Passion and Power – Tuesday(13/12/16)



In today’s episode,
Eladio receives a call telling him that, Gabby’s parents got involved in an accident while coming over to pay them a visit and seriously they couldn’t make it and he gives the news to the family (Gabby, Julia and Humberto) and Eladio promises to take care of everything and the formalities.
Regina asks Jorge that they try giving themselves a chance in a relationship but in case it doesn’t work, she doesn’t want them to cut off their friendship and Jorge looks so overjoyed and he pleads with Regina that, she should always direct him to the right path as to how she wants him to behave towards her to make this relationship work since he is willing to do everything to be with her forever though she hasn’t forgotten David. She warns him that she is not so sure if her mum will like her idea and like him because she is a bit weird but she only advises him not to pay attention to any awful comment from her mum and Jorge replies that he doesn’t care.
Nina goes with Erick to see the judge with the photos of Miguel and Consuelo and he tells them that with those pictures getting custody of his child will be easy yet he needs prove to show them that Consuelo doesn’t take good care of their son and he is sure to get that. Upon reaching home, Samanta brings Erick the lawsuit of the divorce and he is willing to come up with a plan B so that everything goes in his favor.
Humberto looks so depressed with the death of his daughter Amanda and her husband but Gabby asks him to shut up and not mention her mum’s name because he never loved her before but Humberto makes her understand that though he never loved her that does not mean he isn’t affected by her death. Immediately, he begins to experience a heart attack.
Erick hires someone to help him with his Plan B on Consuelo and the guy accepts.
Franco goes home immediately to console Gabby after she called to inform him about the situation.
Arturo calls Julia to discuss with her so they can see each other but she gives him the bad news and Arturo becomes so down and he wishes to be there to console her but she appreciates his kindness but she isn’t in the mood to talk to anyone.
Franco asks Gabby if she is sure her parents have their last WILL and Testament on paper and Gabby thinks that is the least of her worries and Franco thinks he’s only being a concerned husband since he knows Gabby’s father has a factory and now that he’s no more, someone has to take charge and Gabby wants that to be discussed later.
Marintia and Caridad involve in a phone conversation and she tells her about the death of Gabby’s parents but that is none of her business since all she wants is for Franco to bring her more money as she and her son can’t continue to be leaning on that small amount she (Caridad) has been bringing them. In the act, the Gomez Luna Media guys approached and eavesdrop the conversation for some seconds and then enter the reception to ask about Eladio but she says Eladio is out on a personal assignment. 
Arturo tells Augustin about the death of Gabby’s parents and he wishes that they go there but Augustin thinks Arturo has to calm down so they can think of going there later. All this while, Regina was eavesdropping and upon hearing the bad news becomes shocked.
The hearing is on with Consuelo and Erick’s divorce and Consuelo wants the divorce because her husband cheated on her but Erick says he supposedly doesn’t and even if that is so, Consuelo is no saint since she is also dating his half-brother who he can say had a hand in his car accident. The judge then states that, if what Erick is saying is right then, nothing prevents Erick from having custody of the child and Consuelo becomes nervous and Augustin says he thinks Miguel’s case has nothing to do with Consuelo’s divorce and also that case has even been closed. This generates into a huge argument as to who is more responsible to have the child in his custody after their divorce
Daniela meets David and gives him her condoles and whiles embracing, Regina calls thousand times to also give him her condolence and since David’s phone was lying somewhere, he never noticed it. Daniela then bids him bye and after he looks on his phone and seeing the missed calls, he tried calling back but Caridad arrives to give him some documents and tells her he wonders why his dad still makes her work there after all that has happened and he understands why his mum can’t forgive her.
While Consuelo and Clara were walking on the street with the child in his wheel, the guy Erick hired just distracts them with some fake couples fight and in the act takes away the child and runs away with him without their notice and only realized it after those people left and she calls Miguel right away to inform him.
David goes to see Regina and unfortunately he bumps into her and Jorge kissing and he becomes dumbfounded.
Miguel goes to the police station to be with Consuelo and in the same vein Erick meets with the guy to pay him off for a good job done and he then goes to see his son with her nurse and he looks so happy. Erick then tells the guy to call to his house and to intentionally ask Erick’s whereabouts and they tell him he isn’t there, he should leave a message to them that they have his son and the guy does it perfectly well and Erick looks so pleased.  
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