Saved by Sin Episode 21


Israel turned back to face him with a smile, “I thought you will be more stubborn than this” Israel smiled.

“Israel you will surely regret doing this to me” Gabriel cried, there was tears in his eyes.

“No, you will enjoy being part of the family” Israel told him, “Initiate him” Israel ordered his guys. Gabriel opened his eyes wide in shock, he thought him agreeing to be part of them is already the initiation, he never knew he still has to go through another process of initiation.

“What do you mean they should initiate me?” Gabriel asked Israel,

“You have to go through a process of initiation, and you must drink from the blood of a young lamb” Israel told him,

“You must drink so that the sheep will be separated from the goats” Rabbi shouted, he was still standing in front of Gabriel, the gun was still in his hand.

“I promise you bro, you won’t ever regret being part of us” Israel told him again, Gabriel wiped his tears this time and got up with a smile,

“initiate me” he told Israel with a smile, Israel smiled back and nodded his head,

“That is the spirit bro” Israel laughed and Gabriel was led to a sacred room in the building.

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Queen suddenly staggered up from the bench she was lying on, she was sweating profusely though there was light in the hall she was in and the fans were functioning properly. She obviously had a nightmare.

“Jesus Christ” she did the sign of the cross wrongly. “God, please let this not happen, let nothing ever happen to my Gabriel” she prayed silently.

She searched for her phone and dialed Gabriel number again, “Switched off” came the reply. For the first time in many years she knelt down and made to pray, the last time she prayed was when she was about 10 years old. As she prayed, tears trickled down her eyes, whatever it was, the dream she had wasn’t just a bad one, it was a very bad one.

“Capon!!!” a guy shouted as he bounced into a hidden building, it was a building in the middle of a forest, it was the headquarters of the pipeline guys. The name pipeline guys came from their abode, the forest in which they resided was first known to be a land filled with pipes for transporting oil to the University, it was until some bad guys started to vandalize the pipeline that the school closed the transport of pipes through the pipeline and then the guys settled down there, they gave themselves the name “pipeline guys” and with time, they evolved and new guys began to join them, they became cultist and they continued to terrorize the school as the pipeline guys, this time not because they vandalized pipelines.

“Why are you shouting like that?” John Femi asked the young man who had come into the building.

“We weren’t able to get the boy” The guy said and knelt in front of John Femi.

“What do you mean you weren’t able to get the boy, an ordinary boy?” John shouted in anger, just then Alika came out from a room, by the look of things, he had been sleeping.

“What is the matter boss?” Alika asked,

“Ask this idiot, just to bring me that Gabriel of a guy is now a mission impossible” John told Alika.

Alika turned to the young man and gave him some kind of eyes like he needed some explanations. Alika and john had been course mates right from when they were fresher, beds of the same feathers they say flock together, they both wanted to be big boys in the school and so with the help of one of their numerous friends, they were initiated into the confraternity of the pipeline guys. John was a better hit man than Alika and so when the time came for the group to vote in a new capon after the former one died in a firing battle between the night crawlers, John Femi, the eagle eye as he is popularly called was picked.

“We were about to bring him when out of nowhere, some members of the night crawlers showed up and took down some of our men, I was only lucky to escape, I think the guy has some sort of connection with the night crawlers” The young man explained, Alika turned to John and their eyes met. No cult group in the university ever wants to cross part with the night crawlers, they were the deadliest cult group in the university, they spare no one, they took vengeance by killing.

In the last firing squad they had with the pipeline guys, they killed 7 members of the pipeline guys including their capon while the pipeline guys were unable to bring down even one of their men. The battle ended after the night crawlers killed the capon of the pipeline guys, ever since then, the pipeline guys have always tried to stay away from the path of the night crawlers.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” John Femi asked the guy,

“Yes boss, I can’t lie to you” The young man answered. John turned to Alika again, he was speechless and took a deep breath.

“What do we do now boss?” Alika asked John,

“This time, we face the night crawlers head to head, we are no cowards and we can’t allow the night crawlers to always push us around, this time we face them fire for fire, I can’t allow anyone have my girl, Queen is mine” John said and Alika nodded,

Alika knew what it meant to go face to face with the night crawlers, although he had nodded, but inwardly, he was not ready to go face to face with the night crawlers.


It was around 1am of the same day, Queen was still in the hall where she had hoped to meet Gabriel that day, she was still kneeling and praying because of her nightmare.

“God, though I don’t know how to pray, but please help Gabriel to survive, protect him, guide him, don’t let him die, don’t let the bad ones get him, if you keep him for me, I promise you to worship you for all my life” She prayed. “Queen” She heard her name as she concluded her prayer, she opened one of her eyes and saw Gabriel standing in front of her, he was looking weak and pale, it was like he had been beaten mercilessly.

“Gabriel, what happened?” She asked as she rushed and held Gabriel who look like he was going to fall any minute, he was crying and he also had blood stains in his mouth.

“I am a cultist” Gabriel said and fell on the bench.Tbc