Road to Destiny – Thursday (10-11-16)



In today’s episode, 
Fernanda asks Pedro why he has to tell her the truth now about her real father and he answers her it’s because Luis now knows the truth therefore he and Amelia can’t hold back anymore as knowing the truth from Luis will hurt him so much. Fernanda then looks so dejected but she thanks Pedro for protecting her from everything and this she ask again that he continues to protect her because she is the gardener’s daughter and so she will continue to be forever. Pedro then takes her inside and she goes to embrace her mum asking her to hold her tight and not leave her as she needs her very much because knowing that she has this horrible man’s blood running through her suffocates her but she can’t  blame her since no one chooses who to fall in love with. 
Aldonaiz arrives to tell Marissa that Luis has done worse damage to the bank than he thought and as a result, have to close several branches since the bank is almost at a point of bankruptcy. Marissa almost gets heart attack but Carlos calms her down and she tells Carlos that, she has to stand on her feet in order to help Aldoniaz put the bank in place again and also get rid of Luis for good because she was responsible for bringing him to her house and now she has to send him packing because she is never going to allow Luis to play with her again after learning from the court that Luis had wanted to kill her.
Fernanda looks so devastated while roaming around and asking God to help her overcome this sorrow and reality of her life. In the same vein, Amelia feels so guilty for making all this happen to her daughter and causing more pain to her daughter and Pedro for choosing such a man for her boyfriend and now she doesn’t even know how to ask them for forgiveness but Pedro asks her not to worry because no one chooses who to love but the most grateful thing is that out of that love, came such a beautiful daughter; Fernanda and that he doesn’t regret having her.
Camila blames her father’s ambition, Mariana’s wickedness and the absence of her mother in her life as what has caused her to end up like this but she now will apportion 70% of the blame on herself because she is what she is now due to the kind of decision she chose for herself and therefore won’t blame anyone.
Carlos goes to check on Fernanda but she wasn’t around and Pedro and Amelia has to explain things to him that Fernanda facing a difficult moment now after learning that her real father is Luis Montero. Immediately, Carlos remembers that all along that voice he head in his childhood pleading with Luis not to get married to her mum because she is carrying his child was Amelia. And it was due to that he never loved Luis because he got to know that he could be a bad man to abandon a pregnant woman to marry his mum. Quickly, Fernanda arrives and all of them console her.
Solorzano goes to see Leopoldo in prison to ask him to accept some money from them to buy his silence but he refuses saying that he prefers to stay in prison because he wouldn’t allow them to hurt the people he love and that is Marissa and her family. Solorzano then threatens him that if he refuses, they will hire someone to silence him. Leopoldo then tells him that if anything should happen to him, he will take responsibility of it but the fact is, when that happens, he will be waiting for Luis in prison and there things would be clear as to who is likely to get the last laughter.  
Luis goes to Pedro’s house to plead with Fernanda to give him a minute of her time as he is her father but Fernanda tells him that he can’t be her father because a father is someone who teaches, encourages but all he’s done to her is to harm her by sending her to prison and that she will never forgive him ever. He wants her to forgive him but she tells him that her only true father is Pedro but Luis thinks that gardener can’t be her father and Fernanda says he should leave and never return and Pedro sheds tears. 
Henan goes to look for his daughter at the ghetto but her boyfriend tells him Camila isn’t there. In the same vein, Camila was in a car, travelling to only God knows where and saying to herself that she has to go make life elsewhere.
Carlos tells his mum the truth that Fernanda is the daughter of Luis Montero and Marissa becomes speechless.
Luis tells all that has happened to Isabella about how Fernanda had the guts to reject him over Pedro and Isabella thinks that is the ego of men as they will never accept their wrong doing. Quickly, the police arrive with a search warrant to look for the documents belonging to Marissa’s bank and Luis says they have to leave because there is nothing there.
Carlos consoles Fernanda and tells her to not feel so down and he tells her that no matter what, she is going to be his wife and they will have the family they have always dreamt of because she isn’t going to allow this to tear her life apart even if she could be told that Mariana was her mother and Carlos says he loves her braveness.
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