Road to Destiny – Monday(05-12-16)



In today’s episode,
Fernanda uses her family as her audience and she presents her piece on playing the violin before them and after playing the first piece Carlos and Pakito thinks she did well but felt a bit distracted and also too stiff and so they coach her on how to present with some kind of flare and they felt really happy after another piece from her.
Solorzano attacks Luis that he is really a useless person and Luis thinks that description suits him rather since he is the cause of their stay in prison. Quickly, the gang leader enters and Luis asks them to show him what to do to help with the cooking but Solorzano thinks Luis is up to something and therefore should save them the trouble but he asks them not to worry since he is there for peace and not trouble. Whiles working, Solorzano frightens him by hitting one tomato on the wall and this actually scared Luis and they start to laugh at him and the two attack him to not dare mess with them if not, he will be taught a great lesson but luckily for him, the wardens enter to rescue him. 
Aldoniaz tells Marissa that the legal process to help Leopoldo out of jail is almost done and very soon he will have his freedom back and Marissa looks very happy.
Luis intentionally makes some connection with the kitchen burners to cause the gases to leak everywhere  unknowing to the gang leader, and he lights the matches and unfortunately for him, the Kitchen guts fire and this was a move by Luis to run away from prison without being noticed.
In the same vein, Aldoniaz was with the prison director discussing about the release of Leopoldo and after one warden reports the incidence to him, he actually denotes that, the fire was only an escape trick from someone.
Fernanda goes with her friends to get her wedding dress and they help her to select the best one for the wedding and they look so happy.
Luis while pretending to quench the fire with his inmates, climbs the prison wall to escape and as he runs off all he says to himself is he is getting his daughter back.  
Margarida signs her contract with Tao’s agency and she is told that, she has to make the advert very soon so they can play it on TV and this frightens Margarida so much and she tells Tao that, if that is so then it’s a bad start for her because she can’t be seen on TV and so they have to cancel the contract and Isabella thinks no matter what, she has to do it if not, it will be a breach of contract.
The new couple continue to have fun and think about what they are going to do to sustain this happiness forever and also they both want to spend their whole life together without having anything to distract them.
The prison director discovers Luis’s necklace and brings it to show Aldoniaz that unfortunately, they found this chain beside the remains of a prisoner during the fire outbreak and Aldoniaz looks a bit confused about the whole thing but the prison director thinks that burnt body is Luis but to confirm, he is going to have a DNA test on it but he is sure Luis is dead.
Aldoniaz then goes home to give the bad news to Marissa that Luis is dead.
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