Saved by Sin Episode 20


“Israel” Gabriel called him, he was still kneeling and didn’t know what was going on.

“What are you doing here, why did they bring me here?” Gabriel asked and Israel got up from the chair he was sitting on. He was looking muscular than he normally was, his face this time was no that of the friendly Israel he used to know, this Israel was looking dangerous.

He stretched his hand towards one of his boys and immediately, a pack of cigar was passed to him.

“Israel?” Gabriel asked himself in shock, yes, the guy standing before him was Israel but he wasn’t behaving like the Israel he knew, his own Israel doesn’t smoke.

“Are you surprised?” Israel asked him, which was the first time he spoke to him since he arrived,

“Israel, what is going on?” Gabriel asked confused, he couldn’t place his hands on what was happening. Israel stood up and walked around with a devilish smile on his face, indeed, this was another dimension of Israel.

“Yes, this is who I am” Israel smiled,

“I don’t understand” Gabriel told him,

“You don’t understand what? This is who I am, a cultist” Israel shouted, “Not just a cultist but the deadly capon of the night crawlers” Israel said,

“He is Israel, the deadly capon of the deadly night crawlers” one of the guys shouted, it was Rabbi. Gabriel couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t possible, Israel can’t be a cultist.

“Tell me you are joking” Gabriel smiled so also did Israel,

“No bro, I am not” Israel told him and moved closer to him.

“Let us not waste time here, I have brought you here because I have seen how often you have been maltreated by the pipeline guys, I can’t continue to send my boys to watch you, we don’t do that, we don’t watch the back of just a normal person, we only watch our own backs, the backs of the worthy initiates” Israel laughed,

Yes, it was the same Israel, the same Israel Gabriel had known right from secondary school. He had come into the university as a gentle calm guy, but his love for women had made him seek to join the Night crawlers, he joined them because the girl he loved was also being loved by another guy, Harrison peters, a prominent member of the Killer guys. So as to get the girl he wanted, he sought the help of one of his friends who unknown to him happen to be a member of the night crawlers. One thing led to another, and he was initiated, he became a very good killer, a secret killer who went with Rabbi on numerous death missions.

After their capon died, the mantle of leadership was passed on to him, and he got freed from going on deadly missions. About the girl he wanted, she was killed during the clash between the night crawlers and the killer guys, a clash which claimed the lives of all the members of the killer guys.

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Queen sat patiently in one corner of the big hall popularly known as basement, she had been waiting patiently for Gabriel for about an hour now and she was still ready to wait more. She had called him about 20 times but he wasn’t picking even if the phone rang on all occasions, she knew he was going to ask her out that night, he had been behaving strangely recently and as a girl, she knew why, he wanted her.

Of course, she wouldn’t decline if he ask her to be his girlfriend, as a matter of fact, to her he was already her boyfriend. She soon started to yawn and she knew sleep was coming. From the look on her face, it was obvious she was angry, he was the one who fixed the meeting and now he isn’t showing up. She arranged the bench she was sitting on and laid on it. She only wanted to have a short rest, but she was soon seen sleeping deeply.

“Let me cut the long story short, we have brought you here to initiate you” Israel told Gabriel who immediately opened his mouth wide in shock.

“Please, don’t initiate me, let me suffer from the pipeline guys, I don’t want to be a cultist” Gabriel cried, apart from the fact that he himself had no interest on being a cultist, he also remembered his mother’s words the night before he came to the university,

“If you join any cult group and eventually become a cultist, you are a dead man and that moment, you cease to be my son because you are doomed” his mom had told him.

“Shut up” Israel shouted him down, “You think I can stay and watch the pipeline guys beat you anyhow or treat you how they want? No, I can’t. You are my guy and my guys are not used. As it stands now, you have no option because no one comes into the den of the crawlers and goes out alive or goes out without being an initiate” Israel told him.

“I know you are scared to die but the bible already told us that God has giveth unto us, eternal life” Israel told him,

“Ride on pastor” Rabbi shouted from one corner, Israel smiled.

“Gabriel, you are my friend, I can’t stay and watch you suffer, and you have no option than to join us” Israel told him.

“Am not your friend, you are evil, I never …..” Gabriel was saying before he was interrupted by a slap from one of Israel guys behind him,

“You don’t talk to me anyhow here, this is my domain, my cabba, my kingdom, show respect” Israel told him as he cried and held the back of his head where he had been slapped.

“Israel please, I don’t want to be a cultist, please don’t do this to me” Gabriel begged,

“Fine, you have another option, die” Israel told him.

“please Israel, please, for the sake of our friendship” Gabriel begged him,

“There is nothing I can do, it would have been better you didn’t come here at all” Israel told him,

“I didn’t come here, I was forced here” Gabriel explained,

“Anyhow, so far you are here” Israel told him with a smile,

“Okay then, I prefer to die” Gabriel said with the belief that his best friend wouldn’t kill him, only if he knew the kind of devil his best friend was.

“Kill him” Israel ordered Rabbi, the oldest guy in the group. Rabbi smiled and brought out his small pistol, Gabriel didn’t shake, he knew they were just going to scare him, he knew Israel wouldn’t kill him. Rabbi walked over to where he was kneeling and cocked the gun, he then placed it on his forehead. He could feel the heat from the gun, he knew it was no more a joke, Israel had backed him and now he knew they were going to kill him.

“Where there is life there is hope” Rabbi whispered to him,

“I will join, initiate me” Gabriel immediately shouted and shifted his head away from the gun’s mouth, truly, where there is life, there is hope.