Saved by Sin Episode 23


That is what he had been avoiding, he had never wanted Queen to see him and that was why he had covered his face with a cap in the first place, he had tried not to come on the mission but he had to come save the life of the brother of one of them. It was surprising how he had changed so soon, in just two months, he had brought down 15 able men, something some cult hit men couldn’t achieve in years. At the initial part, he had refused to stay at home with Israel, he had hated Israel with all his life but as the pressure got too much on him, he had no option than to fall in with the Night Crawlers.

He was naïve at first but just on a few words of motivation, the devil in him had been unleashed. He was now considered more deadly than Rabbi himself though Rabbi always loved going on missions with Gabriel as his right hand man.

His eyes caught with that of Queen and he immediately diverted it away and walked out leaving the rest to continue with their chanting. Queen opened her mouth in disbelief, it was unbelievable, she couldn’t believe it was the same Gabriel she fell in love with, why? Why is her life always different? At first, she grew up wayward and now that her life was just about to take a good turn, it took a bad one instead.

“Gabriel” she called silently to herself, on a normal day, she would have walked up to him and fill him with Questions accompanied with slaps but this day was not a normal day. In front of her are some group of cult boys chanting and dancing happily,

Prof. Wincho their lecturer was on the floor groaning due to the pains of his bleeding leg. Even if she isn’t scared of the boys there, Rabbi is someone to be scared of, every student of the University knows Rabbi, he had been declared wanted on several occasions but even at that, he still roam the school freely than even the policemen who had declared him wanted.

Gabriel walked to the car his boys had come with, he had not come with them with the car, he had been by the bush side behind the window of their lecture theater, that was where he had always been ever since he became a cultist, most times, he had come to take lectures, but today, he was there to keep track of the Elu-elu boys.

One of their informant, the night crawlers informant had gotten the information that the Elu-elu boys were planning to kill the brother of Matt, one of their hit-men. Without wasting time, the group had assigned Gabriel to go keep watch of when the Elu-elu boys arrive so he can alert them who will be hiding in a corner of the school not very far from the faculty of life science. Gabriel so that as no big deal, he would just hide in his normal spot by the bush side where he do take his lectures and call them from there, but that was not the case.

He had been informed to take action from behind so as to take the Elu-elu boys off guide, and he was also to dress in their uniform. He tried giving them different excuses why he should not go on the mission but they gave him more excuses why he should go on the mission. It was not that the mission was a difficult one, he had gone on more dangerous mission like the one he went on two weeks ago, that was on a good Sunday, the mission was to go bring down pastor Silas, someone who has used the name of the lord to cover his tracks.

Pastor Silas as he was known to the people happen to be a junior pastor of one of the numerous redeem churches in the school, not only was he a pastor, unknown to the children of God, he was a night walker, he does his dirty works at night, he happen to be a member of the “Five life confraternity”, a cult group specialized to protect their members from lecturers and staff of the University, they would kill any lecturer who fails their member in any examination.

On this basis, pastor Silas had been given the mission to kill a lecturer who had failed one of their members in her final exams, unknown to them, the lecturer which they sort to kill was a sponsor of the Night crawlers. The informant of the Night Crawlers had informed the Night Crawlers of what was to happen, it was to happen on a Monday, but that Sunday morning, pastor Silas was killed in the church during a church program in an open daylight, all thanks to Gabriel.

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Gabriel had come into the church like a member of the church, he was even dressed in a nice suit. His eyes had caught pastor Silas on the alter, the moment he walked in, as usual, pastor Silas was reading his bible in preparation for a sermon. Just after the soul touching sermon given by pastor Silas was offering time, which was when a bullet from someone in the crowd who were dancing forward for offering had hit him down dead. Gabriel was among those who had rushed to him the moment pastor Silas was brought down by the bullet, not only had Gabriel shot him, he had also rushed to him to confirm if certainly, Silas was dead.

So it was not that Gabriel considered the mission of bringing down the Elu-elu boys to be difficult, he was scared of the fact that the attack was not just in his faculty, but also his department. He was also scared of Queen seeing him, he had tried hiding from her ever since he became a cultist but he was always watching her from the moment she comes to class till when she was about to leave. The bush behind the window where he always stayed to receive his lectures made it possible for him to have a clear view of what was happening in the class but she never saw him. He would always watch her come to class alone and go alone, a sign that she was not flirting with any other guy, no doubt, he still loves her.

As he went to the car that day, tears dropped from his eyes and he cried for what he had become, he wished to always have Queen with him, but he knows too well how dangerous it was for Queen to be his girlfriend especially now that all the cult group in the school happen to be against the Night crawlers.

The moment the night crawler guys left the hall that day, Queen busted into tears, not for those who had been killed and lying on the floor but for the guy whom she loved but was now something else. Just in these two months she had drawn very close to God, she never misses church programs, she had always been praying to God to bring Gabriel back to her but with the situation now, Gabriel is more than a lost soul.

She went home that night with heart filled with pains, she was angry with everyone in the hostel, she was even angry with God. As she got home that day, she fell into her bed and slept till around 9pm in the night, she was still with a heavy heart and so she changed into something light and went out of the hostel, into the night to the Dutchman club.

The first person to sight her as she walked into the club was John Femi, he was always in the club having Quick ones with girls of different kinds. He dropped his drink as he sighted Queen walking into the club,

“I told you, you stay away from this for too long” he smiled to himself as he got up and went towards where Queen was. “Hey princess” he smiled and sat beside her, he slowly placed his hand on her buttocks.

“What do you want?” Queen asked as she poured the alcoholic drink she had ordered for into her mouth,

“You have come back to us, you have missed the Friday night I guess” he said as he added her another glass of alcoholic drink which she drank willingly, “I know how to help you” He said as he drew her up slowly and led her to a dark corner of the club. Like old days, he drew down her bomber shot and penetrated her slowly,

“Still tight” he said as Queen moaned in pleasure, she was drunk, even if she wasn’t she would have still fallen in.Tbc