Good Sin – Episode 9-“Everyone has a story”


When Patrick was being denied sex from the hands of his wife, another man somewhere was having it on a silver platter.
Eva, just after leaving the office boarded the next cab that was available. As depressed as she was, going home was the last thing that was on her mind. Even though she wanted to be alone, she wanted to be far away from her house where nothing will remind her of what she is going through at the moment.
All she did was to tell the cab driver to drive her to anywhere convenient and quiet. Finally, she ended up at the shores of the beach where she found herself thinking of how her life has been ever since she moved into town. She was a loner and she enjoyed being one until she met Dzifa whom she thought was a friend she could actually trust but turns out that she was not what she expected.
She felt her life had come to a halt because as it stands now, all odds where obviously not in her favor in anyway. If she had not gone to church with her, perhaps all this wouldn’t have happened to her in the first place. And now that she is pregnant, she wanted a responsible person to father the child, Patrick was the only option she had and it felt right that Patrick happens to be the husband of Dzifa whom she wanted to pay back dearly.
Patrick on the other hand was in a dilemma. He found himself in a place where he loves his wife so much but had his doubts about her because of her mysterious attitude. He knew Dzifa is hiding something from him and somehow felt that Eva, being around maybe be part of his unsolved puzzle.
He was determined to come to the root of the matter by finding explanations to everything that is going on around him. Eva was the only person he could trust now even though she may have lied to him in a way. Inwardly, he knew there was more to it than it appears to him. Yeah, he knew he had broken his marriage vows, but there was something about Eva, that makes him want her the more. All he needed now was a moment with Eva and perhaps, he will find a solution to put the puzzle together.
Ben grew up in a rich home, where he had everything at his disposal. He was the only son of his father and for that matter, his father never made him lack anything he wanted. He over pampered Ben and through the influence of friends, he wasn’t academically successful. Even the company he worked now, belong to his father that was the secret that no one knew about him even Eva, had no clue about it. Apparently, on his quest of getting along with Eva, he happened to cross his limits and that provoked Eva. Eva acted rudely towards him and when Ben confined in his friends, they influenced him to rape Eva, just to get back at her.
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When he noticed how foolish he had been, he wanted to back out but it was too late, the harm had already been caused. In his quest to make amends, he traced Eva to her house and wrote her apology letter, yet he couldn’t reveal himself. That was when he met Dzifa. Recognizing that Dzifa was the lady Eva was with, when he attacked them, he confessed to her hoping that she will also help in convincing Eva to forgive him when he disclose himself.
All this was in vain, when Dzifa actually had feelings for Ben. She grab the opportunity and blackmailed Ben with the reason that, she will only help Ben if he agrees to go out with her. Almost every night, they stayed together in a hotel. Dzifa on the other hand was fulfilling her father’s last wish before she died on the very night Eva was raped. She had no option than to rush to her village that night when she heard the news. That was too much for her to take in a day.
Dzifa grew up with her father ever since she was born. She never set her eyes on her mother except for one picture of her mother and her father together. Dzifa was told by her father that, her mother passed away giving birth to her. Her father was her everything, and at a tender age, she was betrothed to marry Patrick when they both come off age. That was why she ended up with Patrick, though she was the jealous type, she was never in love with Patrick.
Dzifa only experienced real love the night she met Ben when she was on her way to Eva’s end. She thought that since Eva was trying to snatch away her husband by forcing pregnancy on him, then she was going to do everything in her power to make sure that it does not happen. Her hatred now towards Eva was the fact that Ben was also interested in Eva but not her.
They all had a story to tell but Eva was the victim here. She went back home from the beach and to her surprise, she found Patrick at her house. Eva wondered how Patrick got to know her place but you can never underestimate a desperate man.
Right from the look on Eva’s face, you could tell she had been crying all day. It was showing all over.
“What are you doing here” She asked.
“Can you at least invite me in first” Patrick answered.
Without saying anything more, Eva just went into the room and Patrick followed. He shut the door behind him and quickly grab Eva by her waist when she least expected. He drew her closer and landed a kiss on her lips. Eva couldn’t resist, she wanted Patrick just the way Patrick wanted her.
To Be Continued.