Schooling Mr Bass-Episode 12


Samantha opens her door to find Jamie standing there “Are you okay?’’ Jamie comes in and enveloped her in a hug

“Yes I am.”

“I am so sorry, I am sure Mr Bass was just angry but you shouldn’t have gone that far… the whole place is buzzing , news flying, true and untrue”

“It doesn’t matter, look let’s not talk about it anymore, I don’t want to please” she steps away from the door

“okay” Jamie walks in , frowning

when she enters fully into the house “Why are you packed”?

“Because I am leaving, I can’t afford this place, I have no money and even if I did I cannot afford this place anymore, so I am moving out”

“Okay, I can start loading your stuffs into my car and we can—“ Samantha stops her

“No, I have to do this on my own, I am not staying with you Jamie, you have done enough for me and I am grateful but…no more. “

“But Samantha where are you going to go, how are you going to survive, what will you eat, are you going back home to your mother’s”

“I don’t know yet but it’s okay, I will survive, junk maybe, and nooooo not mum’s , look I will be fine okay. I just need you to load it into that taxi parked out, don’t worry, been cutting through some magazine clippings for the past two hours, making calls..there is a small opening for a bar attendant, booking staff so I will start from there and see how it goes..”

“But Samantha?”

“No buts babes..”

Jamie sighs and hugs her


“What do you mean you couldn’t reach her?” Jake Bass asks the next day when the accountant calls him to tell him he couldn’t pay her

“The account she had given us was closed down an hour ago, her numbers isn’t connecting and we couldn’t pay her for the month as you requested”  the accountant says

“Fine” he cuts the call, then he dails Sophie”s “Come into my office “


“I don’t know how else  she can be contacted sir, Todd has just called to tell me that she is no longer in the address she listed in her CV and there was no forwarding address and she didn’t drop a number or where she would be staying”

“How come no one knows how she can be reached, no friends here in the company, none?’’

“Well..there was one person she hunged with when she wasn’t working.. “

“Who is she ?’’

‘’Jamie, Jamieliah Sawyer from the logistics department “

“Send her up”


Jamie bites her lips as Jake Bass stares at her

“Are you sure?”’

She didn’t know what he wanted with her and Samantha had said she didn’t want to have anything to do with the company anymore. She didn’t even tell her exactly where she was going to, changed her number, she said she wanted to just start afresh and she would call her when she is settled in.

“Yes sir , I am sure. I don’t know how to contact her or where she is.”

‘’it’s not possible, she couldn’t disappear into thing air”

“Sir, why do you want to find her? if it’s her payment I can get it across to her somehow”

“How?  when you said you don’t know how to contact her. Well it doesn’t matter, good riddance to bad rubbish anyways, you can go”

Jamie nods and leaves.

He drops her check into her letter and puts it in his drawer and closes it..

He forgets about her in a week.


“Thank you so very much for gracing this  Gala event with your presence, but it won’t be complete if we don’t thank the dignitaries, the sponsors for their  fat checks” the man who had been speaking laughs, everyone else does too

Jake Bass, looking dashingly handsome is standing with other guests, his glass of drink in his hands as Veronica held his other hand, she had been one of the models here.
It was a special Gala night, and he was given a special invite, they held it twice every year and they tend to outshine their last..and tonight, from the presentation, performances , art and speeches, even to the decorations and timing was perfect.. whoever planned it did an excellent job.

He should ask the manager for the number, he wants to host a charity concert for next month, he needed someone who would get the job done… as beautiful as this.

The man who was talking, finished speaking; thanking everyone, as he rounds up his speech he says “And last but not least, it wouldn’t be complete if we don’t acknowledge the wonderfully gifted hands, mind and creative inattentiveness of our head team player, who made sure you had a good time, food on your plates, drinks, good music, all this was because she understands the intricacies of event planning …and she would give you a good run for your money and because we are proud to call her our own , please a round of applause for the delectable, beautiful Samantha Penelope Brookes, come over here and take a bow” he holds out his hands to her as a beautiful lady who had been in the crowd walks out gracefully dressed in a black dinner gown, comes out smiling and standing on the stage, and gives her vote of thanks

Jake Bass chokes on his drink , coughing when he sees her..he blinks a couple of times …

And in that minute , both their eyes meet.. then she looks away, as though she didn’t know who the hell he was..

He follows her as soon as she steps down.

She frowns when she notices him follow her out of the hall to the balcony. . She was answering a call.

He waits.

“Why are you following me?” She turns, done .

“Samantha Brookes..” he began