Love And Revenge Episode 48


The time stopped moving as Ciara looked up from the man who was pounding her seriously to the man who was standing by the door. It was as if Peter didn’t know about the presence of Lex because he didn’t stop moving his waist to and fro in between Ciara’s thighs.
Ciara had to push him away, grabbed her clothes and ran out of the sitting room, her face red in embarrassment.
Peter at first was surprised at her action but when he saw Lex….he recognised him, Ciara’s manager……standing there, he quickly wore his boxers.
‘what are you doing here?’ he asked the guy who was standing there like a statue ‘and why didn’t you knock? How dare you just barge into the house like you own the house huh?’
Lex said nothing.
Peter pushed him violently ‘answer me!’ Peter was mad. Mad that a common manager had to interrupt his fun, to think that it was just when he was about to c-m. He hated things like this.
‘you animal!’ he landed a punch on Lex’s cheeks, a very hard punch.
Ciara came in at that time, with her gown on. She rushed to Peter and held him.
‘Peter, don’t do this. Let him be!’
‘he should answer me! He should give me a d–n reason why he had to walk in on us making love, not just stand here like a statue’ Peter said enraged.
‘it isn’t his fault!’ Ciara barked ‘he didn’t know that…that we were….you know, besides we shouldn’t have done it here. This is a sitting room for crying out loud and anyone could have walked in. It’s not his fault, it’s our fault’
Before Ciara could complete her statement, Peter had already landed another blow on Lex’s cheeks.
‘Peter i said you should stop it!’ Ciara said coming between two of them.
She turned to Lex who was holding his cheek painfully ‘are you okay?’ she asked concernedly, touching his cheek ‘does it hurt much?’
Peter blinked twice ‘Ciara, what is the meaning of this nonsense? You should be handing this idiot over to the police not asking him if he’s okay or not’
‘why should i hand him over to the police? What’s his crime?’ Ciara asked facing him with her voice raised.
‘are you talking to me that way Ciara?’
‘yes i’m talking to you, annoying jerk!’
‘don’t you dare insult me!’
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‘and don’t you dare call MY manager names!’
‘Ciara, i will…..’ he raised his hands to slap her.
‘please don’t’ Lex said calmly ‘i will leave. You guys shouldn’t quarel over nothing. And Ciara, thanks for inviting me to see this. It was a nice scenario i must confess’ He shot Peter a deadly look then he left.
Ciara felt guilty. She eyed Peter then ran out to Lex. She got him just when he was about stepping into his car. She held his hand ‘i’m sorry’
‘i mean….i didn’t invite you to see that. I can explain, i……’
‘there’s no need for an explanation Ciara, you were just making out. And i’m sorry for walking in’
‘don’t say that Lex, it’s….it’s not really your fault. It’s mine, i shouldn’t have let him touch me in the sitting room. I wasn’t even expecting him, i swear. I invited you over for a dinner, not for this, i didn’t plan for this to happen, i’m deeply sorry. For everything. The humiliation. The blows and the insults, please forgive me’
‘it’s okay, i understand’
‘let’s do this some other time. I mean dinner. Just the both of us, in a restaurant, i will foot the bill. Let me just make it up to you’
‘okay’ he offered her a small smile.
‘thanks for forgiving me. And guess what? A director dropped by three days ago. He wanted me to act a movie. He has even given me the script, major role. And shooting starts tomorrow. By 9am. So before 9am, be in my house, let’s go together, from there, we’ll have dinner okay?’
‘okay ma’am’
She smiled sweetly and hit his shoulder playfully ‘i’ll see ya tomorrow, take care of yourself’ She stepped on her toe and pecked him.
He smiled, entered his car and drove off. Ciara watched him drive off. Her smile disappeared. She went back into the house. She was going to give Peter a piece of her mind. He had no right whatsoever to treat her manager that way, no right at all!
She saw him already dressed up, sitting on the couch.
‘you know you should start f—–g him already’ he said immediately she stepped in ‘since you are so caring’
She bit her lower lip hard, stepped on her toes and landed a hot slap on his cheek ‘how dare you speak to me in such a manner? What do you take me for? A s–t?’
Peter held his cheek and slapped her back ‘don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on me again. This should be the last. I’ve tolerated you excesses in the past Ciara, no more!’
He hissed and walked out.
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