Good Sin Season 2 – Episode 3 – “A faithful wife?”


The doctor was not very cheerful, even with his face; you could tell there was bad news. However, his appearance and facial expression was deceptive.
“She is fine, she has been stressing herself lately, all she needs now is a lot of rest. She is even asleep now” The doctor said. Eva was very relieved after she heard that, her wish now was to see her mother and probably talk to her.
“It’s past 1 a.m. my dear, you should get some sleep yourself likewise your mother, and I suggest you come during visiting hours tomorrow. She really needs time to rest.” The Doctor said and left her. Well that sounded very reasonable, Eva herself needed some rest at least now that she was very sure her mother was doing well, she had the peace of mind to at least go back to her mother’s house and get some rest.
On her way out, she happened to bump into the doctor again. Apparently, the doctor’s shift was over and was on his way home from the hospital. As gentle as he was, he offered Eva a lift and eventually drove her home.
Amazingly, on their way to Eva’s mother’s house, where Eva will be residing that night, there was total silent. The doctor didn’t say a word to Eva and vice versa. The awkward silent made Eva very uncomfortable. All she prayed for was to get home safely.
It was until they arrived at her doorstep that the Doctor began to speak. “It’s rather unfortunate that I won’t be around when you come to the hospital in the morning, but you take my card and give me a call if you need anything” He said and handed over his complementary card to Eva. She then watched on as he drove off.
Dzifa left Ben at the hotel with the intention of coming back soon but to Ben’s surprise, Dzifa had not returned and even as at 2 a.m. he was still expecting her meanwhile, Dzifa was having a good night with her husband. That was where she was supposed to be as a wife.
Ben actually wanted to end everything when Dzifa comes back, he knew what he was into with Dzifa wasn’t right and for that matter wanted to quit the relationship between them. All he wanted was to make amends and if possible make up with Eva but in order to right the wrong; he was actually making more mistakes. He was so much into Eva that he wasn’t ready to give up on her especially now that he knows very well that Eva was carrying his child.
He thought that, if Eva was actually able to forgive him, he would gradually use his unborn child to win her heart. He was just not ready to give up on Eva. It was his plans that as soon as he parts ways with Dzifa, he would go back to Eva and ask for her forgiveness. He actually doesn’t care if Eva involves the police, all he wanted was her forgiveness and that’s all.
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It was a long night and Patrick had the best of sexual intercourse with his wife ever since they got married. However, it wasn’t the same for Dzifa, though it appeared that she also had a great time, she actually faked everything. She thought of Ben all throughout the night, she almost mentioned Ben’s name when she was about to climaxed but she remembered her place and who she was with at that time.
It was already morning, and when Patrick woke up, he noticed he was alone on the bed. Dzifa was nowhere to be found. He quickly checked the time and it was already fifteen minutes after six. He was still naked that morning, he woke up and wore a morning coat then he heard a hamming sweet voice coming from the kitchen. That was surely coming from Dzifa, he was even surprised, because, Dzifa usually stays in bed till late morning before she will wake up to do morning chores.
He then quietly went to the kitchen and there Dzifa stood, in Patrick’s boxer’s shots and a tang top, doing the dishes. Patrick saw it very attractive for his wife to be wearing his boxer shorts, right there and then, he wanted to have her again. He went closer to her and held her from behind and started kissing her neck. Just then, Dzifa’s phone which was lying close by started ringing, Dzifa freed herself from her husband’s grip and answered the call.
Strangely, she didn’t say a word; she just listened to the caller and then eventually hanged up. Patrick thought there was something wrong and so he wanted to find out what it was.
“Baby, who was that, is everything alright” Patrick asked.
“I don’t know, a distant uncle of mine just came to town without my prior notice, I need to meet him up” Dzifa answered.
“Oh lets go and meet him together then” Patrick suggested but Dzifa insisted that she wanted to go alone. She quickly rushed and took her shower and within a short while she was out of the house.
It was all a prank, the call actually came from Ben and at that instant she had to meet Ben. She headed straight to the hotel where Ben was lodging and as soon as she got there, she gave him a big hug. All this while, Patrick was desperate to see a family member of his wife, he couldn’t see why he won’t see his this uncle when he has come into town. From a distance, he followed Dzifa straight into the hotel.
However, when he opened the door, it wasn’t the distant uncle Dzifa claimed, there was Dzifa in the arms of Ben busily embracing each other firmly.
To be continued.
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