…, dinner dates, kind of girl, loose cash for what and what, his shirts..he loves white..”

Oh really, do I have to know the colour of his boxers too and if he likes to pee sitting like a girl or standing like a man. She rolls her eyes

What am I, his babysitter??

Jamie didn’t tell me there was a big baby running his daddy’s company.

They are walking as Betty continuous to talk “I expect that you do know and have all these information at your finger tips and because I would be out of town for a few days and I would not want this place to be in chaos before I get back. Mr Bass likes things to be done accordingly, he hates last minutes changes and anything unorganized and uncoordinated so you would do well to listen, be sharp, be quick and attentive, you only have a couple of days to learn all these before I leave understand your duties and I also expect that you keep your attitude in check, that thing you did in there would only reward you with a kick to the door and trust me, no one would miss you, they would forget you in a minute, and Mr Bass’s patience is thin, so don’t be smart.”

She takes her to her desk, right after hers “This is where you would be working..and try not to be lazy, He doesn’t like that, he likes us to be smart, punctual and know what we are doing and being paid for. Your first call of duty Is already in that file, get to it”  Betty leaves her to herself
A girl smiles to her across the hall, Samantha smiles back.


For the next couple of days, Samantha does her job, and before long she was getting the hang of things, even sometimes helping Sophie with issues she is having and attending to projects Betty is too lazy about.
Then Betty goes on her leave, she would be out for two weeks, which meant that she was Mr Bass’s PA for that duration of time and she wonders if she could switch with the secretary.

“Hi Sophie, Good Morning” Samantha walks to her

Sophie looks up and smiles “Oh hi Sam, how are you, how has this place being treating you, I know we don’t talk much even despite being in the same hall and stuff, Mr Bass keeps us on our toes…huh?”

“Oh yes he does.. and I would rather you call me Samantha or Brooke, Sam makes me feel as though I shouldn’t be having these full things on my chest” she answers, Sophie laughs “Ok Samantha”

Samantha nods, “So Betty is going to be on leave for two weeks and…”

“Oh yeah and boy am I glad, she just keeps blocking my chances with the Boss, dude did you see how hot and fine he was looking,” she fans herself  “I!!”

Samantha frowns “Okay…stop. Seriously you all need to get all those vibes away from me. What  I mean is that, why don’t you PA for him while I take your spot for the rest of the week, cool?””

Her eyes sparkles “For real??;’’

“Yep, realer than Santa clause at the moment ” Samantha nods

“Oh wow!!” she claps in an excited glee

The Elevator door opens and then Sophie jumps “Oh my duty starts now, thanks babes, you don’t know how much this means to me” she carries the iPad, picks up the file Samantha drops  on her desk as she came and rushes to meet him, Samantha walks round her table and sits

“Oh Good morning sir”  she hears Sophie greet him

“Good morning Sophie, please coffee and where is Betty, she didn’t meet me downstairs” he says , not seeing Samantha as he walks to his door, opening it and entering, Sophie dances behind him, Samantha shakes her head, bends and begins to type what Sophia was typing halfway, she hears Sophie reminding him about Betty’s leave before the door shuts behind her.

The door opens up  barely ten minutes later and then someone walks towards her, “Oh Sophie, this Tsuki ventures, isn’t it supposed to be on the construction file for Tuesday” Samantha says without looking up

“Stand up Miss Samantha and step into my office” he orders

Samantha’s head shots up “Sir? Good morning Mr Bas-” she trails off as he  turns and walks away, Sophie is behind him “I am sorry, he didn’t look happy about it “

“It’s okay” Samantha says going into the office

She knocks and enters, he is backing the door, facing the window

“You asked for me Sir”

“I wonder if there is something wrong with you or you are simply oblivious of your duties here, or you lack basic understanding of and  for  simple instructions Miss Brooke”

“I am sorry sir, I do not understand your burst of anger?’ she frowns, really she didn’t.

“You are supposed to be my Personal assistant for the duration of Betty’s leave is that not so?”

“Yes sir but ..”, he cuts her off with his index finger up,

“But you choose not to shoulder your responsibilities but give it to Sophie who is nothing but my secretary, do you not have any idea that there are pressing things that should be attended to by my personal assistant and not my secretary. You see both roles are distinctive, separate.  it’s like having a laborer choose to work as a plumber even if they both work under the same roof.., the laborer wouldn’t be able to fully carry out the duties of a plumber, so do you see how senseless your act is?”