Love And Revenge Episode 49


‘should we dance?’ Ciara asked getting on her feet and adjusting her remarkably short gown. Lex didn’t know why she loved short things, exposing her cleavages.
‘okay’ he stood up too.
They were at EMPIRE house, a clubhouse, one of the well known clubs around. They had come here immediately Ciara finished her shooting. Ciara was a very seductive dancer, Lex must confess. The way she rolled her a-s on his crotch gave him a hard on that even she noticed.
She turned around and laughed ‘i just raised something that shouldn’t be raised. How do you take care of it now?’ she winked at him seductively.
He smiled embarrased ‘don’t worry, i can handle it’
‘oh poor baby’ she made to grab it with her hand but Lex took a step back just in time.
‘you know Lex, i used to be a wild girl way back in secondary school,’ they were still dancing ‘i lost my virginity at the age of twelve, to my english teacher when i was in JSS one’
Lex raised a surprised brow ‘he asked me to come to his office when school closes that fateful day, that he wanted to show me something in my result the previous term. He asked me to come alone because he didn’t want anyone seeing it so i won’t be embarrassed and mocked out. I went to his office that day and he….’ she paused and looked at his face
‘should i go into a detailed explanation?’ He nodded at her and she went on ‘he grabbed my little b—–s and squeezed them hard, it was so hard and painful. I started crying. He apologised and as if that was not enough, he fingered me. His finger disvirgined me Lex. Then his d–k. Well after that day, we started fucki……oops! Sorry, i didn’t mean to sound so raw’
He laughed ‘you are just like Ann’
‘are you sure? I’m so raw, even i know. I don’t hesitate to say the word ‘f–k’ in front of my dad or anyone, i’ve even said it on media before’
‘hmm. Go on with your story’
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‘well, i started fuc….sleeping with my driver. On our way to school, there’s a particular route he takes thats usually lonely. We park there, roll up the tinted glass, he climbs over to the back seat and you know….’ she winked.
‘you guys f–k?’
‘uh! You talk raw too’
‘not plenty of times’
‘so, after having s-x with so many guys, i finally fell in love with one guy, Chuks. I was in SS1 by that time. By then, i was practically s——g almost all the male teachers in school, including our principal. Chuks swept me off my feet. We started dating, he was my first love, we did everything together but he refused to f–k me. I was so h—y because i couldn’t bring myself to cheat on him because i loved him. I had so many s-x toys’ They were still dancing ‘but i wanted a live, you know, in me.
Then one of his friends seduced me and we f—-d in the library after school. Chuks caught us and he ended our relationship. I begged him, i practically went on my knees. Everyone in the school knew about it, he even announced it on the assembly ground one day. I was embarrased, i was hurt, heartbroken. Yes, i cheated first but it wasn’t entirely my fault, horniness is a very bad thing Lex. When Chuks and i broke up, i decided to refrain from s-x, because it was the same s-x that resulted to me being heartbroken.
I tried to heal but i couldn’t. Chuks practically avoided me like a plague. Out of frustration, i started…..’ she stopped dancing, reached for her purse, pulled out a packet of cigarette and a lighter, she took one out, placed it in between her lips, lit it up, inhaled and let out smoke into the air ‘smoking’
Lex was perplexed. Truly, Ciara was wilder than he thought. Celebrities are really wild. He was speechless.
‘i started smoking, not just cigarette but indian hemps as well, though i’ve dropped that one now. There was a time i wanted to go wild, take cocaine, draw tatoos all over like my colleague, Tonto did. But, somebody discouraged me. That person came into my soul when i was shattered and heartbroken, the person wiped away my tears and made me fall in love again. Peter. I loved….i love Peter with all my heart and with all my soul.
He didn’t know that he wiped away my tears. He didn’t even know that i was suffering from heartbreak when he came by. But when he asked me out, i told him that i had to dump my boyfriend because of him. I loved Peter. Heck, i still love him now but not with the intensity i loved him before. He was really caring before but now, i don’t know what he’s turned into. You can’t believe he slapped me that night you caught us fu…making love’
Lex nodded, unable to say a word. Ciara just told him a story, a very shocking story. She placed the cigarette on her lips once more inhaling deeper. ‘well that’s for the secondary school life. University life? I joined a secret cult and i was the capone’
‘i’m cummmmiinng baby’
Ann climbed down from his deflated manhood sated. Then she kissed his lips ‘i really enjoyed this, thanks’
‘i have a confession,’ he pinched her n—–s and she moaned ‘i love you Ann. I’ve always loved you’
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