Mr perfect season 2 episode 116


Me: ok this is getting really weird i thought as i stared at him for a while. Am sorry i didn’t act like you expected, i haven’t seen you before, plus i really dont know how am suppose to act around you.
Micheal: smiling i get it son, you can start by taking me inside.
Me: ooh that’s right sorry i kept you standing come right in sir, i said leaving the way as he walked in
Micheal: sitting on the couch as he made some relaxing sound like he was having difficulties sitting.
Me: so what do i offer you sir??
Micheal: am not a visitor kid he said with a smile.
Me: i know you are not, uhmm just incase you get thirsty we have the best red wine.
Micheal: alright Lucas, are you alone?
Me: yeah mum left early for the office and sophia went strolling.
Micheal: oooh wonderful, and how’s school??
Me: it’s been great you know.
Micheal: i can see that he said smiling. I know you kids of this days have your way of having fun but dont you think it’s boring sitting here all alone.
Me: am kinda used to it but frankly it’s actually boring.
Micheal: you play golf??
Me: not really but i’d love to, perhaps you can teach me, i said with a smile.
Micheal: of course my boy, let’s go!
Me: uhmmm where exactly are we going?
Micheal: hahaha my house of course, you’re scared??
Me: hell no, just considering my outfit, you mean you have a golf field in your house!!!! I asked as my eyes popped open.
Micheal: that’s right boy he said with a smile.
Me: perhaps i should go change into something sporty you know i said with a smile.
Micheal: that won’t be necessary i’ll see to that, let’s go already he said.
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We walked out of the house to his car i felt like i was gonna jump out of my skin, well who wouldn’t. I thought as i struggled to keep a calm look. Have seen a lot of limo’s, but this right in front of me, i could swear, he had the car factory make this one specially for him.
Micheal: come on get in boy!!
He said as some man held the door of the white limo open and i got in.
While we moved i noticed we had escorts, one at the front and two at the back, all my life or should i say ever since i was 10. Have been used to living in luxury, but i have to confess right now, i was wowed by his personality and his taste for high quality.
Micheal: hahah why do you have those looks on your face.
Me: uhmm nothing actually just having random thoughts you know i said smiling.
Micheal: ok i get it , you seem to have a bit of problem expressing yourself.
Me: ooh hahah that’s not the case.
Micheal: what’s your favorite game?
Me: uhmmm i did a bit of ping pong and lot’s of basket ball but i stopped.
Micheal: why??
Me: was interested in getting a whole lot of cash you know i said dryly.
Micheal: impressive, let me guess, you had to work and study really hard, not paying attention to ladies.
Me: hahah yeah i was like that for a while you know before i met this pretty awesome lady and how do you know all that i asked smiling.
Micheal: i was a lot like that you know. And you seriously need to see how you smile when you talked about her, i can see the love bond already.
Me: those were the exact same word mum said to me when i told her too. Does  it mean i can’t even hide my feelings for her, i thought.
We drove for a while and soon we were in front of a huge electric gate which opened on it own. Looking at the beautiful building as huge as it was, it barely occupied up to one-fourth of the entire space.
We got into the wonderful house changed into a white outfit already prepared as we took the golf cart, with a huge bag containing golf sticks and ball as we drove to the green large golf field.
To be continued