Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 141


They both got there PTT(push to talk) earradio on, for constant communication.
Dera: it seems like the main party is yet to start, i dont see mr cornel anywhere.
Schwartz: perhaps they are in the secret room having a brief chat.
Dera: ok whats next??
Schwartz: try leaving every door ajar to avoid obstacles for the flooding. Everyone dies!!
Dera: thats fine by me she said with a smile.
Schwartz: whatever you do, meet me at the door when i say so.
Me: then its boring talking to you i said about walking away, when i felt someone grabbed my arm.
Nora: smiling thats makes you really unlucky because you are stuck with me.
Me: whoa!! That feels good doesnt it??
Nora: what exactly are you talking about?
Me: being a really boring stalker i said with a smile, now if you wouldnt mind getting those dirt of my tux, i’d like to go hang out with someone prettier and fun!!
Nora: your words are offensive, but i think i am gonna have to forgive if only you apologize.
Me: scoffs, what are you??
Nora: someone you should never get on her bad side she said with a smile.
Me: smiling ooh! Am scared!! I said mockingly. You know i could help you with a piece of advice.
Nora: lets hear it.
Me: when next you are given the job of a stalker, try making it more fun. I said smiling as i walked away.
Then i walked past some kid about my age seating on a huge seat like the king of england, with a few ladies, doing a body massage on him and so men who stood guard close by.
Boy: hey!! You there!! It did look like he was referring to me but that was a really rude way of calling anyones attention.
Boy: heeey!!! Am talking to you!!! He yelled.
Me: i turned abit staring at him, he seem pretty angry, sick jerk i thought as i grabbed another glass of wine, when someone knocked it off.
Boy: who are you to disrespect me!!
Me: i looked around abit, like i wasnt sure he’s talking to me. Uhmm were you talking to me??
Boy: scoffs, i see you have so guts huuh making a fool of me.
Me: what is he saying??
Boy: looks like you need to be taught some manners. Hold him!!! He yelled as 2men motion toward me, just then nora walked into the scene.
Nora: i wouldnt do that if where you!
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Man: move!!
Nora: he’s with my boss, move an inch close to him and i’d have to break you legs.
Me: well i was really surprise to see them backing out at her threat although that kid looked angry.
Nora: how about staying close to boring stalker.
Me: smiling can i think about it?
Nora: you have 5secs, she said smiling.
Me: wouldnt be a bad idea you know. But i just dont get why those men are scared of you, i mean they are twice your size you know.
Nora: hahha looks are deceitful she said with a smile.
Me: now i think you just transformed from boring to semi-boring. Try being more detailed.
Nora: you seem to be curious about lots of things, she said with a smile.
Me: exactly why i need you to explain.
Nora: alright hit me! She said.
Me: hahha come on why would i want to hit you??
Nora: because you cant she said smiling.
Me: i hope you dont make me go in search of ice though.
Nora: dont worry you’ll be needing all the ice.
Me: ok i said swinging a blow at her, it all happened so fast, i could fell my twisted arm behind my back. Alright alright thats enough!! I yelled when i felt a sharp pain.
Nora: smiling, shall i get you some ice??.
Me: am fine!! Woow maybe next time i’l think twice before swinging a blow at a lady.
Nora: yeah you should, just then her phone beeped.
Schwartz didnt realize there’s a radio receiver in here and their little chat over the radio. Had only informed them of the intruders in there midst.

Nora: she opened the message, there’s an intruder!! Find them! That was the message sent to everyone.


Schwartz: s–t!!! Disconnect your radio now and stay in the midst of the crowd, he foward the text to dera.

to be continue