Rob & Rape episode 4


I was risking it all, putting my life and body on the line. Sincerely, it wasn’t easy in any way. I forced myself to be courageous in order to pull it out successfully. I soon got to the corridor without any harm. I breathed deeply and opened the bucket. It was time to do the unthinkable.
I slowly emptied half of my load on the first iron protector, which quickly spilled to the stairs, polluting the whole place. A very nauseating experience, i must add. I quickly headed to the second protector and began pouring the rest of the stuff on it.
In the process two guys showed up unexpectedly, on their way to our floor. I had no time to take a proper look at them because they first saw me and screamed furiously, leaving me with no choice than to nervously drop the bucket and run.
I headed to my room totally shaken and scared.
“They saw me. They almost got me” i nervously said to the girls. They all shivered and stared at each other.
“I finally got the police when you left to do your thing. They are on their way, seems like someone else called them before i did. But i guess it’s of no use now, since the idiots saw you and will probably get here before the police arrives” Jenny said sadly.
“the stairs are well littered with the stuff and it’s oozing down there. I don’t think they can get across unless they are very determined” i said to her.
“but they saw your face which could make them very angry and determined my dear. They might see your action as a challenge” she said, sending more fear into me. As i made to say something, male voices instantly hit our ears.
We all froze and listened but couldn’t pick out much of what they were saying. Their voices were coming right through the corridor, which told us that they were definitely close and about clamping down on us.
I rushed to my door and placed my ear on the key hole while the girls in my room ran into the toilet.
“chai you girls are in soup. You dared to keep us away with your smelling s–t abi. With all these diseases una carry dey waka. We dey come” i heard them scream without anyone attempting to break the key used to lock the iron protectors. I realised this, because i heard no sound of clashing metals. I smiled to myself. It was obvious my plan was working, even though it made them very angry.
Suddenly shots were fired well inside our lodge for the first time, almost killing me with shock. It instantly dawned on me that they were very determined to deal with us, perhaps for daring to challenge them. The guns that were fired outside the lodge were now being fired inside.
“God help us” i prayed.
To be continued.