Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 4


Whoa!!! Samantha blinks

“With all due respect sir, did Sophie do anything wrong when she attended to you just now?”

“That is irrelevant to my point of discussion” he says turning to her

“Still because if she has worked for you for so long and at the same time been assisting Betty as well, I believe she should be well competent to stand in as your PA too sometimes, and I don’t see how a plumber and a laborer is relevant to your point of discuss. I simply asked if  she could take my place while I attend to some work, work I am simply good at.. and I believe that standing around, staring at nothing in particular, go for errands I don’t have business going for and writing shot notes isn’t  exactly tasking enough. I like to be productive and spend my  hours doing  something worthy of value sir”

“So are saying that my PA does nothing meaningful other than errands, stands and stare?”

“I didn’t say ..”

“Yes you did”

“No I said amongst other things, they are asked to do errands that she shouldn’t ordinarily be asked “

He is looking at her “Miss Samantha, be specific”

“Well erm…. Having to know personal details about you that needs to be attended to”

‘’like what Miss Brookes”

What is his problem, should she spell it out

“Well like..erm..your schedules and meetings,which is okay..but your ties, socks, eating ..that is, what you like and what you don’t, erm..even who you have dinner with after hours and who you want in your bed’’ there , she said it

He smiles “And that bothers you?”

“It should bother any decent girl. You should handle those yourself or do you say you have your personal assistant dress you up? she isn’t your designer or your caterer, not you $3x timer..nor even your wife. I believe somethings shouldn’t be amongst a job description..sir”

He is staring at her, then he smiles “Sometimes..if they want to do it”
She blinks rapidly. Did he just let on that he sleeps with his PA, no wonder she was quick to come to his defense.
Then she frowns, men. They think because they are handsome, rich and powerful they can do and undo
“Well Mr Bass, your personal business is none of my business, Betty can continue being your PA in that aspect or more..but while she is away, I won’t be whatever she was. “

whatever she was…Lord!!!

No wonder all the girls were drooling after him, so how many had he slept with , five, ten, all of them?? Her eyes grew big

“Why is your eyes about to pop out Miss Samantha”

“Oh I just remembered something disgustingly annoying my dog did”

What else could she say, she didn’t have a dog

“Which was?”

How he was a typically dog, fraternizing with all the ladies and getting all of them pregnant” Doesn’t that seem a lot like you Mr Bass?

He smiles , “Miss Samantha, let me make this clear, as long as you are working here, this would be the last time you would go against orders given to you…and if you have to pick up my suits, shop for my socks, and tie and fix my date with a woman and change the sheets on my bed before and after $3x with any lady friend I have over, you would do it, what I pay you even as an intern is enough to cater for needs of children on the streets, now, you go back there, take the files and what you gave to Sophie and resume your PA duties and if you feel I am being inconsiderate… you can drop your letter of termination of internship and leave. I would not allow insubordination or have your loud mouth spew nonsense. Women aren’t made to think, or be smart..because if they were smart you would have realized that up to a second ago you weren’t making sense other than showing me seem not to like leaving your comfort zone and you hate to be told what you don’t like to do, but sadly enough that is my specialty. Starting right this minute, you would pick my lunch and bring it here, you would check in with the designer for my suit, I have a state dinner coming up, which you would be in attendance and thirdly, I have a meeting with some private investors, the file is on my desk..the blue one, you are going to go through it, the notes I have made and compile it and makes sure you have it ready by tomorrow. Mind you there are two files is for the Tsuki ventures , and the other most important one is for the Gulen Services and their oil reserve I am hoping to buy.. make sure you dot every I’s and  cross every T’s and prepare it for the meeting by tomorrow. lastly, you will come in here and sit across from me and stare at me while I work and not make any sound. If that is not okay with you…I will gladly accept your letter.”

Dxxk!!! Who does he think he is?

Oh this is what I am going to do with your letter Mr Bass, I am going to roll it up and shove it up your rectum..

You think you can scare and bully me, me??

Hell No!!

“Never underestimate me sir, I would be back shortly, because I can do all of that without blinking, and I can juggle between Betty’s job and that of Sophie’s too and maybe some of yours”

She excuses herself and walks away
He is smiling , Typical

He knew her type, all mouth and no action, he was waiting for her letter.
He was surprised that she was even bold to talk to him that way.
She comes back in, file and iPad in her hands, no letter “Ready to begin when you are ..SIR”!!!

He was impressed, and he didn’t like it.

To be Continued