Love And Revenge Episode 44


Oke kept the food beside her weeping cousin breastfeeding her newly born and staring at the bloody clothes beside her, muttering ‘God, why me?’
She really felt for her. No woman deserves to go through this, losing both husband and child the same period.
Earlier today, when she had been preparing her cousin a meal, there had been a knock on the door. She had rushed to see who was at the door but she just saw a carton.
Curiousity got the best of her and she had happened and behold! It was Heavenly and Brian’s bloody clothes.
She had raced back to her cousin’s room and showed her the clothes and she had burst into another round of fresh tears.
And there was a note that was stuck to the box. It was a note from the killer warning Jennifer to leave the country with her newlyborn immediately else they were next in line. Her cousin had really wept.
When her cousin had contacted her telling her that her husband and daughter was missing, she had flown down from Abuja immediately to take care of her and the newly born.
She pitied Jennifer, she did nothing to deserved this.
‘Jenny, its not the end of the world’ she said calmly dropping the tray of food by the side ‘you have to eat something, you are getting pale. You have to be strong for your baby. Brian would never have wanted you to be this miserable. Please cheer up my sister’
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‘you are talking like this because you are not in my shoes right now’ Jennifer said as more and more tears poured down her cheeks ‘you dont know what it means for one to lose a child and a husband the same period, you dont understand!’
‘i understand you quite well Jenny, but you cant kill yourself, i mean, you have a baby to take care of, you have a baby to hold on to. What do you want to do? Take your life?’
‘thats the only possible means i can think of. I want to join Brian and Heavenly, i want to be with my family once more. I love them and i cant bear to be apart from them’
‘stop being selfish Jenny, think about this child’ she said pointing to the child who was sucking from his mother’s engorged breasts ‘this is your child, your blood, your family, are you going to leave her here to suffer so you can join your family over there? Are you that selfish?’
‘believe me or not Oke, this child has brought me nothing but bitterness. And for that i’m naming her Mara for she has brough bitterness to my soul, sorrows and tears, Mara shall be her name’
Oke blinked twice. Was this her cousin speaking? ‘Jenny, are you high on something stronger than drugs? What in fucks name is wrong with you? You are going to take out your bitterness on an innocent little child who knows nothing about her father and sister’s demise? Are you that silly Jenny?’
Jennifer sobbed ‘i’m so heartbroken right now Oke, i just want to die, i really want to die!’
‘Chinaza!’ Oke barked angrily calling her by her native name ‘gini ne me gi ni si? Whats wrong with you? I can see you are becoming worse, i think you need a counsellor or a psychologist to cure you of your madness because its obvious you are losing it!’
‘yes, i’m losing it i am. Dont just call me a psychologist or a counsellor, call me my husband’s abductor, let him kill me too. He should kill you Mara and i’
‘i refuse to call this girl Mara. Infact, what i’m always going to call her is Joy, because she has brought joy to you. Dont you know that the name you give a child follows the child till the end, eh Chinaza?’
‘i dont care! She snatched my Heavenly from me, my darling Heaven, my darling daughter, my joy, my happiness, the light of my life, oh! God pls take me too’ Jennifer said throwing herself on the floor.
It was the timely intervention of Oke that stopped the baby from getting hurt.
When Oke looked back at Jennifer, she was shocked to see blood gushing out of her head as she lay still on the floor.
‘Nooooooo’ she screamed.
‘i’m warning the both of you, let this be the first and the last time i will hear about the both of you fighting again’ The ASP warned sternly.
Ann and Sandra looked at themselves annoyingly.
‘i will be forced to take a drastic action if i hear about such news again, i swear i will’
The door opened and a constable came in and whispered something in his ears, then he asked ‘who among the both of you is Annabel Matthews?’
Ann cocked a brow ‘me’
‘follow the constable out. Someone is here to see you’
Ann eyed Sandra and followed the constable. She was shocked at who she saw. Looking handsome in a dark blue jean and a white polo was her worst nightmare, Lex!
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