Road to Destiny – Tuesday(13-12-2016)



In today’s episode, 
Fernanda goes to see the prison director to get the remains of Luis and the director thinks those remains are only given to the families of the inmate and Fernanda tells him of cause she is his family specifically his daughter and the man becomes surprised and he asks Fernanda if so, why is she not having Luis’ surname to her name but rather Perez and so she explains everything to him in detail and so the man accepts to give her the body for that proper burial that she wants to give Luis.
Fernanda then takes the cremation of Luis’ supposed remains to bury him and whiles she thinks that she was the only one mourning Luis, suddenly all of her loved ones arrive to back her to bury her father and she thanked them a lot for their support.
Havier keeps Maribel company to sell her flowers and as a customer arrives to get one, his money falls on the ground and Havier spots that critically well looking at what she is going to do and Maribel goes quickly to step on the money to prevent the customer from realizing it but after she served him and the man almost left, she comes back to her senses and she calls him back to get his money which dropped from his pocket. Maribel looks so sad with this attitude of hers but Havier encourages her that gradually, she will overcome it.
Tao and his team start with their advertisement shots with Margarida and whiles the shooting is on, Isabella in too much rage just confronts her to stop exhibiting nonsense but Margarida tells her she is only being herself to make the advert nice. Tao seeing that, goes to pull Isabella out to caution her to stop harassing and embarrassing Margarida because he actually loved what she was doing and if she can’t stand her, then she can leave and Isabella left arrogantly.
Mariana is left alone in the big Estate and everything seems to be in a mess and suddenly, she falls and break her ankle and she screams to call someone for help but she recollects that, her attitude has caused everyone to move out of the house.    
Isabella arrives home with much furiousness so Carolina asks her the reason and after telling her everything, she advises Isabella to stop intimidating others because they are poor if not, she is going to lose Tao as she lost Carlos to Fernanda since she lacked intelligence to win his love because of this same act of hers in the past.
Fernanda tells Carlos that, her world will actually come crushing down the day she will hear that her foster father and true dad Pedro has died but the truth is she wonders why she can’t feel this pain for Luis the man who gave her life and Carlos calms her down.
Aldoniaz arrives with Leopoldo to see Marissa and upon seeing him, she becomes happy having her friend back and he thanked Marissa for helping him out.
Lucero asks Mother Rosaura if she can still have the opportunity to study in the school and she agrees that she starts the following term but before that, she would want her to go see a therapist to overcome the fear Diego put her through but she feels she is okay yet Rosaura wants her to do that for herself and she agrees.
Leopoldo reveals to Aldoniaz and Marissa that, the authorities are still looking for the gang leader but he hopes they never find him because he deserves to be freed since it was Luis’ doing that sent him there and this strikes Aldoniaz that if that is so, then it means Luis had it all planned to just make the kitchen catch fire and if the authorities never conduct the DNA test on the body before giving it out then how did they know that the body was indeed Luis’ but Leopoldo is sure it’s Luis’ body since that necklace found beside the body has been with Luis dreaming to give it to his daughter but still Aldoniaz doubts it.
Carlos and Fernanda surprises Pedro and Amelia with contractors on the vast land of Pedro to begin building the house and Henan tells them they weren’t supposed to see this surprise so soon as this was a gift from Carlos and Fernanda because everything is well catered for.
Fernanda tells Carlos that she will continue to love him no matter where they will stay after their marriage and Carlos also expresses how much he loves her.
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