Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 11



“Yes?’’ Samantha says staring at the girl who walks up to her

“I am so sorry, Mr Bass called and asked me to do it, I couldn’t even ask him why because he was so angry and was shouting over the phone, I had to pack up all your things. He said something about you messing up his meeting and you know, he was angry, what happened?’’

Samantha blinks “The file, I didn’t take the most important one and ..’’ she trails off

“But you had worked so hard on it, them, I saw your work it was amazing and you placed some files on the table which you put in your bag, so how come?” she grabs a cup of coffee from one of the staffs and hands Samantha one “Here, drink something, it would calm you down, your nerves is all over the place, oh poor baby”

Samantha shifts the box to her side placing it on her hip as she takes the coffee from Sophie, glad for the warm feel of it, she takes a sip, “ thank you Sophie. I saw it on the floor just now..but it’s too late for that. You should have seen the way he spoke to me, addressed me he was mean and he was very way out of line, he even..” she sniffs. She wasn’t going to cry, not in front of her and not in this building. She was strong and she had survived the worst hasn’t she.

“I am so sorry, what can I do, try and talk to him maybe?” Sophia rubs her hands, placing her hands on her shoulders

Samantha shakes her head “’s fine. I am not needed here anyways. My letter is on his desk already, you take care of yourself Sophie, “ she turns away as the doors open …

Mr Bass walks in, followed by some other people into the building, he frowns seeing her standing there with Sophie. He had managed to put on a cheerful countenance for his guests, now seeing her with her box on her hands, his anger and everything returns..

But people were coming in behind him, the press was here, and some media team… it wouldn’t be good for him at the moment to explode …and then he frowns even more..

If people saw a girl, who looked as though she had been crying leaving his company with a box on her hands they would begin to ask questions wanting to know why she was being sacked, and who knows if she was a drama queen. Didn’t  she know he had  a state dinner this evening? why didn’t she get back earlier to take her things away…NO!! she picks this minute to come here..oh right okay! this was her pity party strategy right?

“To cry in front of his guests, cause a scene and he would now be forced to keep her in his company because people would ask him to give her another chance..”

No Way!!! Satan, not today.

He beckons to one of his attendance, whispers in his ears and the person leaves, walking directly to Samantha and Sophie

“Miss, Mr Bass asked that you leave your box at the service entrance, and stare clear away from the party until his guests are gone, then you can leave”

“Wait what? No , tell Mr Bass that he stopped being my Boss a couple of hours ago and I have made it official… So he cannot boss me anymore” she frowns

“It wasn’t up for discussion Miss Samantha” the man says, touching her hand to direct her away

“Let go off me” Samantha snaps, it wasn’t enough that he talked rudely to her after her mistake, it wasn’t enough that he left her stranded in that city not knowing if she had a means home, okay so what that she refused his card, she wasn’t going to beg him, she was visibly shaken that he had drove off, what if her mother wasn’t able to help, what would have happened to her out there

“Always carry money with you Sammy, wherever you go, it doesn’t matter if it’s down the road or to take a drink across, you never know what would happen and you may be in need of cash” her mother used to say. Well , she always listened , but how do you do that when you don’t have money…

But it was okay, it was fine. Now he had succeeded in making her mother worry and her father complain about how she is doing nothing other than been useless… it was typical of her father, she was used to him, but it upset her, all because she had to call her mother to beg for money, something she hadn’t done for years. So she was angry… really mad.

Now he had the guts to tell her when to leave his company, what else does he want from her..hell no!! he wants her gone, oh she was going and she was going now. She wasn’t going to spend another minute in this place .

“Samantha, okay lets go upstairs and relax and I would stay with you for a bit and then later you can go, let’s not upset him further,there are a lot of people here” Sophie says,

“No, I am leaving” she still held the box and coffee in her hands

“Ma’am, do not make a scene here, follow me” his voice was stern

Oh..really? Mr Bass didn’t want her to make a scene. He wanted to save face. Well… she would do just that, make a scene. She was already fired, so he couldn’t fire a person who had already fired.

As the man grabs her arm she nudges him away “Touch me one more time and you would regret it” Her voice increases, people turn, Jake Bass’s  frown deepens as his face becomes a darkened mask.

“Excuse me everyone.., Miss Andres can you step in here for a minute?” he beckons to the lady who comes immediately, he whispers something into her ears and steps away from her, she brings everyone’s attention towards her and began to talk to them.
Jake walks towards them

“Oh dear lord, he is coming” Sophie fidgets

When he nears them he scowls at her “Do what the man says Samanatha Brookes” he tells her, he was toweling over her..

“Or what Mr Bass?”

“I would drag you out of here myself, damn the consequences” he was visibly mad, his eyes drew closer together ..

The man steps away as Jake Bass takes his place, Sophie is scared and worried at the same time

“I am stepping out of here right now , whether you like it all not Mr Bass, so if you don’t want me to make a scene you better move out off my way” she looks him straight in the eyes…

“You fool, I would teach you some manners’’ he grabs her arms intending to turn her and walk her out back the stairs and up to his office… then he would lock her up in there till the party was over and if he was not done being angry he would leave her there till tomorrow… then he would kick her out, without paying her a single dime.

“Let go off me” she says, but his arm tightens over her own arm, and because she was holding the box with one hand on her hip and the other one the coffee… she does the only thing dramatic enough to cause an effect.. she tips the contents of the coffee over black tux from his face, the brown contents on the coffee made a large patch on his white shirt travelling from his neck to his tummy..

Sophie gasps, The man behind Mr Bass is shocked… the hall suddenly went quiet… as more gasps filled the room… Jake Bass is rooted to the spot, speechless…he lets go off her hand, raising his hands up as the hot tea stings his body slightly… then he looks at her, daggers for eyes.

“That would teach you some manners Mr Bass, let go means to let go.” And with that she drops the cup as it hits the floor, she re-positions her box on her hands, with her head raised up she walks through the crowd of people who had parted for her like the red sea staring from her to Mr Bass and then back to her as she leaves the building

He was speechless…  then he takes a deep breath to calm himself , as the murmuring continuous

“Relax everyone, Women, PMS, you know how they can get… they like to have the last say and apparently the last grand exit!!’’ he laughs nervously
Miss Andres joins in, then Sophie nodding and forcing a laugh, then someone else does laugh and soon the hall vibrated with rich laughter, then someone throws in “I know right, even the wife throws the biggest tantrum when she is on her period”

“I would be clawing out anyone’s eyes when I am in the mood”

“What was her deal, the girl?”

“Oh just an intern who isn’t happy about her ..erm…” Miss Andres began
“Her transfer,” Bass says

“Oh the ladies love to be around you don’t they?” someone says

Bass manages a soft smile, Sophie had suddenly brought towels to dab him, he stops her

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please if you would excuse me , I would be back shortly” he says as they nod,  he turns around heading upstairs, his face turns to something worse than granite … as the camera clicks almost blinded him.

He would have to kill off any story the press might release. The media feasted on anything, and before long they might change the story to being

“Bad Boy Multi-Billionaire in a love anger with his worker who had found out that he was cheating, had confronted them, then he fires her and she retaliates by spilling coffee on him in front of his guests and storms out crying”

“or Mr Bass and his love interests part ways as she gave him his ring and spill his coffee too”

Or much worse “Mr Jake Bass and the mysterious girl, “

He sighs taking off his shirt as he enters his office, good thing he always insisted on extra cloths being in his wardrobe in the office for times like this. He goes into the toilet to clean up the liquid which had begun to stick to his chest, with water and a towel he wipes his chest and neck, cleans his face, then he comes back out, stripping to his briefs and changes cloths..

He reaches for his cuff-links on his table and he notices the letter, he tears if of and reads it..

She didn’t mention why she was terminating her employment , most people who have vented, knowing that it would be taken into consideration too. But she had thanked him for the opportunity for being able to work in his prestigious firm, apologized for any trouble she must have caused and told him that she was terminating her employment because her skills were not what was needed in his company. Then she signed it. He sits down on his desk, typing on his computer and pulled up her Cv..

It was an impressive… very impressive Cv. He logs off. Then he sees the file, frowning he opens it up and a small piece of paper falls out . “it was on the floor , it fell that was why I didn’t notice it and mixed it with the others files. I do hope you have another opportunity… I am sorry . SAMANTHA” he reads

He takes a minute to go through the file, indeed, it was well arranged, articulated, compiled and analysized , and she had added a few things to it, things he didn’t think off.

It takes another 10 minutes before he puts the file down, and leaves his office and back to his guest and his party”