Love And Revenge Episode 46


No amount of consolation from Lex could stop Ann from crying about the loss of her unborn child. Out of pity for her and after some greasing of his palms, the DPO had released her and allowed Lex to take her home after promising to severely to deal with Sandra. Lex was mad. He was really going to deal with Sandra when the time came.
‘stop crying Ann, another baby will come our way soonest’
‘don’t tell me to stop crying you heartless animal! You are the cause of all of this. You are the root of this problem. Every problem originated from you. I don’t blame you at all, i don’t blame you. You’ve finally gotten of what you wanted abi? Now go and chase those filthy hags with skirts, you are now free!’
‘i’m so sorry Ann, i feel your pain and believe it or not, i feel the pain of losing my unborn child too, it’s so terrible’
‘yes lie to me! Lie to me you animal! Why did you even bring me here in the first place? Why didn’t you just take me back to my hotel? I don’t want to stay here with you!’
She raised her hand  to fist to hit his chest when Lex caught it midway ‘take a chill pill Ann, i didn’t kill the baby remember!’
‘you did! You f—–g killed my unborn child. It shall never be well with you for the rest of your life!’
‘don’t say that, those words are too harsh!’
‘right now Lex, you deserve all the harsh words you can get. You killed my baby. You killed my baby, i hate you!’
Lex close his eyes as he allowed Ann to hit him, he deserved it. He was such a jerk!
If he hadn’t chased her out of his house then she wouldn’t have had the mind to betray him, and then she won’t have landed up in the police cell and then she wouldn’t have met that monster called Sandra and she wouldn’t have lost her baby. It was so cruel.
His phone vibrated in his pockets. He dipped his hands in it and saw the caller. It was Ciara.
He looked at Ann who was facing the other side crying profusely. He stood up and went outside so as to pick the call.
‘hello dear’ he said.
‘hi sugar. Where are you? Can you come to my father’s house, i’m f—–g bored here right now’
‘uhm Ciara, the thing is….’
‘don’t give me flimsy excuses! You must come over. I cooked and i wanted you to taste it’
Lex chuckled. Ciara cook? This was fantastic. If Ann wasn’t crying right now, he would have gone ‘i would have loved to taste your food i mean it, but there’s something important i have to do….’
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‘Lex, don’t do this to me. I’ve already prepared everything, don’t disappoint me!’
‘Lex, i’m so gonna cry if you don’t come’
‘okay, i’ll try. Give me thirty minutes’
Oke paced up and down in the hospital with the baby in her arms. She bit her lip hard as she prayed for the outcome to be positive. Nothing should happen to Jenny, no not now. This is not the right time. She had a baby to take care of.
‘God please, let nothing happen to my cousin’
Just then, the doctor came out from the theater sweating profusely. She rushed to him, cautious of the baby in her hand.
‘doctor, how was it?’ she asked sharply. She didn’t like the sad look on the doctor’s face at all.
‘see me in my office’ he said and walked away briskly. She followed suit silently praying to her maker that nothing should happen to Jenny. She knew Jenny loved her husband and daughter but hell! She had a baby too.
Soon they were at the doctor’s office, the doctor offered her a seat, she really didn’t come here to sit but because of the sleeping baby in her arms, she decided to sit.
OKE: Doctor, what about my cousin, is she okay?
DOCTOR: How did the incident really happened? Because i don’t really understand how a common fall count amount to so much bleeding. In my years of experience, i’ve never seen something like this.
OKE: Well, the thing is….where her head landed, there was a nail lying carelessly there, believe me, i don’t know how it got there. I didn’t even know it was there till i raised her up and saw it buried deep in her head (tears welled up in her eyes) I hope she’s fine?
DOCTOR: Did someone push her or she just fell? Stumbled on something?
OKE: She was weeping. She just got back into the country and the night she returned to the country was the night her daughter was kidnapped. Not too long after, she went into labor and her husband was nowhere to be found, his lines has been switched off since then. And this morning, we received a letter from an unknown entity warning her to leave the country with her child else she’ll be next.
So she was destabilized, and she was crying, they also sent the bloodstained clothes of her husband and her daughter. And then suddenly she threw herself on the ground, that was when…..the nail got stuck in her head.
DOCTOR: Oh i’m so sorry about that. It’s such a pity! What a life. Hmm, take heart young lady but i kind of have bad news for you. I’m sorry, i hope you can take it.
OKE: What…what bad news?
DOCTOR: We lost her.
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