Saved by Sin Episode 24


They did what should be done, their normal and after that, John rode her to his house with his car happily. He felt like he was on top of the world, he had gone to the club thinking of Queen and right there she came, looking for him. He managed to hold her as she staggered into his house, she was excessively drunk.

“Easy” he told her as he led her to his room and laid her on his bed. The moment her back touched the bed, she was off like that was what she had been waiting for, she slept off.

All the members of the Night Crawlers were meant to be gathered that particular same night so as to celebrate the success of their mission, it was a normal tradition to always celebrate after any successful mission. All of them were already gathered but they weren’t celebrating, someone was missing. Gabriel Eugene wasn’t with them that night, they had tried calling him but he won’t pick any of their call. Some boys had been sent earlier to go and fetch him from the hostel but they had come back with the news that he was not there. No one knew where he had disappeared to after the mission, he just vanished like the thin air with no trace of where he was.

Gabriel stared at his phone, it was ringing again and this one makes it fifty. It was no other person than his friend Israel, he must be expecting him to be at the base now to celebrate with them but no, he wasn’t going, he was at the famous hall 2 car park, he had been there since 6pm waiting to see Queen, he had been hoping he would see her walk into the hostel so he can talk things with her, he knows very well how she would have felt seeing him as a cultist and he knows something has to be done to clarify things.

He had been there since 6pm and now, it was 1am of the next day and he has not seen Queen walked into the hostel. He finally concluded that she might have gone into the hostel before he came to the park or she might have come into the hostel and gone out thereafter. He made up his mind to sleep there, he must surely see her and have a word or two with her. Now he knows how much he loves her, he thought he could get her out of the way with him being a cultist but every now and then, he finds himself thinking of her and the few time they had together.

“I need to sleep now” he finally yawned and switched off the phone, he then slept on one of the long chair made of tile which was meant for student to relax. He stretched his leg fully and his whole height took the whole of the chair.

“If I don’t see her today, I will surely see her tomorrow”

At about 5am the next day, Queen sprang up of the bed with aching head, her heading was banging badly like she was being hit with something. She looked at her right hand side and saw John sleeping and snoring. She tried to remember what had happened the previous day but the only thing she could remember was when John Femi walked up to her. She hit him heavily and he jumped up from the bed,

“what did you do with me?” she asked him without even a greeting of good morning,

“I don’t understand you” he answered,

“what happened last night?” she asked again and he smiled,

“What initially use to happen every Friday night” He smiled and immediately, a slap landed on his face.

“How dare you?” she shouted angrily,

“Hey calm down dear” john smiled, “Don’t get yourself worked up over a guy who doesn’t care about you, that Gabriel of a guy has moved on with his life and you are here killing yourself over him” John said,

“There is a secret I should let you know, the night crawlers where that guy belong to don’t allow you to keep the girl you love before being initiated into the confraternity, to them, old thing s are passed away” John continued and it was like he was getting her. “Fine, I am also a cultist but even at that, I still care about you, I think about you every day, I go to that club every night hoping to see you walking to me one day. Look at him, when last has he called you? He doesn’t care about you anymore because where he is now, he is getting all what he wants. I also can get any girl I want but I choose not to because I have only one girl in mind and that is you. Ever since I knew you from Delta, I have always saw something happening between us. Do you think I will just waste my money to travel all the way from Benin City to Delta just to have a quick one? No. I always love and cherish you and I want you as my own.” He concluded and stared at Queen.

A wise man once said “girls are greatly deceived by what they hear” and sure John had successfully managed to place doubt in her, yes they say true love never dies, after all John had said, she found herself contemplating on if she should continue with Gabriel who had probably forgotten about her or with John who was willing to have her. Even upon all the doubts, she still found out there is a huge pool of feelings for Gabriel in her but for the main time, she should try and see what John can offer since Gabriel wasn’t bothered about her.

“I will think of what you have said” she told him and he smiled happily, one of his friends had told him that “When a girl tells you she will think about it, she is yours”, how true? He held her hand and stared into her eyes,

“please think of it” he said and just then there was rumbling in the clouds, it was about to rain and the cool breeze blew into the room. “what a good weather for Two” he thought as it soon started to rain, it was a good weather for two but no a good weather for the one who was sleeping out the hall 2 hostel, in the hall two car park and being beaten mercilessly by the rain, which came with its full force, Gabriel Eugene.