Rob & Rape episode 2


“what do we do?, we can’t just sit and wait for them to come rob and rape us?” Jenny cried with despair, while the other girls nodded in agreement, looking up to me for a solution, but unfortunately i was the most scared….. I was forced to play down my fears and think like a leader…
More cries soon filled the air, sending more fear into us. We shook and stared at each other, too scared to say anything. I rushed to my window and peeped out again. “my God” i gasped as my eyes fell on more men who were freeing trooping into the hostel. The gate was now flung open like that of a night club.. It was just as if all members of a particular cult group were paying us a midnight visit. It really looked as if they came for another thing, not merely to rob us.
“please leave me”
“kill me”
“i beg of you don’t touch me” were the cries coming up from downstairs likewise the sound of doors being broken. We calmly waited for our turn even though i was extremely surprised that the hoodlums were yet to come up to the first floor. We were yet to hear any noise from our section of the lodge.
“quickly call the police Jenny. I hope you have the security numbers the caretaker dropped earlier in the year?” i said to Jenny who quickly nodded.
“i have been dialing the numbers for the past ten minutes but nobody is answering” she replied nervously.
“they are definitely messing up the girls downstairs. They are taking their time with them, that’s the reason they are yet to come up. Isn’t this a one storey hostel with just thirty five rooms? And the time is still 1:15am” one of the girls in my room sobbed.
“we have to prevent them from coming up” i finally concluded,
“what?” they all asked curiously.
“they didn’t kill the lights {electricity} we can use it to our advantage” i revealed,
“yea because they are probably wearing masks” Jenny argued.
“first i have to take a look at the corridor. If the protectors are firmly locked as they should be, then we have a chance” i addressed the girls,
“I still don’t get you?” another girl spoke out,
“we have to prevent them from getting to the two protectors guiding our floor by messing up the protectors” i answered.
“with what exactly?” Jenny asked,
“with faeces and urine of course” i answered with a nervous smile.
“We pour them on the iron protectors, the rest will spill on the steps” i explained.
“heyyyyyy!” they all gasped.
To be continued.