Saved by Sin Episode 22


“A cultist? What do you mean?” Queen asked him as she held his hand tight, she has never seen him like that before, he was looking rough and tattered. He didn’t reply her, he rather busted into tears, he now realized what he had done, now he knew what he had gotten himself into.

His mother would be so disappointed in him, she had always trusted him but now, he is a failure. How on earth didn’t he allow them to just kill him, he should have just allowed them waste him since at the end he is still going to be a wasted.

“Gabriel, talk to me” Queen begged, he rose his head up and stared at her. He had also failed her, she always knew him to be a good guy but now he is no longer that guy she was to be proud of, for God sake, he is now a cultist. He drifted his face away from her and stared at the marker board which stood in front of the class as he remembered how he had been initiated.

He had been led to a dark room which was only illuminated by a small opening which was up the room. In the room were different kind of scary images and a centre table, the centre table was decorated with a red loin cloth, a knife was placed on it, a sparkling sharp knife. There was a bowl also placed on the centre table. Behind the centre table, at the extreme part of the room and by the wall is a small stool, on it was placed a human skull or better put, the skull of a dead man.

Gabriel had been forced to drink from the bowl of blood, they said it was the blood of an animal and then with the knife, he had been given a painful mark on his back, it was the image of their symbol, the sign of the skull.

Thereafter, he had been beaten mercilessly with canes by those who had come to initiate him until he passed out, he later woke up to meet himself outside the building, his cloth was on him, and with the little strength he could mutter, he ran out of the jungle. God led him well and he soon busted into the school, near the back gate. From there, he had been able to trace his way to the hall where he had promised to meet Queen and luckily for him, she was still there.

“Gabriel!!” Queen screamed his name and he staggered out of his thought, “Talk to me what is wrong with you, what are you thinking of?” Queen asked with the look of fear.

“Queen, I am sorry” He said and stood up from the bench,

“Sorry for what?” Queen asked him looking confused, he didn’t say anything rather he pecked her and walked slowly out of the hall.

“Gabriel, wait” she followed him and held his hand, he stopped and turned to face her,

“Queen, let it be like we never knew each other, we never met, if you love yourself and your life, live your life without me” he told her and made to walk away, she grabbed his hand and stopped him.

“No, I am not leaving you, you are my life, tell me what is wrong, what is the connection, how are you a cultist?” Queen asked him, he didn’t say a thing, he rather smiled and held her by her shoulder,

“Whatever happens, always know I love you and all I ever wanted is you” He said and pushed her away as he started to walk away, Queen didn’t go after him this time, she stood where she was and cried,

“You are a weakling!! If you go today, I will know you don’t love me and you have always been a liar, I will forever hate you, I will always hate you with all my life” She shouted as he walked away, now the few people that were in the hall had woken up and were now wondering what was going on.

Gabriel didn’t turn back to look at her again, he continued walking towards the exit and Queen continued to cry out loud, she watched him go out into the night, into the dark, she knew not where he was going to but from the direction he went, he didn’t go towards his hostel.

“I love you Gabriel” she said as she ran towards the door to watch Gabriel blend along with the darkness, the next time she saw him was about 2 months later, he never came to class again and she dreaded going to his hostel, her pride wouldn’t allow her.

The next time she saw him was on a fateful Thursday, she was in class receiving lecturers that day, unlike before, she was sitting on the front sit that day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car sped into the faculty taking everyone by shock, the inhabitants of the car were about seven armed guys, they were not the pipeline guys because they didn’t come with the pipeline van.

They bounced towards their lecture hall, the students couldn’t run because it seem everywhere had been surrounded. They entered into the hall and first brought down the lecturer by shooting his leg, it was obvious the lecturer weren’t their target if not, they would have killed him. The moment they entered and shot at the lecturer, Queen peed in her pants.

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“You, stand up” one of the guys ordered a young man, Chucks. Chucks happen to be one of the brilliant boys in the class, he lives with his brother who the school rumor to be a cultist. Chucks got up with shaking legs, he had also peed on his trousers.

“You look so innocent but am sorry, you have to pay for the sins of your brother” another guy told him.

“Please sir, don’t kill me” chucks begged, a gun was pointed at him and he knew any moment, he will be a dead man.

“I have warned your brother Matt to leave my girl but it’s like that foolish night crawlers cult of a group are the ones giving him morale, now am sorry, you will have to pay for the sins of your brother” the guy said and was about to pull the trigger when another zoomed into the faculty.

The moment the inhabitants of the car came out, fear could be seen written on the faces of the guys who had initially come to kill chucks. The inhabitants of the car marched to the lecture hall, they were putting on red berets and were in black garments.

“For the master has said for the day of the lord is at hand” one of the new men shouted as he shot into the air, it was no other person than Rabbi, a member of the night crawlers. One of the guys who had been there before tried shooting at Rabbi but from the window, a bullet hit him down. The guy who had shot him jumped into the lecture hall from the window, he was dressed like the night crawlers but alike the others, his cap covered his eyes.

“Why have you come to kill my brother?” one of the members of the night crawlers asked, his name is Matt.

“This isn’t over” the guy who had wanted to kill Chucks earlier said and almost immediately, a bullet hit his forehead and he fell down dead. His boys on seeing what had happened dropped their guns and surrendered to the Night crawlers.

“For it is written, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who sinned against us, go and sin no more” Rabbi said to the guys who had surrendered, they were the members of the Elu-elu confraternity, one of the upcoming cult groups.

“Go ye into the nation and preach to the unbelievers about the wonders of the Night Crawlers” Rabbi shouted,

“Touch me pastor, pastore I say chuk me” the member of the night crawlers who had come in through window earlier shouted and danced around Rabbi, just then his cap fell and his eyes met with that of Queen, it was Gabriel, Mr. CultistTbc