Road to Destiny – Thursday(17/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
The court declares Luis innocent since there was no evidence to back their claims and he says, justice has indeed been served. Carlos then goes to attack Isabella for being so mean and attacks Luis telling him that he will pay for everything. Luis, Solorzano and Isabella now look so happy.
After Henan checked on the corpse, he comes to inform Amelia that that corpse isn’t Camila and Amelia now feels so relieved and Henan says he has to look for Camila no matter what.
Marissa and her loved ones arrive home and they look so disappointed that they actually lost the case when they ought to win and Aldoniaz thought all was due to over confidence since they never reasoned that Isabella will back Luis. Clarita then says she doesn’t know why that man always gets his way and Carlos asks why she says that and though she looked so frightened they go after her and after insisting she tells them everything about Luis forcing godmother Rosario to work which led her to her grave and Carlos becomes sad and furious at the same time.
Luis, Solorzano and Isabella arrive home to toast to their success and Isabella makes a wish that if anyone turns his back on her, she will do everything to sink him down with the truth she lied against to bury him. Luis then thanks her for helping him and now what he wants to do with the money he swindled from Marissa’s bank is to look for an apartment and to again set up a law firm on his own to work there because all of the media coverage in court has actually made him a famous lawyer in the country.
Fernanda sits with her mum and she asks her, the exact thing that attracted her to fall in love with such a man like Luis and Amelia says its love and that made her a fool since she was moved by his sweet talks and believed that he was a good man but now she knows that he isn’t what he made her to believe. But now her heart belongs to someone else and Fernanda quickly answers it’s her dad Pedro and Amelia answers of course but she has hurt him too much and is afraid he won’t accept her back but Fernanda says it’s indeed true but it’s never too late though she did test his patience as no one will be able to put up with that bitterness and mistreatment of hers for 19yrs and Amelia admits it. Amelia tells Fernanda that now she’s lost him since he has a relationship with Marissa and Fernanda clears things for her that those two are just good friends and nothing else because the only true love of her father is her. Amelia then looks so happy.  
Mariana comes into Camila’s room to speak with Henan to understand and come back to sleep in the bedroom because they have been a team since they got married and they truly love each other and also they can talk about looking for Camila but all was on deaf year years since Henan pretended to have slept long time ago in Bethlehem and so Mariana left quickly and he opens his eyes. In the same vein, Mariana thinks she isn’t going to beg him again because she knows Henan will surely come back to her right after she gets her hands on her father’s fortune and at that time, when he comes crawling to beg him, she will be the one to decide whether to take him back or not.
Fernanda and Henan again go to look for Camila again and again to no avail.
Luis goes to see Fernanda and he asks her to go with him to see the nice law firm he’s established for himself with his own money but Fernanda asks him to stop blabbing because that money was stolen from Marissa’s bank and also concerning Carlos, she warns him to stop insulting him because he is the best man she’s ever come across and insulting him only makes her to hate him more therefore he shouldn’t even come closer to her shadow again and quickly she walks out on him.
Havier asks Maribel to tell him the truth as to why she can’t concentrate to help herself with her therapy and though it was tough for her, she tells him straight that, it because she is in love with him even though she knows that he won’t love her back but she can’t take it also from her heart because she doesn’t even know how it happened when she knows he is in love with her best friend Fernanda. Havier then states that, may be both of them have fallen in love with the wrong people. She then asks him not to try referring her to another doctor because if so, then she will stay a thief forever and ever.
Amelia goes to ask Lupe for her forgiveness as she’s committed a lot of hurt against her and as tough as it may seem for Lupe, she had no choice than to forgive and accept their friendship back and this makes Amelia so happy.
Pedro takes Amelia to a Vast land with her eyes closed and upon reaching there, he tells her that land is theirs because he bought it with his hard earned money and she looks so surprised. He wants to build a big house for all of them and Amelia asks who the “all of us” mean and Pedro says he is in love with someone and she asks who that girl is because she is the one he loves and they both kiss for the first time and one could see Pedro and her are now relieved. 
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