Love And Revenge Episode 45


‘what the are you doing here?’
‘i came to see you,’ he touched her cheek and she immediately pushed his hand away ‘and to congratulate you for a job well done my sweetheart’
‘job well done? Now are you mocking me mr Lex Johnson and why do i get that unusual feeling that you are somehow responsible for my being trapped here unjustly?’
He chuckled ‘unjustly? I doubt. You know, you kind of deserve everything that you are going through right now. You betrayed me’
Ann cocked her eyebrows ‘yes i did. And i know you were aware of it, i know you saw everything Lex. You know that day, i actually saw your car when we got down from the van that day. I saw you watching us even when they bundled me into the police van, i saw you, but no one saw you. Now, ask me why i didnt point you to the police?’
Lex blinked twice. What was Ann talking about? She saw him? She knew he saw everything? That was impossible, if she had seen everything, why hadn’t she pointed at him when the police was handcuffing, that was crazy. But how did she know he was watching? Instincts maybe. Ann was good at instincts.
‘you are bluffing Ann’
‘no. I’m not bluffing’ she said as she folded her hands under her breasts ‘i’m serious Lex. Yes, i wanted to betray you. I wanted to report you to the cops, so they will catch your silly ass and lock you up here for kidnapping an innocent child for that’s what you freaking deserve! I really wanted to. But then, when i saw you drive out of the compound before our vehicle parked, and then i remembered you are the father of my unborn child, i couldn’t bear to see you suffer. So what? I decided to suffer in stead. I don’t deserve to be here Lex, you know, you are the one who actually needs to be here!’ Ann said fighting back the tears that were threatening to spill ‘i suffered for you Lex.
I ended up here for you. When you saw me being bundled into the van what did you do? Nothing, you watched as i was being dragged mercilessly, and you did nothing, you watched me Lex, without moving a finger. If you had been the one in my situation, i would never have sat down and watched, never! I would have fought for you, because….because no matter….no matter how hard i try to deny it…the truth will always be the truth….because my heart belongs to you Lex….even though i freaking hate you right now for toying with my heart and dumping me at the end, what can i do? If only our hearts can control who we love, then a monster like you would never be in my heart…..’
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‘i’m sorry’ Lex muttered almost inaudible ‘i’m sorry Ann. I’m sorry for causing you so much pain’
‘shut up!’ Ann said as she tasted her tears when a stubborn tear trickled down her cheek even when she caught it with a finger ‘you aren’t sorry one bit! Because right now, you have come to mock me’
‘i haven’t come to mock you. I just wanted to see you and tell you that i will do my possible best to get you out of here. Chuks has been working on it, i swear. It’s just that we have so many things in our hands right now but i promise you….it won’t take long anymore, i’m getting you out of here as soon as possible’ He tried touching her arm as tears gathered in his eyes.
She pushed his arm away ‘don’t you ever touch me again Lex, and don’t you ever come here again, let me be, i don’t…don’t….don’t want to get out here’
‘what about the baby? Do you want to deliver and train a child in this messy place? How possible is that madame?’
‘none of your freaking business!’ she flared up in anger ‘i’ve been faring well this past few days, i will do way better without you Lex, enjoy your life’ She turned to leave but he grabbed her arm.
‘Ann, don’t do this to me. I need you in my life’
He moved his eyes ahead of Ann to see Sandra being dragged to the cell by a constable. He was like, what the f–k???
‘i swear to God Sandra, if you touch me again, i’m going to kill you, what’s your problem?’ Ann asked angrily.
The other inmates sat watching the show they were creating. They were all tired of their cat and rat quarels everyday. Even if they fought from now to next year, no one made attempt to separate them any longer. Even the police were tired of them.
Sandra smirked ‘i pray oo. Touch me for here, i go strangle you. No be the one wey me and you dey do oo, i go make sure i injure you today, try nonsense again’
‘i no blame you, no be your fault. Na because me and you dey this place na make your head dey swell like moi moi wey dey overnight!’
At that the inmates laughed.
Sandra grew angry. The next thing she landed a very hot slap on Ann’s cheeks.
Ann retaliated immediately with a very hot blow on her stomach and a kick that landed Sandra on the floor. The inmates laughed again obviously enjoying the show.
Sandra was red in anger and groaning in pains. She quickly stood up and kicked Ann hard on the stomach.
She screamed and fell to the floor. The inmates quickly rushed to her and one of them screamed ‘blood!’
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