Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 2


He was glad he didn’t think with his one –eyed member between his legs. He loves women, he appreciates their body and their prowess in bed. But that is all, Entertainment.

If he wanted a woman, he had her. In fact he doesn’t need to search, they came pouring in, falling over his feet, begging to be had. All he has to do is pick.

But after the night is over, much to his disappointments, it all boils down to money. They are always after the money, the flashy car, the houses and the life of luxury. They love the money not the man.

If he were poor and wretched, it doesn’t matter he had this $3xy body, much like a Greek god’s, deep blue eyes, and the most capturing smile, it doesn’t matter that he got his handsome looks from his mother and the height and perfect build from his father. They would stare for only a minute, just a minute and they won’t give a shit about him.

But he was Jake, Jake Bass, son to Gregory and Jessica Bass, owner of the Multi-billionaire Oil Company, which stood big and tall, one of the best in the country..he was 36 years old, still a bachelor and a fine one at that, he had the cars, the houses, the wealth and luxury..he had it all.

It was natural to have women fall over themselves to get into his bed. And just because they do that…he has no regard for them, and treats them as they are. ‘Things’ Entertainments!, and then tips them and forgets about them. And if they were pretty, and a good talker, maybe they last for two days. But he gets bored and moves on.
Women meant nothing to him, treating them as he deemed fit, came naturally.

Thanks to his father and his mother’s marriage, he has no desire to be a fool for no woman, and no woman alive can bring him to his knees. None


Jake smiles “Of course, drop your address with my driver and I would have him pick you up after work”
She was smiling broadly when he got up and left. “Back to the office Todd” he spoke to the driver ‘’then you come back for the lady,”

Todd nods and puts the car on drive.


Samantha Brooke was ushered in together with a group of people, they were not more than 20, into the hall and they were all asked to sit.

A lady, dressed so nicely, and her deep accent is addressing them about the company, it’s goals and visions, their mission statement and all they have to know about the company. Then she places them in their departments and working through their job descriptions, their do’s and don’t in the company.

Samantha allows her eyes wonder around the people seated with her, she suddenly observes that almost all of them were women, young girls between the ages of 22-28. And they all seemed excited.

She wasn’t, she didn’t even want to apply for this job, her friend made her do it, telling her of how it would be great for her resume and that what if after her internship she gets to be made staff, she would be rolling in bucks and who knows, she might get to meet someone nice too for a change.

Samantha didn’t want to meet someone nice, the someone nice she had meet before, succeeded in using a sledge hammer over her heart and broke it into a thousand different pieces and walked away, clearing her bank accounts with him, after she found him sleeping with his best friend’s girl.

She was done with men. They were all the same, lying , cheating, womanizing, thieves and heart breakers.

Now the downside to it is that, she was broke, like shake-her-now-with-her-legs-upside-down-not-a-coin-drops broke, and she would need to pay her house rent or else she would be kicked out and be homeless. And home..was two worlds apart..okay she was being dramatic.. it was a flight ticket, two train tickets, 3 cabs apart, and a whole of two days journey. She didn’t even have the money for that .

And she didn’t want to go home, going home meant she would be back under her parent’s roof and being taken care off, she was an adult, a 26 year old woman..she was a big girl and should be able to take care of herself and her parents, not the other way around.

She sighs.

Her friend Jamie, had told her about an opening  for interns in the company she worked for,  and forced her to apply.

“You won’t take money from me , I don’t know why, I am your friend , I should help, but if you don’t want to borrow from me, at least move into my apartment with me..yet you refuse. Okay apply for this job as an intern, the pay is good, and you get to meet people and mingle, and oh…our Mr Bass super hot and ..argh $3xy. Like every girl here is literally drooling all over him and …’’

“Jamie…I really don’t care “

“Fine, forget Boss, I was just day dreaming. But I am serious though, apply, you get in and maybe you are one step away from broke-ness and boredom and loneliness, plus it would take you out of the house and stop thinking about…Christopher, the asshole”

“I don’t think about him”

“Yeah right. then why do you still have your voice and his own on  your leave-a-message-back-tone after this voice..voice”

“I will change that…I forgot “

“That’s what you said a month ago. Look, I already filled in your details in the application and I just need you to sign it or else I am going to forge your signature and submit it”

“That’s a crime you know”

“Bite me’’

“You are too far”

“At least you know I love and care about you and I hate to see you in a  fix and not want me to help you. Sign it and submit it…they would call you, with others…just kick ass in the interview”

“Thank you Jamie, I owe you one”

“Make that a thousand and one owe-me-ones”

They laugh


The woman is still talking, then two men in suits open the door and someone walks in, the room becomes a scene gotten from a movie ‘bye bye birdie”, when the cutest guy in school and a rock star ‘Conrad Birdie’, walks in and all the girls goes ballistic, literally swooning and getting wet.

Samantha rolls her eyes

“Quiet down ladies, show some manners. I believe you all have only seen him in tabloids and on Tv or read about him off some magazine, so I know, I understand the feeling and excitement but please settle down… ladies, this is Mr Jake Bass, President and CEO of the Bass oil and Servicing Company, best in the country. Sir, would you like to address them or..”

He steps forward, “Good afternoon ladies..

Samantha is frowning, a few ladies are busying whimpering beside her, gushing was the word. She felt like telling them to shut up. They were literally smiling, wide mouth and teeth…they would strip and beg him to have them if they were given the chance.

Samantha suddenly felt disgusted.

He is talking..

Yes, she had heard about Mr Jake Bass, original bad boy, Billionaire, ladies man, serial heart breaker, but the one that Egocentric, proud and pompous jerk. Yet the ladies loved him.

All the traits she found distasteful in a man, her father was no different. But what did she care, she was here to work and make some money so she doesn’t get kicked out of her home and remain broke, not to gawk at a man, who was just that..A man.

“Miss Samantha Brookes?”

“Yes” she frowns when they call her name, she stands up

“You would be working alongside Betty Micheals. Your Cv shows capabilities in Management. You would be on the floor where Mr Bass is in.  “

Brooke frowns