Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 28


He gets up from his bed, he was just going to go over there and ask how she was doing , and if she needed anything.

And she gets up from her bed, she would erm… just go and ask him when they are leaving, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

They both open their doors the same time and stare face to face at each other..

“I was erm-‘ she began

“I just wanted to erm-“ he says, they both trail off

“I can’t sleep” he admits

“Neither can I”


“Because” he looks at her “Because “ he runs his hands over his face

Screw it!! He was going to tell her

“Because Samantha you are driving me hella crazy, and I don’t know how much I can take being sane when all I want to do is to kiss you and tell you how I feel” he says leaving his door and crossing to hers

“Bass” she breaths as he is standing face to face with her

“I swear it ever since I saw you… you got under my skin and made me go mad because you are different from every woman I know, at every turn you challenged me and I hated it, I hated you, because you were turning my world upside down with your stubbornness but now I realize that I had to meet you to understand that one just needs a lil chaos to see that things needed to be changed. Samantha I don’t know how it happened and why but I am happy I got here..I was proud of myself before but now I know that I lacked a lot of things and it’s thanks to you, I used to wonder why my father was the way he was because of my mother now I understand that love can change a man and make him do things he wouldn’t have ordinarily done.

Samantha… I am crazy about you… this isn’t mere like, this isn’t infatuation, when I see you my heart skips, my nights are filled with you and I want to let you know that I have fallen deeply and insanely in love with you and I didn’t realize that until today.

And I know I am a jerk and I still need to learn a few things but I would try to be a better man , I just need you to give me the chance to prove that… what I feel for you right now, right this moment is real.” He says

She is speechless “Bass I …I”

“You don’t have to say anything to me, you may not feel the same way it’s okay, I’ll wait. But this is how I feel , I am in love with you Samantha Brookes that is how I truly feel” he is touching her face..”And I want to kiss you right now but I won’t if you tell me not to”

She closes her eyes and then opens them.

This is real right, this right here. It was real right?


She nods her head “Yes, yes you can kiss me Bass”

Smiling he leans and kisses her slowly, savoring her lips he kisses her until both of them are out of breath
Then he lets her go, his head resting on her forehead..

“If I don’t leave now I would want something more” he kisses her again and steps away, Samantha stops him
“stay, please”



She steps away from him to enter..


He is standing there while she is staring at him.. he leans to kiss her again as she comes closer to him, turning her back to the door he kisses her, as she wraps her arms around his neck.

Lifting her off her feet bridal style he takes her to the bed, placing her gently he lays down beside her

“I don’t want to ruin this, I don’t want this to be like others, I want to do this right because I don’t want to ever lose what I am feeling. I love you Samantha, I know you might not love me but I know you like me a lil”

she laughs

“Yes just a tiny bit” she teases

“Go out with me, be my girlfriend, be mine..and I will be yours. You and I, exclusively, no pretends, no half-truths. I want to share what I have with you, be in your world as you would be in mine. I want all of you
Samantha, all of you. say yes!!’’

“Bass, this is too sudden “

“I know,but what I feel is that my head, mind and body want is you and I can’t keep waiting anymore for something else to happen. I want you, not only in my bed, but in my heart, my life, my everything. I have never felt this way before Samantha, I love you and I can’t stop saying it, just say yes please, and I promise to tell you ‘I know how to sing next time” his lips curves into a smile

Samantha laughs .. do I even have a choice?” she teases

“Technically no” he says

‘’hmmm, I am a handful”

“I know’’

“I will give you hell”

“I know”

“I will-”

“Sssshh I know, and I don’t care, I just want you, all of you… the mean Samantha Brookes who broke me”

Samantha is laughing loud now “Well, let me pity you since you are begging and say yes so you don’t go crying that I am mean, it’s not good for my resume” she says nudging him

He laughs “Oh is that right? So can I kiss my girlfriend now?”

“Well I suppose that’s what couples do right?”

“hmmm, yes, that and so much more” he kisses her, rising to lay on top of her, caressing her face

They kiss for a long time, and all she felt was warmth, a burning desire to be held and touched the way he was doing now

And everything he was doing was sending sparks from her toes to her head.

She places her hands flat to his chest touching him there, as he ran his hands down her legs, separating cloths from flesh, caressing her thighs, kissing her more passionately, taking his time, loving every part of her body, kissing , kneading , touching until they rid themselves of the clothing they wore.

Naked, he kisses every inch of her body, loving it like he had never loved any woman’s before..every touch send desire shooting through his body and making him want more, every moan escaping from her lips makes him want to drink from her even more, and so he drinks, savoring her lips, kissing her neck all the way down, taking a fold in his mouth, suckling on each nipple till he felt her ache towards him, finding his way down he separates her legs, placing his head in the middle, he kisses her lower lips till she begged him and shatters from orgasm.. finding his way back to her lips, his member hard and ready he slowly taps at her gates, feeling her warmth, leaning into her as she wraps her legs around him he enters her, slowly, wanting to enjoy the moment ,watching her quake and squirm beneath him, ache for ache, thrust for yearning, moan for groan, slowly  taking her and each other over the cliff and reaching the heights of orgasm.. he holds her tight as they fall together  not letting go till they both reach back done, heavily breathing into each other’s mouths as they kissed back to normalcy.

“I can’t feel my legs,” she laughs kissing him more, running her hand over his body while her legs were still wrapped around him

“Yes, its shaking” he bends to kiss her knee, then he rolls off her, pulling her with him, his hands caressed her back “I think it’s my weight, am sorry”

She shakes her head ‘’No!! it’s what we did” she kisses his jaw, curling on his body as she caresses his chest

“This moment right now gives me peace that I have never felt before Samantha, so much”

They sleep in each other’s arms, and then sometime in the night… they made love again and again.