Love And Revenge Episode 47


Lex went back to Ann. He touched her shoulders with a small smile on his face ‘are you hungry? Should i get you something to eat?’
‘no, i’m not hungry’ she said wiping the tears that kept flowing with her palms ‘how do you expect me to be hungry when my baby is no longer alive?’
Lex couldn’t get it, the baby hadn’t been alive for Christ sake. It was just forming when she lost it. Her attitude was beginning to annoy him. Why was she crying over a common egg? D–n it! He clenched and unclenched his fists.
Then he picked his car keys and through closed teeth, he said ‘well, if you are not hungry, i AM hungry and i’m going out to get something to eat’
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He walked towards the door seething in anger.
‘so you are just gonna leave me here as if it wasn’t your baby who just died’
He turned back ‘yes i’m leaving!’ he barked ‘because i’m tired of your irritating attitude. You lost a baby who was not even alive! Yes you lost a baby no problem, we could make another one. This one wasn’t destined to stay, why don’t you f—–g get it?!’
Ann whimpered and stood up ‘i was the mother of that child, i was the one who carried that child in my womb, so i alone understand what it means for that baby to die! And it was your mistress who killed my baby!’
‘Sandra was never my mistress!’
‘hell she is! Haven’t you been s——g the living hell out of her? Answer me you crayfish!’
‘yes i screwed her. But it was just once’
‘and that was the d–n reason she thinks you feel something for her. Heck, what am i even saying, maybe you feel something for her’
‘i don’t feel something for her!’ He said, opened the door and walked out.
Ciara walked to the dining and checked if everything was intact. Truth be told, she was nervous. She wasn’t too sure of her cooking, what if the fried rice had too much of salt? What if the meat was too strong? She didn’t want to taste it. She wanted Lex to be the first person to taste it.
She couldn’t explain the closeness between she and Lex. It had started more like a friendship. But now she couldn’t explain it.
She always wanted to be around him, talk to him and laugh with him.
And everything she did, she always wanted Lex to know about it.
The door bell rang and she felt nervous instantly.
She quickly walked to the door, her heels clicking on the floor. Then she opened it, who she saw shocked her to her marrow.
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To be continued………l.