Saved by Sin Episode 25


Gabriel stood up from the platform he was sleeping on, he had been soaked badly by the rain and the cold was unbearable, he brought out his phone which was also soaked by the rain, the time was just 5:30am.

“What is this?” He asked himself as he sat on the platform staring at the cloud, there was no hiding place for him now, he just sat and continued to bear the impact of the rain on him, the rain wasn’t also helping matters, it continued to fall with full force like that was the day the lord had destined to destroy the world with rain again.

“Now sleep, I will drop you in your hostel by morning” John told her and she willingly laid on the bed, not to sleep, but to think. Yes, Gabriel had been ignoring her, he had never called her ever since he became a cultist but the truth still remains that she still loves him more than any other, there is this connection she has with him, she can’t just bring herself to stop loving him. She turned and stared at John who seem to be sleeping peacefully, now he might think he has gotten her at the right spot but she has her plan. Since it seems Gabriel had gotten another girl, she should use John as a way to see if Gabriel still have something for her, if Gabriel is truly with another girl then he wouldn’t care if she moves on with another guy or not but if it isn’t so, then it would kill him to see her with John Femi.

Her plan seem to her to be perfect but then she came to realize that they were both cultist and if she takes such actions, she might end up causing a big clash between the two cult groups and that will surely lead to shed of blood. At exactly 6am, she woke up and prepared to go back to the hostel, John was ever willing to drop her off. He drove her off to the hostel where Gabriel was, this time the rain had subsided a bit. He was now just strolling around, when John’s car stopped in front of him, he was surprise to see Queen coming out of it, this was the same Queen he got drenched for, the same girl he had changed drastically now going back to her old way of life.

“Gabriel” Queen called more like a whisper, she was obviously shocked to see Gabriel right there.

“I can see you have gone back to him, nice reunion” Gabriel smiled as he pointed at John who was just coming out of the car.

“Hey Gabriel, you shouldn’t be harassing my girl in public” John said as he made to draw Queen away, Gabriel smiled and drew her back as he stared directly at John.

“I can see she is your girl, I have no plan of harassing her” He said to John and them turned to Queen, “I have been lying there all night, I was beaten by the rain, I waited for you all night but what do I get? You went back to him, him of all people, I am proud of you” He told her,

Queen had wanted to say something but John immediately drew her from him and together, they walked towards the hostel. Gabriel stood still at the spot and stared at himself then to his broken phone, he then turned back to look at John and Queen who were walking hand in hand. He stared at them for some time before he turned to go, as he walked away, tears could be seen falling off his eyes, he was crying. Of course, seeing him there that morning was shocking to Queen, she had never expected that Gabriel will come back looking for her, she had thought he had forgotten her forever.

She had been short of words and depressed that morning, she didn’t know what to say so she had simply allowed them to have their way with the talking, thank God it didn’t result into a big fight. She heard him say he had slept outside waiting for her and he had been beaten by the rain, when he had said that, the love she had for him had multiplied but at that moment she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to say anything.

“I wish I can follow you into the hostel but you know it is forbidden” John said bringing her back from her thoughts, she had even forgotten she was with him, she had been so enveloped with the thought of Gabriel.

“Yes, you shouldn’t follow me to the hostel, you have indeed tried by coming this far” she said with no expression on her face,

“Okay then, let me be on my way” John smiled,

“Of course you should” she answered and made to walk into the hostel but he drew her back.

“You don’t just leave without a kiss or a hug” He smiled, she stared at him for a while, eyed him and then beat his hand of hers,

“Remember, I am not your girlfriend” She said and followed it with a long hiss before walking away, as she walked into the hostel, tears fell off her eyes, she remembered having a one night stand with him the previous night.

He cleaned up the tears on his face as he walked away, he was angry, he had never been so angry. This was the same girl he had helped coming out of her past and now she had gone back it, he regretted ever knowing her, if he had known that was the kind of cheap fellow she was, he would have just used her like every other guy does.

He stared at his phone again, this time it was ringing but the screen had refused to come on due to the impact of the rain. Out of anger, he flung the phone and all in it into a nearby bush, everything was just not going right for him.

He soon got to the hostel. Thank God no one was around, he simply freshened up and laid on the bed to sleep, maybe sleeping might just resolve everything.


Immediately Queen entered into her hostel, she dialed Gabriel’s number. It was ringing, but he was not picking, she called about twenty time before throwing the phone on her bed. Her roommates were not around so it was a good time to cry. She was ashamed of herself, she knew how bad she would have felt if she was Gabriel and he was Queen.

About five hours later of the same day, Gabriel was still on his bed but not sleeping, he was obviously thinking about his life. Everything had started to go wrong since he joined the foolish cult group.

“I am just tired of life” He murmured to himself and made to get up, just then he heard a knock on his door. He went to the door and without asking who it was, he opened it slowly, it was Queen standing there. He smiled as he saw her, she was standing there with a white top and blue jeans, from her eye color, she must have been crying.

“Good afternoon” She greeted as she stood outside the door,

“Sorry, I don’t pay to have sex with prostitute” He smiled and slammed the door on her.