Rob & Rape episode 3


“We pour them on the iron protectors, the rest will spill on the steps” i explained.
“heyyyyyy!” they all gasped.
“That’s totally insane” Jenny cried,
“insane measures are what we need in order to avoid being humiliated” i defended.
“but we can’t be taking such a decision without the support of others. We are not the only girls living on this floor. Don’t you think we will be putting them more at risk?. What if the plan backfires and the idiots gets their way inside?” jenny questioned fearfully.
“calm down my dear, we are already in danger. We have nothing to lose trying” i answered.
“after messing up the protectors, who will clean them in the morning?” she asked,
“see question. Abeg if you are scared just return to your room” i said with anger, stood up and went to my toilet where i fetched a small bucket.
“we have no time. If you are with me, just come forward and make use of this bucket” i said with a commanding tone. None of the girls made any move. It was obvious my idea was sickening to them.
“very well. I guess i’m on my own in this. Alright let’s wait and get robbed. I have nothing to lose, after all i’m the least pretty here. I doubt if the guys would fancy me” i said with resignation. They all stared at each other with more fear. A girl stood up.
“i’m in, let me have the bucket” she said.
Five minutes later, the small bucket was half filled with human waste. The girls looked at me waiting for the next stage of my plan. I opened my door and looked around.
“the corridor is still free and safe. It’s time to make use of the little time we have left” i smiled to them, carried the smelling bucket and headed out of my room. I acted as if i was very brave but unknown to them i was almost dead with fright.
Slowly i cautiously carried the bucket of human waste to the corridor. My heart throbbing wildly and shaking my entire body. I was risking it all, putting my life and body on the line. Sincerely, it wasn’t easy in any way. I forced myself to be courageous in order to pull it out successfully. I soon got to the corridor without any harm. I breathed deeply and opened the bucket. It was time to do the unthinkable.
To be continued.