Passion and Power – Thursday (10/11/16)



In  today’s episode,
Julia arrives home looking so worried and upon Eladio’s arrival, puts the question straight to him that when did he intend telling her the truth that Franco is his son and Eladio beckmes frightened and shocked asking her who told her that and Julia thinks there is no point in asking but a DNA test this time will prove it and Eladio states that it won’t be necessary because Franco is indeed his son. Julia looks so depressed and gives him a slap for deceiving her all this while as well as cheating on her because David is only 4months older than Franco. Eladio yells at her not to insult him and justifies himself that he only did it because he thought David was Arturo’s and Julia asks him if that’s reason enough to have an affair outside their marriage and come home to torture her for Twenty years always on the issue of David not being his son and now the traitor now turns out to be him. 
Daniela goes to see Consuelo to tell her she wants to be her child’s godmother but Consuelo tells her that she hasn’t thought about that but in case she reasons about it, she would like to make Regina rather be the godmother and Daniela becomes hurt and Consuelo thinks maybe the two of them can be godmothers and then David can be the godfather but Daniela thinks that will be impossible because Arturo hates David and for Miguel too. Quickly, David and Regina arrive to check on Consuelo and she discloses to them about thinking of having Godparents for her son and they advise her to take time and make a right choice but Daniela still insists on being the godmother as she is willing to spoil him with her money but Consuelo states that it’s not about money but it takes mature people to do so and Daniela gets offended about it  
Eladio apologizes to Julia and tells her that he was scared of losing her and she asks him to feel more scared now because if she had known that before, she would have broken up with him long ago and the fact is she should have not given him a second chance. Also, he promised to tell her the truth everyday but he never did and she has to find it out from someone else and what hurts her more is making a fool out of her by asking her to take care of his son as his godson and now she understands why he gave those shares to Franco and loved him more than David. Eladio continues to beg but Julia thinks it’s unforgivable.
Julia asks who the real mother of Franco is and suddenly, Gabby and Franco enter to ask what is going on and Eladio tells her that someone just told Julia a secret about Franco that he is his real son and Julia asks him who knows the truth apart from her but Eladio says Franco doesn’t know he is his father and nobody else knows and again, Eladio and Franco make a pretense before Julia with Franco asking if indeed he is his son and Eladio admits it and Franco says he understands him because he never wanted a collapsed marriage and Franco kneels and begs Julia to forgive him because it has even come to him as a shock.  
Regina asks her dad to give her his blessings because she is moving in with David but Arturo thinks he will never agree to it because that will be the biggest mistake in her life but Regina chooses David over her family and Arturo hopes she doesn’t regret one day.
Gabby asks Franco why Eladio didn’t say the truth that they already knew about it and Franco thinks he did that to protect them because it wouldn’t be easy for Julia to find out that she knew the truth and kept it to herself and Gabby says she will just say she did it to protect Julia. Franco then says they have to allow them to solve the situation themselves. Gabby wonders how he could make drama out there before Julia that he knew nothing about the truth and Franco says he needed to do that to help Eladio.
Eladio pleads with Julia to give him a bit of time so he can do everything to let David know the truth because it will be a blow for him to hear it from her rather  than him because he doesn’t want to hurt David as he loves him so much. 
Julia takes a look at all the reconciliation pictures they took at Jalisco Hotel and how they decided to live as a happy family and now this just comes up to destroy everything as she realizes that their marriage life was based on lies all this while and she becomes so depressed.
Regina looks so worried that her dad always becomes mad about their relationship but David asks her to give her father more time because he knows, one day, he will accept him and therefore she isn’t to get stressed up.
Humberto asks Eladio why Julia looks so depressed and he tells him that Julia now knows that Franco is his son and Humberto says he will speak with Julia to soften her heart and Eladio asks him to help and make her understand that they can amend things and live as a happy family and Humberto sarcastically tells him, he will do exactly that because he wants to see them happily together again. Humberto then goes to add more salt to injury asking Julia to ask Eladio who Franco’s mother is.
Arturo tells Augustin that Regina can’t be with David because Julia will be leaving Eladio since she found out that Franco is Eladio’s son.
Eladio goes to tell Gabby and Franco not to worry because he promises to take all the responsibility on his shoulders and so they should continue pretending he never told them anything about the truth.
Julia tells Gabby that she believed Eladio again and gave him a second chance but everything was a lie and Gabby says Franco wants to speak with her but Julia doesn’t want to do so.
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