Love And Revenge Episode 43


Emerald opened her eyes slowly. The environment she was in seemed strange to her, where was this? It looked like a basement though.
She was placed on a foam with a small bulb hanging from the ceiling with just a wooden table, nothing else in the big room.
She suddenly became scared? Where was she? She let out a loud scream. The door opened and white lady came, a blondie.
Seeing the lady made her relax kinda, at least, they were of the same caliber. Then she managed a little smile ‘hi, where is this place?’
The white lady smiled warmly. ‘hi, call me Andrea, i was hired to take care of you. What’s your name?’
‘Emerald. Wait, take care of me? Who are you?’
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‘a beautiful name for a beautiful lady like you. Well, the answers you seek are not with me. In no time, my boss shall be here and he will give you the answers you seek. If you need anything, just scream the way you did. Are you hungry or thirsty? Need some tea or coffee? You see, from your skin color, hair and accent, i can deduce that you’re from Central London, well i’m from central London too’
And Andrea smiled wickedly.
Tommy Anderson sighed as he tried to reach Sampson again, he hadn’t showed up at the company for three days now, what was happening. And his entire family were nowhere to be found. Jennifer, his son’s wife who just gave birth was busy looking for her husband and daughter, his first daughter’s husband was searching everywhere for his wife and his second daughter’s husband was found dead few days ago and his wife missing.
‘Abraham, what is happening?’ he asked as he dropped his phone ‘there’s something that’s not adding up here, i suspect foul play, i don’t know about you’
‘hmm, my brother’ Abraham sighed ‘i don’t know what to say, but for Sampson’s family to just turn up like this, something is not right. I don’t even know what to think. It’s not possible for all of them to be  kidnapped at once, and i don’t think they are all dead, i just…and he can’t possibly go back to his country just like that, i mean his children will not leave their families just like that, it’s not possible, i don’t know what to think Tommy, but this is as confusing as hell’
‘so what do you suggest we do? Report to the authorities?’
‘let’s hire private investigators first, you see, this case may not be as tough as we see it. It’s probable that he just wanted to be with his children for a while. But if it’s so, then his children won’t want their families running helter-skelter for nothing. They should have told their families and also, he should have asked for a casual leave’
‘so you suggest we hire a private investigator?’
‘yes, i think so’
Tommy Anderson stood up ‘okay fine, let’s hire a private investigator. But there’s something i did when i was in distress that worked for me, and i want to do it again. Let’s pray Abraham’
Abraham who was about sipping from his coffee choked on it and he began coughing. Like seriously, what was he hearing ‘pardon?’
‘i said let’s pray Abraham. God exists, i now realize that. Let’s give God praise, he’s the reason we are still alive after all the grave atrocities we’ve committed in the past. We may not have started our lives with Jesus, but let’s end our lives with Jesus and…..’
Abraham burst into laughter ‘like seriously? I think i’m going deaf right now. Tommy, is this you speaking or something else speaking through you?’
‘i’m a changed man Abraham, honestly, i am’ Tommy sighed. After Ciara had been discharged from the hospital, he had completely given his life to Christ.
There was a small church which was beside his compound, and he had started attending it. He had met with the pastor face to face for counselling and he learnt more about God.
The things he missed when he was growing up, he was finally learning all of them now. In fact, he had personal counselling with the pastor every Tuesdays and Fridays, for Wednesdays and Thursdays were midweek services which he never missed despite his tight schedule and Saturday evangelism which he never missed as well.
He had contributed immensely to the church and even made out time to speak to his secretary about God. He even preached the gospel to Ciara on daily basis, thought her how to pray and even made arrangements for her to meet with his pastor for counselling as well and so far so good, Ciara was doing well.
He didn’t want Ciara to live in ignorance the way he lived in ignorance when he was younger. Even though his parents were Christians, they never bothered to bring him closer to Christ simply because he was not interested, they had given up on him easily, but he wasn’t going to give up on Ciara.
Sandra ran a hand through her unkempt hair as more tears poured down her eyes. This place was hell. She never knew that a police cell could be this hellish. Everyone and everything stinks. Five days in this cell and her life has practically turned upside down. She hadn’t washed or brushed since she was brought here and no one had come to see her. She had tried contacting Lex but she had not been able to get through to him.
Her life was messy. Why was she always suffering so much in her life? Somebody had murdered her family and gotten away with it but she had just stabbed someone, not that the person even died, just a simple stab on the stomach and she was here, suffering, stinking and hungry.
The gates opened and a policeman came in, pointed at some few persons, she inclusive and said they were being transferred into another cell. She was tired, she just wanted to die. They were eight in number, those who were to be transferred to another cell for this place was too cramped for them.
They were taken to another cell which didn’t house plenty inmates, but as she stepped into the cell, she saw someone familiar and she blinked twice in order to be sure it wasn’t who she was thinking, but it was the person.
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To be continued