Passion and Power – Thursday(17-11-16)



In today’s episode,
Arturo goes to see Julia to give him a chance since she’s left Eladio but Julia says NO nothing can yield between them but Arturo steals a kiss from her and Regina shouts at her dad since she has arrived for a while and eavesdropping on their conversation and both of them become anxious and she asks him if with this evidence too he will deny the fact that he is not divorcing her mum for Julia and Arturo tries explaining things but Regina refuses to give them the opportunity and says, she wishes them happiness.
Caridad tells Franco about Eladio’s decision that the two of them travel to a different country until he is able to solve things with Julia but Franco thinks there is no point in accepting that because he wouldn’t allow Eladio push him and his mother aside as he’s done all these years. Because all he wants is for Eladio to give them their place without even leaving Julia. He then promises Caridad that, from now onwards the two of them will support and be there for each other because she is his mother and Caridad upon hearing this looks so happy for the first time.
Regina angrily goes to see Miguel to tell him what she saw, and since Miguel knew everything already, he explains things to Regina that Arturo only married her mother just to have a family for him since his mum was dead and that time too Julia was already married to Eladio.
Eladio attacks Gabby to ask her why she has to tell Julia the truth about Franco and even when she said she weren’t the one Eladio refused to believe her. 
Julia tries calling David to explain things to him about Arturo kissing her before Regina does but unfortunately David arrives home to angrily confront her with the letter Franco gave him written by Arturo to his mum and Julia tries explaining things to David but his anger never allows him to calm down to listen and Julia becomes so depressed. 
Daniela reveals to Erick about her relationship with Ashmo and he asks her if Ashmo doesn’t seem too much old for her but Daniela thinks he is matured as he makes her laugh and makes her forget about the problems in the family. Erick then tells her that even if Consuelo refuses to accept Ashmo as the baby’s godfather, he does.
Miguel and Regina arrive at David’s apartment and David asks his mum out of the room. Julia stepping out bumps into Eladio and he asks her why she is crying and she tells him that he will hear something that may paint her so black but it isn’t the truth unlike him and Caridad. Eladio then offered to take her to where she is going.
Arturo goes to see Mr. Tappiah who is the supposed witness who saw Erick Arguing with Montserrat at the balcony leading to her accident. He asks him to forget about testifying against his son in exchange for a better life for the rest of his life.
Regina goes to pack her things telling David that their relationship is over and David thinks she can’t be serious but she says that is her final decision because everything is too complicated and David becomes so desperate.
Eladio tries asking Julia to forgive him but she still thinks she can’t forgive him for all his years of deception.
Regina arrives home to tell her mum that she saw her father and Julia kissing and Nina becomes nervous and goes tearful.
Arturo goes to see Miguel and he scolds his father for doing such a childish thing because he asked him to stay away from Consuelo because she is married to Erick and he did it but he was doing same when he could have waited for his divorce first. Arturo tries explaining it but Miguel says that doesn’t justify his actions and therefore will have to face that situation himself.
Arturo still dreams that Julia will still accept to be with him and Augustin thinks he should concentrate on Erick’s trial and nothing else.
David goes to speak with Regina but unfortunately, Nina thinks there is no point in doing so since he and Regina can’t be together. David thinks they are not to blame for the problems in their family but Nina asks him if he thinks Regina can forgive her father seeing him and his mum kissing and in that same vein, Daniela was eavesdropping every bit of the conversation and she becomes so shocked hearing that.
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