Love And Revenge Episode 50 Final


Ann smiled as she remembered what happened between she and Chuks few days ago, how they had s-x all day long and how he had confessed his love for her. She had felt nice and special, glad that someone actually found her attractive enough to love her. The s-x was good. Chuks was okay in bed, though she hated to confess that Lex was better. She knew she didn’t love Chuks, she still loved Lex but it was better being with someone who loved you than someone who didn’t.

She groaned as she checked the time. Wasn’t Lex going out today? She so badly wanted to invite Chuks over. She was h—y already. She resisted the urge to finger herself right there in the sitting room. What she needed wasn’t a finger, what she needed was a real d–k.

She heard the opening and closing of the door and she smiled inwardly, finally Lex was going out. She quickly picked up her phone ready to call Chuks immediately Lex stepped out.

He came in, his fragrance leading the way. She resisted the urge to look at him. But she did anyway. Dressed in red fitted polo and a dark blue jean, looking handsome than any other man she had ever seen. He had had a haircut yesterday and he looked superb.

He was looking at her, like he wanted to say something. Gosh! She loved this man, she loved this man so much she felt like committing suicide for being so shameless.

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She looked at his red kissable lips and remembered that it had been long she touched them, felt them, kiss them. She felt her throat run dry.

Then she looked back at her phone pretending to be doing something.

‘Ann’ he cleared his throat.
She looked at him and saw that he was holding some thousand naira notes in his left hand.

He went closer to her and gave her the money ‘i don’t want to hear any complaints about salt or maggi, whatever today. Buy whatever you need with this money and if there’s anything else you need, tell me when i get back from work’

She wanted to reject the money. After all Chuks had given her some money that day. But on a second thought, perhaps she really needed the money. So she took it and dropped it on the table, her attention back to her phone.

‘see you later’ he picked up his car keys from the table and walked to the door, then he stopped and turned ‘is there anything you want me to get you when i return?’

She frowned in confusion. Who was Lex talking to? She? She wasn’t sure. But when she looked up and saw him looking at her, she picked up her phone, hissed and left for her room.

Soon she heard his car drive out and she immediately contacted Chuks.

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‘hello Chuks’ Lex said into the phone as he drove ‘whats up? How are the Nativents?’

‘they are okay. They are being well taken care of, you know, the other way round’

Lex chuckled ‘i understand. Thanks bro, i just wanted to find out. I might drop by at the basement later today okay?’

‘no p boss. Uhm, i got to go, got some issues to attend to’

‘no problem, thanks’ he hung up.

‘i missed you silly Chuks’ Ann said roaming her hands all over his body.

‘i missed you too my darling, in fact i missed you more’

Ann chuckled and kissed him while he squeezed her b—m hard and she moaned. He took her n—–s in her mouth, his hands going over to her v—-a. He inserted a finger at first, then two, three, then four while biting and pinching her n—–s. By this time, Ann was moaning hard.

She couldn’t take it anymore.

She started speaking in words he couldn’t understand ‘yesss….hmm….over there….yes…there….hmm….baby i love you….i love you…make love to me Lex…make love to me…i love you Lex…..ouchh…hmm…..Lex’

Then she noticed Chuks pull out his hands from her v—-a, the warmth of his mouth on her boobs no longer there. He was staring at her with a hurt look of expression on his eyes.
She sat up ‘baby, whats wrong?’

‘this is the second time Ann. You are moaning out Lex’s name. Do you still love him? After all the things he’s done to you’

‘s–t! I’m so f—–g sorry. I was lost in the euphoria of…..look, let me make it up to you’ with that, she grabbed his manhood in his hands and took it in her mouth.
He moaned.

After giving him the best b—–b he had ever had in a long time.

She sat on his laps, rubbing the head of his manhood on her c——s, moaning as he pinched her n—–s and s—-d them. She closed her eyes tight as she slowly lowered herself on his engorged penis, going up and down. Her eyes were shut as her bum bounced up and down on his d–k, she was moaning so loudly, he was scared the neighbors would hear her.

Then her body stiffened and she let out a loud cry as she had an earth shattering o—-m. Not too long after, he too climaxed. She remained on top of him, his spent d–k still lodged in her Vee. Then she opened her eyes and saw Lex standing by the door, his hands akimbo, watching them.

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