Road to Destiny – Thursday (15-12-2016)



In today’s episode, 
The police arrive and Fernanda again tells him the dream then someone calls to tell the police that Mariana might be responsible for kidnapping the child.
Marissa looks so worried she gets a breakdown and so Marco wants her to calm down and take her medicine but she still wants to go out to assist in looking for her grandson since she is  heartbroken and desperate with the news.
The police, Carlos and Fernanda go to see Mariana to plead with her to give them their son and she becomes confused since she doesn’t understand a thing they are saying and also knows nothing about what they are talking about. After explaining things to her, she tells them the child isn’t with her but they fail to believe her and enter every corner of the house to search for him but nothing came out of it.
Aldoniaz tells Marissa that the only one who could have the act of that cruelty to kidnap the child is Luis but Marissa thinks Luis is dead and so that can’t be. So, Marissa having her doubts goes to see Isabella to ask her to give her back her grandson as she is the only one who doesn’t want Carlos’ happiness and it also sound strange to her because she doesn’t have the child but Marissa doubts her.
Again, Marissa goes to see Solorzano in prison to ask him who could be responsible for kidnapping his son because she could tell that Luis paid someone to do that before dying and Solorzano thinks that person could be the ring leader who has escaped from prison.
The same vein, the police are still on their search to rescue the supposed wives of Diego and seriously they are able to get the location of the other three but two agreed to go with them to hand them over to their mothers except for Olivia who thinks she and Diego are madly in love with each other and also he is her husband he hasn’t kidnap her as they think. At that moment, Diego peeps through the window watching them and he says, he is still going to get Lucero back to love him again and run away with her.
The search is still place and everyone assist to go everywhere to look for little Pedro. 
The next day, Fernanda starts to prepare food for little Pedro and her parents try to making a her reason but it seems the situation is making her go mad but immediately, they all help to remind her of her missing son and this increase the sadness in her heart.
Aldoniaz goes to see the Prison director and he tells him that, the investigators proved that the fire was an intentional thing but not accident and Aldoniaz goes to inform Marissa about it but she thinks that ring leader planned everything to escaped without been noticed but Aldoniaz thinks that ring leader has no mind of intelligence to create that and so rather it was the Apolonaro’s body which got burnt and not Luis that means Luis was the one who escaped and definitely is the one who kidnapped the child.
Little Pedro refuses to eat whiles with his nanny and Luis arrives and he asks him to take him to his mum but he tries to calm him down and promised to bring back his mummy to her. 
Aldoniaz and Marissa goes to see Fernanda and the others to tell her that it could be Luis who has kidnapped the child since from their calculations they can tell Luis escaped from Prison but Fernanda thinks she’s already buried that man and therefore he can’t be the one responsible. But she asks if that is so then where will he have taken him and Marissa says he transferred all of his stolen money into an account in Twain and so that means that is where he could be and Carlos promises to go there to bring back their son.
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