Road to Destiny – Monday(14/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
It’s almost dawn and yet Fernanda and Henan has still not arrive home so, Carlos goes after them and thank God he sees them and Fernanda looks so happy seeing him.
Henan arrives home and Mariana asks him if they found Camila and he tells her everything. Mariana then says things to discourage him from searching for his daughter and with this, Henan goes to take his pajamas to go sleep in Camila’s room and Mariana asks why he wants to do that and he says he is fed up with her so, starting from that moment, he will be sleeping in Camila’s room and when Camila shows up they will leave the house for good.
Marissa reads the newspaper and it turns out that Luis has already accused her falsely for cheating on him with Aldoniaz and Marissa becomes depressed.
Henan asks Amelia to do him a favor as he intends looking for Camila with every strength within him but in case something should happen to him, he entrusts Camila into her hands because he knows she is the best person to do so for him and Amelia promises to do that but in all, she encourages him to be strong and fight for his daughter.
Aldoniaz goes to see Leopoldo in jail and he promises him that he is going to do everything possible to get him out of jail though he took justice into his hands but everyone knows that Luis has done lots of harm to many innocent people. Therefore he is asking him if he still stands by his words to speak the truth about Luis and Leopoldo gives him his word that he will even if he fails to get him out of Jail because he will wait for Luis in jail to get his revenge.
Fernanda tells Henan that her friend Felipe is helping them to search for Camila because he is a really good lawyer who has helped her out many times and got her out of jail for all the harm they put her into. Henan then felt so bad stating that apart from feeling so indebted to her he also feels indebted to Felipe too and therefore promises to pay them but Fernanda makes it clear to him that, they don’t need any money but all she wants is for them to be friends and Henan agrees. Henan then took the opportunity to apologize to her as he regrets harming her and truly Fernanda bears no grudges.
The police go with a summon warrant to tell Luis Montero that he’s been accused of attempted murder and the trial begins the next day and Solorzano questions him on how he is this time going to get out of jail and Luis says they shouldn’t think about that since now his priority is to get Leopoldo out but Solorzano thinks he is not the only one because Isabella can also testify for him and Isabella tells Luis that Carlos has hurt her so much and Luis promises her that he is going to make him pay.
Lucero’s mother goes to file a report against her daughter to the police and after explaining to the inspector on how everything happened to make her reject her daughter, he assures her that they will look for her by demanding Diego to show them where Lucero is.
Fernanda sees Marissa looking so sad and she wishes to take her on a walk in the gardens but she refuses and Fernanda knowing her actual worry, encourages her not to feel bad about Luis’ lies that he’s published in the newspapers that she is an adulterous woman which is something false because everyone knows that she is a respectable woman with dignity and very well educated and therefore shouldn’t feel ashamed of anything but should rather raise her head so high to prove to the world that she has nothing to be ashamed of.
Mariana goes to speak with Henan to tell him that she truly missed him since he slept in a different room which is something he’s never ever done before since they got married and Henan tells her that, now he has a family who now supports him so much that they are even helping him to look for his daughter who she doesn’t even care about and with that, he can tell that, Fernanda isn’t the bad person they all thought she was. Mariana thinks she is their enemy but  Henan says that now he likes her very much and Mariana becomes nervous. Henan intentional behaves like he’s having  a heart attack and after seeing how Mariana worried about him, he says to her that now he knows that she loves him very much but the fact is upon all that has happen, he doesn’t know if what he feels for her is love because he doesn’t love her again.
Fernanda plays the violin to calm Marissa down and she looks so happy and complements her for playing and she thinks she has to study more in music. Carlos then introduces Pedro Jnr to Pakito as his brother and they look so happy playing together.
Leopoldo is stabbed with a knife by one of his inmates in Prison and he now feels pain.
Felipe arrives to tell Fernanda that he’s done everything possible and now her name is going to be cleared from the accusation that landed her up in prison and she looks so happy but on the other hand feels that her happiness wouldn’t be complete until she sees in prison and Pedro tells her about Luis coming over to strangle him because he says he’s stolen her away from him and Fernanda looks surprise.
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