Mr perfect season 2 episode 115


Vanessa: she stared at him for while. It’s been more than 20 years now and you kept this secret all this to yourself??
Milano: come on vanessa i didn’t want you to think i was bad person.
Vanessa: are you a good person?? She asked a bit pissed, when i asked you who lucas was, i believe you still recall the perfect lie you gave me!!!.
Milano: vanessa i had no choice, i had you and the kids, i didn’t want to ruin our relationship.
Vanessa: she stared at him for a while, ok ok fine now that you’ve mentioned, can you explain to me why Ricky and Lucas are of the same age bracket??
Milano: vanessa plsss stop making this more complicated.
Vanessa: i can actually understand why Damian is older than Lucas, but Lucas and Ricky you’re gonna have to explain to me!! She yelled a bit obviously she was beginning to loose it
Milano: alright alright just calm down ok. Remember when we first met on one of my visit to Amsterdam?
Vanessa: yeah i remember, we hooked up, drank tequila together and then had unprotected s-x. I got pregnant with Damian. I remember all of that Milano!!
Milano: ok and then your family moved down.
Vanessa: and we got engage before, i moved to Chicago, for a wonderful vacation just for my baby and i.
Milano: she was sounding really impatient, he thought it wise to stop the explanation right now.
Vanessa: it was obvious he doesn’t wish to continue, she stared at him as droplet of tears fell from her eyes. Perhaps you ain’t gonna explain, well i think i know exactly what happened.
Milano: plssss you have to stop acting this way Vanessa.
Vanessa: don’t you dare tell me that Milano!! I was away with your child in me, with thoughts of coming back and getting married, while you on the other hand got married in my absence.
Milano: Vanessa plssss stop it you are really making me feel bad.
Vanessa: ok fine am not gonna cry anymore, i just have one question. You did everything possible for me to remain in Chicago, but then i missed you a whole and i came anyway to see you, when we got all wild and naughty after going over a few bottles again. She said sobbing a bit.
Milano: i don’t regret spending anytime with you Vanessa.
Vanessa: it’s very clear now, you had me first and then you moved to her, after sweet talking into leaving for Chicago that same day Milano.
Milano: am really sorry Vanessa i really regret every bit of it right now.
Vanessa: am sure it’s a lot easy for you to say that. You made a fool out of me Milano, i gave you my heart and you tolled with it like it was nothing. It hurt’s me now to even think i was never enough for you Milano.
Milano: plssss you don’t have to think that way Vanessa, i love you, i swear.
Vanessa: she stared at him, grabbing her mouth, like she was fighting back her tears. You know what Milano, if you had told me all this at the time you brought Lucas home. I would have been mad, but on a second thought, i would have appreciated the fact you think you could share your deepest secrets with me.
Milano: i know i was wrong not telling but…..
Vanessa: no matter how i think about it Milano, i still feel you are only saying the truth because she’s back for her pound of flesh. It really breaks my heart to know you were gonna keep me in the dark forever Milano.
Milano: am really sorry Vanessa
Vanessa: no Milano, actually i am more sorry, you better hope she grind’s you into powder because if she doesn’t am gonna do worst she said, standing up as she ran away crying like she just had the worst heart break ever.
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I sat on the couch pondering over what liz just told me, i can’t believe mum kept this away from me. Perhaps that explains why she wanted me home so urgently. No matter how hard i tried i just couldn’t stop thinking about it.
I stood up walked into the kitchen for lunch and then i was back to the living room. Staring at the wall clock, it’s noon already and Sophia  isn’t back, i turned on the tv and kept my wandering mind busy with soaps. Just then the bell ranged.
Me: who could that be i thought, i wasn’t expecting anyone, perhaps that could be mum’s guest and then the bell ringed again. Am coming!!! I sanged as i rushed to the door holding it open, to see an aged man, sparkling wonderfully in a very expensive tux.
Me: hello sir. How may i help you??
Man: i thought i was gonna get a hug from my grandson.
To be continued