Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 126


Me: thank you i’d be on my way now i said before walking out of his office. Then i decided to say hi to a few people before going home.
James: just when he left, he was going through their discussion mentally. I should have looked a concrete evidence, proving he’s Mirabel’s son he thought. Well either way, he cant stop whats about to happen, he has no prove. He said with a smile knowing there secret is still safe.
They both ate a Mexican local dish with shrimp from which hot smoke emitted.
Mirabel: i guess the driver will be dropping you off i have something to attend to.
Sophia: that wont be a prob….and then she recalled Lucas words, stay as close as possible to her. Uhmmm no mum, actually i get scared staying at home alone.
Mirabel: and what are you?? A kid? come on don’t tell me that.
Sophia: am coming with you, we can go home together.
Mirabel: she got out her phone, dialed Forbes private line. Let’s meet some other time someone is holding me hostage.
Forbes: then you should call the cop.
Mirabel: i can handle her myself.
Forbes: alright then just let me know when you are ready.
Sophia: yes!!! She yelled in her head smiling.
Mirabel: i know you think i bought those lie but its only a matter of time before i find out whats going on.
Sophia: huuh!! Mum!!
Mirabel: and trust me, when i do, no more classy trips for you.
Sophia: you’re gonna cancel my trip??
Mirabel: not at all sweetheart she said with a smile.
Sophia: oooh thank God.
Mirabel: but you’ll be grounded for the entire vacation she said with big smile.
Sophia: mum!! She yelled a bit holding her chest.
Mirabel: eat up now, we have to go back home.
They both concentrated on their food and soon they were done with it. They left the restaurant to the car and the driver took them home.
Finally i was back home, i sat on the couch, making a raw draft of my plans. I was seriously considering going to los Angeles, considering the fact i have been there before, with no traveling experience. I might get robbed and become stranded, well i must say that scared me a bit. Just then a voice popped up in my head. Sophia!! She’s a bit experienced perhaps we could just tell mum, we wanna go on a trip to see new things of course. I was still thinking when mum and Sophia walked in.
Me: welcome mum i said smiling
Mirabel: you never told me where you’d be leaving to without us.
Me: sorry i had to attend to some personal issues, hope i didn’t make you worry.
Mirabel: Sophia was a wonderful companion she said smiling as she climbed the stairs.
Just then i recalled i haven’t had anything to eat, i got to my room showered and was back to the kitchen to fix something. Sophia was back to her game, obviously she missed playing it. I walked straight to my room for a wonderful nap perhaps am gonna come up, with something geeky when i wake up. I was really tired, i slept immediately, and when i was beginning to feel so relaxed, i felt a tap.
Me: sophia!! Can you not see am sleeping.
Sophia: i wanna hear your explanations, like now.
Me: well i have a better news, Keith owns a restaurant in los Angeles, it’s called harrell’s spices.
Sophia: woow how did you know that.
Me: finding him now isn’t gonna be a problem i said smiling.
Sophia: are you talking about a trip to los Angeles?? Because am seriously in she said smiling.
Me: great but am thinking of leaving tomorrow you know am sure we’d be back before Thursday.
Sophia: why in a hurry??
Me: uhmmm i really want mum to be happy.
Sophia: that’s sweet but am not going with you to search for him, am going because i want to go on a trip. So i guess its a secret then.
Me: yes Sophy
Sophia: we cant make a quick visa without raising mum’s suspicions, how about grandpa’s jet she said grinning.
Me: hahaha actually i can get us a visa but i think we’d talk to him about it tomorrow, since you’ve got your eyes on it.
Sophia: and what do we tell mum?
Me: you should think of something constructive Sophia, i wanna sleep
To be continued