Schooling Mr Bass-Final Episode 30



“Miss Samantha, Mr Bass is holding on line one” Shelly knocks on her door

“Do I tell him to call later, I know how you like that he fixes an appointment and stuff” Shelly says, its Monday morning and the work resumes.

“Oh no, put him through”she couldn’t hide the smile on her face.

Shelly frowns “erm… is it just me or I see a smile and  blush?’’


Shelly frowns, then her eyes grows big “Don’t tell me you and Mr Bass had a thing?’

Samantha laughs” Thing? Nooooo! he is my man!!“

“He never dates anybody for real“

“Oh that was the Bass you knew… this Bass is all brand new and he is mine“

“Oh… damn!!!” she breaks out in a smile “I am jealous”

Samantha laughs “Me too! I can’t believe it still’’

“Oh let me not keep him waiting then… oh… my god!!!’’ she squeals running outside

“hey princess, can I come pick you up for lunch?’’ the call comes through

“Really? erm… I guess so” she smiles.

“Great, be with you in a second”

She frowns… “wait, your office is like an hour away from here and…” she trails off from the sound

Knock knock!!

“Can I please come in and whisk my princess away, she works too much and I need to feed her and kiss her and tell her I miss her and… you know…l ove her…”

She laughs rushing to the door, she opens and sees him standing there with a flower covering his face, Shelly and some other females are behind him awwning, Mr Shelton had come out of his office, a silent smile on his face..

‘’Bass..?” she cuts the call as he cuts his “aww they are lovely but everyone is staring “

“Let them stare, I don’t care” he leans in to kiss her..

“Shall we?’’ he gives her the flowers, she sniffs it and then kisses him back…

“I have to get used to this showing up randomly right?’’

“Oh yeah babe, can’t get enough of you.”

Then they kiss again, Mr Shelton clears his throat behind them

“Oh hi Mr Shelton, hope you don’t mind that I take my girlfriend out for lunch, it is lunch time… yes?’’

“Yes It is… and Mr Bass, I like this new look on you”

“Yes, me too” he stares at Samantha “Me too”

The ladies come out in their numbers to watch them leave

“Oh.. .dear, So Mr Bass is officially taken right?’ someone sobs

“I know… I know…we all loved him”

“But he got the best of us, he got Samantha and it’s the best thing that ever happened to him’’ Shelly says genuinely happy for them

“Okay, fun is over, back to work”

“Its lunch time sir’

‘Oh’’ he scratches his head, they all laugh



It’s been a year since their journey began.. and within that year, Bass had commissioned his Gulen Projects for the technology institute and had two other private ventures commissioned as well.

Within the year, Samantha had been promoted to Assistant Manager of Shelton Events Management/Business consulting firm, and she is looking to open her own company by next fall.

Veronica became the most sort after model in the industry, she has her own clothing line. She and Bass are friends still.

Bass and Samantha commissioned other charity projects together and he was fully involved this time, making other sponsors to join in the humanitarian work as well.

Jamie and her Beau are going strong. Becky left, she couldn’t handle the fact that Bass was genuinely in a  relationship with another woman and not her. Sophie was promoted to PA.

Todd got married, he was still Bass’s driver, but his pay doubled over the last couple of months.

Today, it was their first anniversary since they began dating… since he asked her out a year ago on her birthday… today was 28th birthday.

And till now he hadn’t called her nor showed up and everyone had been pretty quiet, even Jamie, like they forgot. She was angry… she was fussing.

“How dare they?’ she says driving home from work… she gets down, opens her door, kicks her shoes “I will not talk to him or anyone ever again…how dare they forget about today!!Arggh!! All day ignoring my calls. Oh… I will never talk to them or him.” she fumes, enters her house and puts on the light

“Surprise!!!!’’ everyone bursts out from hiding

“Oh my God!!’’ she screams, as Jamie and everyone else from work comes to hug her “I thought you all forgot’’

‘Nah!! Never! happy birthday kiddo” they hug and everyone hugs her too, she sees her parents, she is suprised

“Mum! Dad! how did you get herE?’’ she runs into their arms, her father had changed for the better too. He mum was happy.“Oh,we flew… thanks to that young man over there?”

She turns to see Bass walking towards her, she smiles turning to hug him as he opens up his arms

“Thank you” she sobs into his arms “Haven’t seen them for ages”

“I know and You welcome princess.’’ he hug her back


During the course of the party, they roll out her cake for her and lights it, they sing and then tell her to blow out her candle..

“make a wish princess” Bass tells her She does and blows it out.

“ What did you wish for?”

She smiles “ I have it all already” she says,walking up to him and kissing him…

“Well, happy anniversary babe’’ he deeps his hands into his pocket, goes on his knees ‘’how about you make my wish come true, I love you Samantha Brookes, will you marry me?”

She has tears in her eyes, nodding her head “you bet I will Bass, gosh I love you!! yes yes yes yes!!’’ she says as the house goes up in a cheerful uproar as he lifts her up, twirls her around as she flashes her diamond ring… they kiss, laughing into each other’s faces while everyone claps and cheers.
This right here was all she needed

And this to him was his world, right here, with Samantha.



“Oh I like the sound of that…”

“Yeah I know, so how about making those twins you talked about?’’ he winks at her

“Oh you naughty man..” she laughs as he spins her again kissing her  and loving her and being her forever and a day more man.


The end.


“Love is beautiful and love can happen in the most unexpected of places and sometimes you just need someone you least expect to turn your perfect world into a beautiful chaos to see what you have been missing.

Sometimes all you need is a little change,a feather rustle, a challenge, a spur..a new beginning to see why beautiful love stories can begin. sometimes..all you need is to be taught, to learn to be a better person than you were. Sometimes..all you need to do is to love and be loved in return.

So just love,..and true love will find you, I promise.”

By Stephanie Egberike

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