Road to Destiny – Friday (16-12-2016)



In today’s episode, 
Amelia tells Pedro that Luis kidnapping little Pedro is with a purpose because all this while, Luis wanted to have a family and especially an heir and Pedro becomes nervous stating that if that is so, then it means Fernanda is also in danger.
In the same vein, Fernanda goes up and down in the trees trying to search for her son and in the act, Luis calls her from behind and thinking that she’s seen a ghost, she tries running away but unfortunately, falls and Luis goes after her to tell her that he is really happy he never died in the fire and Fernanda then remembers that it was truly Luis she saw in her room and not just a nightmare. She then asked him where her son is and he assures her he is fine because he is with him but he misses her and that makes him cry so much and Fer wants her son back but Luis doesn’t want to.
Mother Rosaura goes round looking for Fernanda and as she turns from Luis to scream to show her where she is, Rosaura arrives and Fernanda turns again to speak with Luis but he was nowhere to be found and she becomes so devastated telling Rosaura that Little Pedro is with Luis because she just saw him but she thinks Fernanda is just hallucinating because of her son. She takes her to the house and she tells them that she perfectly saw Luis and her son is with him so they should help her to get her son back.
Fernanda goes with Carlos to report to the police about the situation and the police officer thinks Fernanda is imagining things because Luis is dead but Carlos confronts him and asks him not to think Fernanda is crazy because if she says Luis has Little Pedro then that is the truth and their job is only to look for Luis and get their son back.
Camila goes to see Mariana to ask her if they could be friends again and also if that happens she will help her and her dad to be together again because she can see they both love each other so much as her father hasn’t been the same without her but she thinks all they need to do is to forgo their pride and forgive each other. But Mariana says there is no point in changing and so she wouldn’t accept any of her offers. Camila then prepares food and does the household chores and  tells her that she learnt them on the street because without that she will get no food.
The next day, Luis goes to see Fernanda again and asks her if she is ready to see her son and of course she is ready to see her son and so Luis wants to take her with him but before she should go home and say goodbye to everybody without saying anything to them so she can go with him to start a new life together if not, she wouldn’t see Little Pedro again and Fernanda goes to pick her violin and some stuffs bidding her family goodbye and raining all the insults on Pedro and Amelia and the others that, none of them love her and also Amelia isn’t a good mother also, Pedro also can’t be her father because he is just but a poor gardener and dirty and they can’t be her family since she now has a new family where her son is and of course in safe hands with his grandfather which Pedro is not. This hurt them so much that Pedro even wishes that she should have shot him with a gun instead but Fernanda left quickly to be with Luis and he takes her to see her son and her eyes filled with tears of Joy and promises her son they are never going to be apart again.
The prison Director gives the report of the DNA Test of the cremation of the so called burnt body of Luis and it turns out negative and he shows it to Aldoniaz and he thinks that has actually confirmed his suspicion all this while and so he goes to tell Pedro, Amelia and Carlos about the truth that Luis is still alive.
Isabella speaks with Tao that from now onwards she is going to love every human being on this earth equally without having to discriminate or underestimate anyone as Tao wants and he asks her to change for herself and not for him. Isabella then asks if he is willing to help her to become a better person and the answer goes with a kiss meaning he is indeed willing to teach her everything.
Fernanda recollects the hurt she’s caused her family just to obey Luis to see her son and in the same vein, Pedro also tells his loved ones that, he now understands why Fernanda said all those hurtful words to them because it may be the orders from Luis to just manipulate her.
Luis buys dresses for Fernanda asking her to fit all because he knows it will look good on her more than those ones she is used to and he tells her it’s his secretary Alicia who helped him to buy them and she is the same person who hired a nanny for Luis Fernandito and Fernanda says her son’s name is Pedro Fernando but Luis gets angry asking her not to dare mention that cursed name ever again because it makes him angry and causes more pain to him especially on his grandson and Fernanda goes nervous.
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