Road to Destiny – Tuesday (15/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
Fernanda confronts Luis at the court not to dare come to their house to threaten her dad anymore because if he dares, he will have her to contend with and also not to call her daughter but swindler because he can’t be her father. Pedro then arrives to take her away and pleads with her not to confront Luis again.
Henan now looks so depressed for the continuous missing of his daughter and he hardly even concentrates on work but in all Amelia assists him very well and promises him that no matter what, she is going to help him to look for Camila. Quickly Mariana arrives and Henan tells her that, she should go home and think about their separation because his mind is made up and nothing can change that and Mariana becomes anxious.
In the same vein, Camila goes to and fro to look for a job but there is none for her and she even begs for food but the people show no pity on her and she cries her eyes out.
Olivia has gone missing from the school since Diego has been able to play his trick again on her too and Mother Rosaura looks so worried since that could only lead to the fact that her school could be closed down or bring an end to her Career but Sis Sor Sonrisa asks her to have faith since God will surely help them because she only had good intention of admitting him without thinking that could be his bad side.
In the same vein, Diego and Olivia have already been officially married by a registrar secretly. He then takes Olivia to her new rented apartment and she looks so happy and he sweet talks her that he will make her a happy woman all his life. He then tells her that they can’t go back to school now and so he has to go look for another job so people will not suspect them and look for them. 
Camila later gets a job in a restaurant as a cleaner and later got some food to eat.
The court is ready to cross examine Luis on the case where Leopoldo accuses him of an attempt to murder his wife Marissa. Luis states that he will be his own lawyer in the trial and Aldoniaz and Felipe represent Marissa. After all the cross examination of the witnesses (Carlos, Marissa, Leopoldo for Marissa and Isabella for Luis) by Aldoniaz and Luis, the court rules in favour of Luis since they had no evidences to back their claims and the only one whose words could have sent Luis straight to jail since she knew about Luis’ intentions to kill Marissa too thus Isabella but prefers to be Luis’ ally. The court then postpones the hearing to the next day.
Solorzano then congratulates Luis for a good job done because everything seems to go in their favour. In the same vein Carlos also meets with Isabella to ask him why she wants to be an accomplice to Luis when she truly can tell the truth to help her friend Marissa put Luis in jail but she says she will only do that in return that Carlos will dump Fernanda for her and that Carlos isn’t ready to do so she will rather lie to save Luis. Carlos tells her to do whatever suits her.
Pedro and Fernanda arrive home to meet the place empty seeming like robbers attack them not even a pin is there and also Pedro Jnr is gone. This brings fear and panic to them.
In the same vein, Maribel is seen with Pedro Jnr in an open area with all of Pedro’s items and selling them with Pedro Jnr beside her.
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