Love And Revenge Episode 42


Petals tried her sister’s number and again, she didn’t pick. She hissed. She and Emerald had planned to go to their father’s house together, but as it is now, she had to go alone.
Then she remembered she was yet to take permission from her husband. She hated taking permission from Ernest. He was brutal and inhuman. She regretted marrying a Nigerian man and she would forever regret that mistake.
Ernest had impregnated her when she was in her final year in secondary school. He denied the pregnancy at first but when he found out that she was from a rich family, he accepted the pregnancy and offered to marry her.
Her dad had told her to quit school till she delivers. Fortunately for her, she lost the pregnancy. She told Ernest to end whatever it was that was going on between them, she didn’t want to make the same mistake that almost cost her secondary school education.
But Ernest, who had been a pauper and a die hard cultist in school then had told her that she either married him or died. She hadn’t told her dad in fear of what Ernest would do to her.
When she finished her secondary school and was preparing to go abroad for her tertiary education, Ernest insisted he impregnated her again else he kills her. She had refused and pleaded with him then but Ernest hadn’t agreed and raped her.
Then she became pregnant. Her father and elder brother was disappointed with her. When she told Brian everything, he was angry that she didn’t tell him all about it in the first place, he would have handled Ernest in his own way.
Disappointed, her father had sponsored their wedding and vowed never to send her to any university again. She still remembered his words on her wedding night ‘enjoy your marriage Petals’
And then she had started the hellish life with Ernest. She couldn’t count the number of times Ernest had hit her, even to the extent that she landed in a hospital. She wished she was in the states, Ernest would have rot in hell.
There were times when she wanted to sneak back to her father’s country, but each time her father found out and warned her never to attempt leaving the country. Her father who would have been of help to her was the one who was against her.
In his words, he wanted her to suffer for her mistakes for the rest of her life.
She wondered what went wrong. She used to be her father’s favourite. Even Brian, her favourite brother had turned his back on her. Only calling her once in a while when he needed her help like now.
She hated Ernest, hated him for ruining her life. Nigerian men were beasts.
‘Ernest’ she called coldly ‘i’m going over to my father’s house for a week. My brother who just came into the country few days ago has his daughter missing and his wife who went into labour last night just delivered, while he searches for his missing daughter, he implored on my sister and i to look over his wife’
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In their family, Petals had the strongest accent that if you don’t listen attentively, you will never get what she was saying. Ernest who had lived with her for ten years had gotten used to it even though sometimes he didn’t hear everything she said.
ERNEST: Why are you telling me all that? Did i kidnap his child?
PETALS: My goodness Ernest, show some concern, he’s your brother-in-law for crying out loud.
ERNEST: And i’m not disputing that fact, why am i even having this conversation with you, get me my food
PETALS: First of all, there’s no food, i didn’t cook. And secondy, i’m actually asking for permission from his ROYAL majesty to go over to my father’s house to take care of my brother’s…….
ERNEST: As what? As his nanny or a midwife or what?
PETAL: For goodness sakes Ernest, he’s my brother and he needs my help.
ERNEST: What has your brother done for you since you got married? Listen Petals, i don’t want to ever hear anything concerning Brian in this house again and you are going nowhere. Now get me my food!
PETALS: (laughs) You are joking Ernest because i’m going there whether you like it or not, you won’t stop me!
ERNEST: You won’t dare my dear wife, remember your last experience at the hospital, i will make it even worse if you don’t get your silly a-s out of this place this moment and get me my food.
PETALS: f–k you! Screw you! D–n you! I’m going whether you like it or not and i swear it, i’m gonna kill you if you try stop me.
Ernest stood up with an evil grin on his face ‘seems someone wants to test my ability’
‘screw you and your f—–g ability’
A hard smack landed across her face ‘watch your words Petals. I’m your husband remember?’
Petals held her cheek painfully as she stared at Ernest, hurt in her eyes ‘i hate you Ernest’
She saw a masked man come behind Ernest with a sharp knife. She almost screamed but when the masked figure motioned her to keep quiet, she kept quiet and looked at Ernest as if nothing was happening. And just when Ernest was about to hit her, the masked man stabbed Ernest from behind.
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