Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 29



“Good Morning Boyfriend” Samantha says sitting on him and kissing him awake

He isn’t opening his eyes

“Wakey wakey sleepy head, rise and shine boyfriend of mine” she pulls his cheek

He still didn’t open his eyes

“Hmmm’’ tapping her lips she stares around and sights the glass of water on the table, she was going to sprinkle just a little on his face… it was 10am..he should get up. She looks away and reaches for the glass of water and when she turns back to sprinkle some on his face..with a smile on her face she gets…

“BOOOO!!!’’  his eyes shoots open and he sits up abruptly, grabbing her behind with his arms so she doesn’t fall off as she screams rolling back, the water splashes on her face instead. He bellows out in laughter

She smiles wiping the water from her face shaking her head “Oh, now you gonna get it” she empties the  entire contents on his head, laughing she jumps and sprints to the corner of the room doing the chicken dance “Na na na na nah whack whack qwack whack!!’’

His face dripping wet, he gets up from the bed… wiping it away with his hands “So, you want to play water huh?’’ walking towards her, she looks at either side of her… the exit door was her only escape…

“Bass… hey baby..relax boy I was erm… just playing”

“Oh I know…” he is close now “Me too’’

She runs to the door, “Crap!!’’ she forgot that she needed a key card to open it, she turns and faces him , laughing..”Boo?’’


He is walking to her now, a mischievous glint in his eyes..”No way to run to princess, so what would it be?“  his hand are behind him

“What are you hiding?”

‘You haven’t answered me”

“Hey… what is behind your back?’’ she is curious

Silence… smile tucking at the corner of his mouth

She tries to seduce him “Hey Bass, you know I am officially your girlfriend for… like almost 24 hours now so that means” she is walking up to him now, running her hands up his body “That..’


“You can’t pay me back for anything I do to you… you love me remember… so it means that you forgive me for the water bath, right babe?” she goes on tiptoe… kissing him, he kisses her back

“Hmmm very true, you are 100 percent correct babe… but there is one little thing though”

“What is that?” her hands are around his neck and he hugs her tight with the other hand

“I love paybacks” he says winking at her, his grip is tighter

“Wait what…Bass…what??’’

He raises up his other hand, she looks up to see a bottle of cold water… how the hell did he reach the fridge and get it out… it was slushy cold…

“with my love, I thee baptize!”

She made to run but he grabs her tighter and pours the contents over her head, her struggle only courses it to flow over her body, wetting him too.

“ARGHHHHHH BASSSS OH GOD ITS COLD ARRHHHHHH!!!!’’  she screams and he is laughing.

Done, his body is erupted in laughter

“Oh it’s so cold” she repeats shaking

“I know, next time, don’t start a fight you can’t finish. Don’t worry babe, ama warm you right up” he bends lifting her and throwing her over his shoulders, he slaps her butt as she squeals and carries her to the bathroom, he turns on the heater, puts on the shower and slowly puts her down

“Still cold?’

She nods “Your fault…”

He laughs “Yeah, I won” he removes her nighty over her head… and kisses her nose “you’ll get warm in a second, my princess would be all warm and hot in a minute… well you are already hot right now though but… sexy hot in a minute” he winks

She laughs hugging her side as he nudges her gently under the shower and enters beside her, stripping from his brief..

She closes her eyes as the warm water courses through her body, pouring from her head…, he grabs the sponge and begins to scrub her body… from her back to her front, he allows the latter caress her body as it solely treks down to the floor and disappears into the sink as water dissolves the foam.

While they bath, he replaces his hands with his lips, and before long, his need and desire is evident as she leans backwards into him.. he drops the sponge, lifts her off the ground and places her to the wall of the bathroom, he makes contact with her lips and their body sink in rhyme towards each other… and they danced, slowly, passionately, as his hands held her tighter than before, and her lips moaning out his name in sensual plea… they shatter together, enjoying the bliss only two of them can give.


“Ready?” he asks her

“Yep, but I really didn’t want the weekend to end”

“Me neither, but work… life… everything else …”

“I know’’

She is quiet while they go to the airport

“Is something wrong?”

She is worried, the weekend was wonderful, more than wonderful, it was great. But she couldn’t stop herself from having that feeling…

What if it isn’t real, what if it’s one of those moments that one gets to enjoy only for the now and when they get back home, back to their live. He might realize that this wasn’t actually love, and that all he felt was lust, infatuation and he just had to be with her to realize it.

Maybe, maybe she shouldn’t think she was living her fairytale dream of finding someone who really loves her. What if once they land, he goes back to being the the cold, pompous and annoying Bass all over again and all he was doing was pretense; pretending to change so he could have her.


But everything felt so real, his bare raw emotions, the way he told her he loved her, the way he showed her intimately how he loved her… it felt so real and she didn’t know why she held back in telling him she feels strongly for him too.

But what if..

She bites her lips

“Samantha, no secrets remember, what’s wrong?’’ they were already seated, the plane was moving

“what if , all this… what if all you feel is just a mirage and it all clears like smoke from your eyes…”

“You think I don’t love you, and all I wanted was to have sex with you?’

“I … I”

“Look Samantha, I have been with a lot of women and that Is something I am not proud off at least not anymore and I know when it is lust or mere desire and… this isn’t it.’’

“What if the novelty of what you supposedly feel for me wears off, what if?”

He sighs turning to her “Stop, please babe, please don’t ruin this… I know you might have a lot of doubts and I swear this is the first for me. I know that I love this feeling and I want to keep loving it, I love you, maybe you feel doubt because you don’t love me too… which is fine, I told you I’ll wait, I ain’t going nowhere… now that I found love, you think I would buckle and run? hell no!… I am stuck on you like glue, anywhere you go, I will follow you to the ends of the world so you have to prepare yourself… Bass loves Samantha, and she can’t do anything to shake him off. It’s your fault”

“My fault?” she laughs

“Yes, you made me fall for you so you better deal with it. Now give me a kiss, please and let us bask in this. Babe..I ain’t going nowhere not until you become old lady Cat with bucket teeths maybe” he pulls her face into a kiss

“Oh… that would be a sight”

“Yes indeed, but I’ll love you still” he kisses her again, linking his hands with hers..  “I am all yours, do with me as you please” he winks

“Who are you, return Mr Arrogant Bass immediately!!”

“Hell no!!I think I love this Bass more…” he winks at her, she shakes her head laughing, feeling assured more than ever


Jamie is at her door, she opens it for her

“How did you get here so fast?”

“With what you told me… I borrowed wings from the gods and flew… what the hell… tell me tell me!…you guys went on a trip, saw the royals and you made sweet sweet love after he told you he was head over heels fallen in love with you and and….oh….please, buy me a coffin, kill me… I will die happy.” Jamie squeals running around the house

Samantha is laughing “I should hit you for telling him about my birthday”

“Meh!!! You should thank me…I am effing cupid bitches… you owe me your love life…I made you guys happen and if you are nice and giving me juicy details I wont go and tell Mr Bass you are a lousy fart when you eat baked beans and you like pressing the toothpaste from the middle, who does that?”

Samantha laughs laying on her bed “oh… love covers all faults. Go ahead, he loves me, he don’t care shit”

Samantha covers her eyes and squeals in excitement “ I still can’t believe it… Mr Bass is my Bass… like my man, my lover, my… sexy amazing man that blew my brains away while sweeping me off my feet and he didn’t have to do it with being arrogant, but sweet and loving and caring and all.. oh Jamie… he says he loves me, he says it and I am so happy I can hardly get enough, I was scared that maybe he would be another Christopher and stuff but he tells me he loves me and all my fears goes away’’

“and did you tell him back?’ Jamie is sitting beside her.


“Wait you didn’t tell him back? She pulls Samantha up,

she shakes her head

‘Why, you don’t love him? Do you love him?”

“I do..right now this moment I do…I love him so much “

‘Then why didn’t you tell him?”

“Because I wanted to be sure’’

Jamie looks at her, she grabs a book and WHAMP!! On her head

“Oww Jamie what the hell, that hurts!” she rubs her head and pouts

“Because you need a brain reset. Dude goes all out for you, tells you how he feels and you obviously feel the same,why not seal it?When you going to tell him?”

“hey, I was being mysterious and hardcore… I will tell him and no more hitting”

“only when you let me down. Oh… so you are officially his girlfriend, lover… everything?”


“I am jealous. Good jealous. Oh, so many broken hearts, I can’t wait to show off  that I know you Samantha like , you know he is dating my best friend,Mr Bass I mean..they’re dating, officially, exclusively so if I catch you all flirting with him… ama ruin your ass with a bat.. that’s my best friend’s man yo!” she says dramatically

Samantha laughs ,she is happy, very happy.

“Oh Samantha, I am happy for you both two. Best birthday yet?”

“Yes, best birthday yet”

They hug