Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 10


He grabs her hand and pulls her “Shut up Samantha just shut the hell up. In fact, pull over driver.”

“Sir?”’ the driver is confused

“I said Pull over !!’’ he snaps, as soon as the driver does, he opens the door, giving her one of his credit cards, writing out four digit numbers on it

“Here, take this and get out from the car, your presence is infuriating me even further”

“You are kicking me out, in the middle of a city I have no idea about?” she is shocked, disbelieving as her mouth drops open and her eyes grew wider

“You have my credit card Samantha, book yourself a private car to take you to the airport, book a flight , when you land, go to the office, pick up your items, drop my card with Sophie, if you try to be smart, I already know how much an economic class ticket cost, and I would be putting a call to my accountant , there is a limit of withdrawal on the card… so what I expect you to take away is for your flight, transport fare to the airport and from the airport to the office, anything more than the stipulated amount I would send to him , all transactions would be stopped, I know girls like you would want to steal my money seeing that is all that concerns people like you, as soon as you get to the office, I will also get Sophie to pack up your table, drop my card, your letter and leave, and now, get out of my face” he says holding out the credit card for her
She blinks..

“I don’t need anything from you Mr Jake Bass, I would find my way home” she alights from the car, carrying her bag and slams the door shut..

Angered!! How dare he!!!!

“Suit yourself” he winds down the window, turning away with his face still granite as his fine features is dampened with his frown, he tells the driver “ Drive”, the windows goes up as the car speeds off immediately .

She stood there watching the car leave.. she blinks back the tears threatening to fall, until the car disappears .. then she moves to the curb, she sits on the pavement and let the tear drop. She had never felt so humiliated and talked down to ever in her entire life. Never felt so horrible and angered and pissed and then sad, all the emotions put together. She messed up the file business, Yes. But he was a bad bad person, very bad. He was arrogant, unforgiving, a proud pompous dxxk, and he feels that all should bow to him , she rather walk on the streets than take his stupid credit card. She cleans her eyes and look at her environment. She didn’t have any idea on how she was going to get back..

She brings out her phone from her bag..

“Just one last time, just one” she says as she cleans her eyes. She dials a number and then someone picks “Hey mum!!’’


When he was angry, everything shuts down, everything , and that includes thinking straight. He knew how hard he had worked to get the partners interested in that institute, it would have been great for the location he had in mind and he would have been the largest share holder, but it would have been government approved, for international bodies, and the team put down in place were professionals, the best in the country… it would have been a master piece. He could have done it on his own, he had the money..well technically he had, but like they say..sometimes you need to be part of something bigger than just you and this was it..this was his baby project and all gone because of the incompetence and carelessness of that stupid Samanatha Brookes.

He is in the plane now..

Maybe he shouldn’t have been so angry, at least he would have tolerated her presence till they got back into the state… then he would have kicked her out. He frowns, not wanting to think about how she was getting home, she looked all classy, surely she would have means to go home, even if she spends all that she had, at least it would be her own extra punishment.

He lost a whole year’s work because of her, a little lose of money on her part would be punishment enough, then he would have her resignation letter.

He turns away, removing her and the incidence from his mind as they plane set for take off. It was just 1pm, he would be back within the hour.

The state dinner was this evening, by 4pm, and he was hosting it in his company .


It was 5pm when Samantha got to The Bass building , seeing lots of cars and well dressed people trouping into the hall area of the building.

She walks in and takes her left, with a fixed smile she greeted the staffs she knew and made her way upstairs. Jamie had given her a thousand calls, she didn’t have time to talk, she would call her later. And then Sophie too.. Mr Bass must have called her.

She patted the letter in her bag, she had written it on the plane. Her mother had wanted to know what she wanted to do with that huge amount of money..and she had told her ..but she promised to pay her back after she gets another job. They weren’t rich, not even close to being very comfortable, but her mother tried to gather the money for her from friends..and sent it to her. She paid for her flight and came back to the state. And her mother had been worried, he made her worry her mother and so she was angry.

She didn’t meet Sophie on the floor, her box was stacked already. Without another word she goes to his office and drops the letter on his table, his box of pen had poured to the ground as she hits it. Bending she picks it up and there is was..on the floor behind the chair..The file. it must had slipped while she and Sophie arranged the files. She puts it on his table too and leaves with her box..

“Samantha ..Samantha ?” she turns when she hears her name