Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 140


I sat on the couch to relax as we waited for the driver, i felt the ache in my head increased, like i was gonna be feverish.
Me: sophia can you get me some aspirins plsss.
Sophia: sure she said walking quickly to the medicine box, and soon she was back with 2tablets of aspirins and a glass of water.
Mirabel: uhmm do you ever get nervous on any of your modeling shows?
Me: not at all mum, i said before taking the aspirins.
Mirabel: if its unusual maybe you can see the doctor when you get back.
Me: i dont think that would be necessary, just then the bell ringed.
Sophia: that must be the driver.
Mirabel: is time to go honey she said as we all walked outside to the white limo.
Sophia: byee lucas!! She said smiling as she gave me a peck.
Me: byee mum
Mirabel: alright dear, see you when you get back. And be careful ok??
Me: i will mum i said before entering the limo as we drove out.
The aspirins really did a good job, i felt myself getting relaxed by the minute as the ache subsided. Perhaps it could be the tedious exercise i had in the morning. We drove for a while and then we were in front of a huge building, which seem to have more spaces underneath it, and swift boldly written on it. With lots of fancy cocktail decors.
Me: although it was beautiful i couldn’t help but why a classy party is held in such a place. I mean there were lots of nice places. I would have felt better if it was like a cocktail party close to huge pool, with blue waters. Fancy designs, and cool music. I guess this is where the party holds?? I asked the driver.
Driver: yes sir, am sorry you have to wait a little bit for the boss to arrive.
Me: and thats when i noticed, it had a pretty huge parking lot, perhaps that was why they picked here among other beautiful places.
In less than 5minutes grandpa arrived, escorted by huge number of dark suited men.
Me: they were so many that i almost mistook him for the president.
Driver: uhmm sir the boss has arrived, is time to join him. He said we both alighted, i walked towards grandpa who had this very big smile on his face.
Micheal: am glad you didnt keep me waiting.
Me: smiling shall we?
Micheal: of course he said, as we walked towards the entrance, while his numerous security followed behind.
We got into the building after walking downward for a while, we got to a huge hall.
Me: i need no psychic to tell me we were below the earth surface. Grandpa, why would the president throw a party underground??
Micheal: hahahah its risky having an open party you know, as billionaires we have a number of people who would want us dead. So we are being careful.
Me: smiling i get it, its nice in here you know.
Micheal: feel free to ask for anything he said with a smile. I’ll be right back.
Looking at the building you’d never know it number of men and women, beautifully dressed in tux and dinner gown. I looked around, picking a glass of wine from the silver tray, containing a few glass wine carried by a lady. I kinda noticed a few individual with mean faces too, just then a slow music was heard.
Me: what am i suppose to be doing here alone? Just then i felt a gentle tap.

Girl: you must be lucas??

Me: thats right why ask?

Girl: the boss wants me to keep you company she said with a smile.

Me: she had a beautiful smile though, had a bit of innocent looks, but i could swear she wasnt. How about i ask a few questions?

Girl: if thats what you want or we could go over to the dance floor she said with a smile.

Me: its gonna be fun just talking so whats your name.

Girl: nora

Me: sweet so tell me whose party is this??

Nora: i cant say but i can tell its gonna be really great party.

Me: smiling why are there too many people??

Nora: am sorry i was only asked to keep you company and not have you interrogate me.


We both arrived at swift, for the party and it was really amazing how it was transformed with beautiful decorations. Schwartz and i walked in holding hands after having our pass card checked in a computerize device.

Dera: its a nice thing they threw such a huge party

Schwartz: hahahahh lets just hope they have all the fun in the world because its gonna be their last!!

to be continue